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  1. All done! All geocoins have been given away! Come back in January 2017 for more giveaways!
  2. fbingha - I will send you a box of 10 this week for sure!
  3. These are the geocoins... https://www.geocaching.com/track/search.aspx?tx=5caf6b02-9475-4347-985d-872949b69146&o=1&uid=693421d3-520d-41eb-8a97-b3ffbf0efc6c
  4. ALL DONE. ALL GEOCOINS HAVE BEEN GIVEN AWAY AND/OR PLACED INTO CACHES, RESPECTIVELY. I have done a handful of geocoin giveaways, and have always gotten a tremendous response. As such, I have decided that, until 2017, I would give away the last few (20!) remaining custom geocoins to two lucky geocachers. The only thing is that these geocoins are activated, and I ask that they be logged as soon as possible, and placed into caches before January 1st. Why January 1st? Because that's when the next shipment of geocoins is set to be delivered. In other words, you may cache with them, trade them with other geocaching folks, but you may not keep them. If you are interested, please reply to this post. I will pick two lucky geocachers who will get a box of 10 geocoins. If you have already received and/or logged my geocoins, you are still eligible to request some. Thomas
  5. ALL DONE. THERE ARE NO MORE TO SEND OUT. Thanks to everyone who requested geocoins, all have been sent out literally nationwide. If you didn't get yours already, there will be a smaller giveaway in 2017 (to be announced). Also, the USPS advised me that two mailings went missing, so approximately 15 geocoins were lost in the process. A report was sent to the USPS to account for the loss and hopefully they will turn up soon.
  6. Only 35 mailers left! Request them before they're gone, and at this price (FREE), they won't last long.\ The VERY NEXT PERSON who requests geocoins will receive #200, which is collectable. https://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=7178261 Email me
  7. I still have some mailers left, but they won't last long with 3 to 5 requests being sent out daily. In fact, the post office knows me by name now. Get them before they're all claimed.
  8. Great, please email me as soon as possible. tom@tomslatin.com
  9. Yes, still have more. I will post an update in this thread when I run out. 🙂
  10. You will, if you email me your mailing address.
  11. I have sent out several mailers today to those who have requested geocoins. They're going fast, I have 43 remaining. I should probably have some more geocoins made...
  12. Please email me, if you haven't already. tom@tomslatin.com
  13. As of now, 43 mailers available and they're going fast.
  14. Please check your email. I had a few questions for you.
  15. 25 coins is the minimum order? Fantastic, I may have a geocoin project coming up come 2017 that you could help me with.
  16. Thank you. (Never mind the fact that I spent close to $2500 US on 250 of them and am giving them away for FREE.)
  17. Ok, so I guess you don't want any then. No problem.
  18. I retain all ownership, no adoption and no collecting.
  19. Do you have any UNACTIVATED geocoins for sale?
  20. I am giving away 2 geocoins to the next 50 people who request them. There are a few things I ask to keep things fair... USA mailing addresses only. Sorry, I cannot afford the international postage. If you have already recieved and/or logged any of these geocoins, please don't request any more. Give someone else a chance. These geocoins are NOT to be sold. Please place and log them into geocaches as soon as possible, or hand them to another geocacher to log and/or place in a cache. Please grab/log them as soon as possible after you receive them. To request a mailer containing two geocoins, please email me at tom@tomslatin.com with your mailing address. I will mail out all requests on a weekly basis, and should have all requests filled rather quickly. Please don't email me asking where your mailer is; I will reply to all emails and let you know that you were part of the 50 people. Post all questions and comments to this thread. I will update this post with the number of mailers available. https://www.geocaching.com/track/search.aspx?tx=5caf6b02-9475-4347-985d-872949b69146&o=1&uid=693421d3-520d-41eb-8a97-b3ffbf0efc6c Currently there are 46 mailers available.
  21. UPDATE: Found the folks I was looking for.
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