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  1. I've been using my Colorado 400t GPS for a few days now with no problems. Yesterday, I turned my GPS on and, instead of loading maps and going to the default map page, the GPS prompted me for the initial start-up options (i.e., language, time zone, etc.). I thought this was odd and now I've noticed my "in memory" preloaded topo maps are no longing showing up. I double checked this by selecting: maps > options > select map and the only map showing up is the city navigator maps I have loaded on my SD card. Another interested thing is when I now turn the GPS on and I watch the messages as it is loading the maps, it indicates it is loading the topo map. Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas of what happened to my topo maps and how I can get them back would be much appreciated.
  2. The Colorado 400t is the best GPS for geocaching! I love it! I spent the day yesterday putting the unit to the test and it comes up 5 stars out of 5! First, I downloaded all the caches in a 10 mile radius from the geocaching.com website to my GPS. The caches show up with appropriate icons on my GPS map. Then I just started working thru the caches one after another. If you start with the closest cache (and yes, the unit will show you which one is closest), you can access all the same info about the cache on your GPS that you can access on geocaching.com website (i.e., description, hints, coordinates, logs). And, my favorite part, is you can "log" your success. After you "log" the cache find on the GPS, you can choose the option to go to the next closest geocache. I was able to "power cache" my way through six caches yesterday in a 5 mile radius.
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