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  1. I'm all up for the 5 star terrain ratings! Of course, I'm a former Firefighter and part time EMT, so I've got all the training to rappel and such. Unfortunately, not many people hide said caches, which is a shame because I love a good challenge.
  2. I thought it might be fun to combine wardriving with geocaching somehow by making a geocache that is in itself, a wi-fi hotspot off in the middle of nowhere. But so far I haven't come up with any ways of doing this successfully and/or within my very limited budget.
  3. Are you serious? In creating my first cache, I read through what others had in their caches and decided that I could put a little extra work into mine and actually leave things that would appeal to most geocachers. Although I didn't spend a whole lot of $$$ on the cache, I did put a lot of time and effort into it. And, I placed a lot of stuff in it, some of which was brand new and had some value to it. My Geocache
  4. Personally, I think that it would be disrespectful to place it within the cemetary grounds. But I think that just beyond the stone wall, or whatever, would be open game.
  5. Your cache is AWESOME! Let's just hope that someone is able to reach it!
  6. Oh, well it's no wonder I couldn't figure out how to post one. Thanks!
  7. Does anybody know how to post a Locationless (Reverse) Cache? Just wondering because I'd love to post one or two to see what happens. Thomas
  8. Exactly what is a Charter Member? I understand that there are basic members, and there are Premium Members (like me), but what is a Charter Member? Thomas
  9. I can't speak for everyone else, but I personally would take much interest to this project! I'd love to visit these places! Perhaps you could somehow post them as virtual caches .
  10. People hide caches everywhere on Earth! Some are submerged, some are buried, and I assume that it would be possible to even have one hidden in a cave. I'm just waiting for someone to try and out-do all of us by hiding a cache on the moon. Sure, I shouldn't speak to quickly; such a thing might be possible in the future. Who knows. Thomas
  11. I think that it would be really cool to add the number of caches you've found to your stats in the forums. Just like you have your number of posts, and the date in which you started, I think that the number of finds is important too! Just putting in my 2 cents. Thomas
  12. Wow, Those pics a pretty cool. I took one of them and inverted the colors (made a negative of it). It looks like someone standing up and well, um, uh , um releaving himself. ...or just playing golf. you can barely tell for sure...
  13. I actually got a bit of a laugh out of the whole thing, but I guess it would have been funnier if I were there to see it myself. Thomas
  14. I'm putting together my very first Geocache. And I've scoped out a small handful already and browsed the site to see what other people have put into theirs. So far, mine is enclosed in an ammo box which is about 1/2 the thickness of a standard 55 cal. ammo box. Here are the contents so far; I would appreciate some feedback concerning the contents of the cache and/or some ideas for difficult vs. easy placement. Note that this cache, I belive, will start out with some pretty high-end items that so far to my knowledge aren't usually found in other caches. * Notebook (every cache has this) * 2 Pencils * 128 MB digital camera memory card (dented, but still works) * VHS copy of the X-Files Movie * A 1" glass marble * An old metal gear * A Bob The Builder "Scoop" Toy * A Ghostbusters II Pin * A small (3" x 5") American Flag You may think that I'm going overboard, of course, and there's a good chance that I am. But I just want my cache to be a huge reward to whomever finds it. But I need some advice here; do I make it a difficult find or an easy one? Obviously, if it is too easy, someone is likely to plunder it, while if it's too hard to find, nobody will ever visit it and therefore, I won't come back as often to add more goodies. Please let me know what you think. I'm still looking for the ideal place to put it, and I'm also considering making it a members only cache based solely on the cost of the items and the amount of time I've put into making it.
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