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  1. I'd like to suggest historic markers for my home state of New York!
  2. You have one of the more interesting category proposals. I have no choice but to show my support. Nice job!
  3. No, actually I'm totally serious. I use this website and download lots of coordinates to my GPS' database card just so that when I'm on a road trip, I can stop along the way and say, "hey", there's a waymark, or let's go here... Okay, so maybe I'm a "power user"! I see your point now. Thanks.
  4. A similar category exists, and it its off-road trails, but recreation trails are not designed for off-road vehicles. Therefore, I think you have an excellant idea, and let's hope it gets approved.
  5. We need a category for historic buildings! Empire State Building Eifel Tower St. Basil's Cathedral (Russia) The list goes on...!
  6. Not sure if I agree with this statement, here's why. If you are going to add this category to the database, you should make Drive-In's a category, and make A&W a subcategory. And I see your point about bandwidth, and servers, and database expenses. But come on. There are so many McDonald's waymarks out there, would a few A&W locations really make that big of a difference?
  7. Gas stations are way too common. That's just my two cents.
  8. This is one that I haven't thought about. Unfortunately, since the institution of OSHA, fire poles have been banned from new construction per the NFPA. So, finding an old firehouse with a fire pole is a rarity. Thanks!
  9. I know what you're saying. But A&W locations are a dying breed, the end of a fast food / drive-in era that has long been forgotten and replaced with places like Sonic, McDonald's, and Burger King.
  10. Why not have a category for A&W locations. They're known for their All-American food, and they're quite hard to find. I think it would be as American as McDonald's or apple pie. What do you think? Please post your ideas.
  11. I'd like to see an A&W category by itself! I think that this would be a lot more interesting than the McDonald's category we already have.
  12. I want to make my category (Firehouses) the best it can be. I need some extra variables that might apply to firehouses. If anybody has any suggestions, I'd love to read about them in the forum, so please post a reply. Firehouses
  13. Good one! I like it, and vote yes! Perhaps we are going towards the trailhead here, right?
  14. I agree. Who cares where the money goes. If we get more and more stuff to play with and explore, and the price stays fixed at $30 per year, it's still a good deal.
  15. Count me in! The days of my childhood when one would have to go to an arcade to play the classic video games, that by today's standards are lame. I'd love to visit places like this! A superb idea, indeed!
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