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  1. duplicate post...not sure how to delete this.
  2. another duplicate post...I seem to be post-challenged this morning.
  3. Thanks BlueDuece! I did try the search function (twice) before I posted here but the search query timed out with an error both times after 45 seconds!
  4. I have just started to collect geocoins and was wondering if I should activate these coins or not. Since I have started to attend events, I noticed that many people carry around two coin collections with them -- the activated coins which can be discovered and the unactivated coins just to show off. I'm curious about what the reasons are for activating a coin vs. not activating a coin. What are your thoughts on this question?
  5. I have three coins that I purchased from The Caching Place that don't track miles. I faithfully log coin drops and pick-ups at events but no mileage is showing for these three coins (pocket decoder, frog decoder, lizard decoder). I have another event geocoin from Oak Coins that shows mileage. Can anyone tell me why The Caching Place coins don't show mileage? Here is a link to one of the coins in question so you can see what I mean: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1704626
  6. I wanted to "like" my unit too after I had these problems and now I do. I absolutely would not go back to a regular GPS now that I have tasted paperless caching. It can't be beat at this time. I have had some minor glitches twice now with my replacement GPS such as it shutting off for no reason or getting hung up on the initial splash screens. It is a pain to pull a battery to reset it, but so far, everything else is ok. For me, the pros outweigh the cons I have encountered (and read about) so far. There were some earlier problems when the unit first came out so some retailers may still have the older, glitchier models in stock which is probably the models you and I purchased. When you get your replacement model from Garmin, you will get the most current version which is less buggier. My recommendation is to just get past this event by calling support. They will either walk you thru the issue over the phone and correct it or send you a new GPS. Then the fun begins. I forgot to ask you if you checked to make sure you have a map selected. To do that, choose maps, then click the left soft key to "select maps". From that screen you can confirm that maps are loaded and whether there is a check mark next to them which makes them active.
  7. Yes, I know how you feel as I also was extremely disappointed too. But, on the bright side, the Garmin customer service is excellent and they want to help solve any problems. Have you tried a hard reset yet? If not, you may want to try this (this is something that Garmin had me try too while I was on the phone with them). While holding down both soft keys, turn the unit on. This will cause a reset. Your other alternative is to call them and they will try to debug the situation over the phone -- unfortunately you will have to wait until Monday. Hopefully your situation is not as glum as mine was. I've included the support info below. I personally wouldn't waste any time with sending an email to them...it takes days for a response and the back and forth is excruitiatingly slow. Good luck and let us know how you make out. (800) 800-1020 Support Hours of Operation Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. Support on website: http://www.garmin.com/garmin/cms/site/us/support
  8. I think people who aren't premium members can't do pocket queries so need to resort to clicking on "send to GPS" each time to send a cache to the GPS.
  9. You said marking on the unit was the only way. THAT is what was incorrect..... I didn't say it was the only way. I said it was the only way "I know"... That is not incorrect...it is just the only way I know! There could be 10 more ways to do it...but I was just sharing the one way I know how to do it.
  10. Update on my missing topo issue...Garmin has given me a RMA and is sending me a new unit.
  11. Actually, my post is not incorrect. In order for the caches to show up on the GPS as an "open treasure chest", you must follow the instructions that I put in my post -- log them as found. Or, as stated in another post, bring in the gpx file with them marked as "found".
  12. Consider me an exception to this. I come here to get and to share knowledge and have learned quite a bit already.
  13. The only way I know to show your caches as "found" is to simply log it as found as soon as you find the cache. It is just a few clicks of the left hand soft key while in the cache listing. There isn't any way to do a one-time update of multiple caches as "found" that I know of.
  14. I also loaded ciy nav nt to the internal memory. Everything seems to work fine, but I really meant to put it on an SD card. Would you please explain to me how to do that? Do I put the card in the gps unit or mount it in a card reader? The CO manual is not very complete. Your COwikispace has been very helpful for me. Thanks, herrwald It is easy to put the maps on your SD card if the SD card is in the computer. Then, when you go to load the maps from MapSource to the GPS, simply choose the SD card from the list of "drives" . I made the same mistake and loaded the maps on my Colorado. The reason I did this was because the Colorado was the first "drive" option in the pick list. I assumed it was going to the SD card, which was installed in the GPS. At that time, I didn't realize that choosing the Colorado as the "drive" meant it was going to the GPS instead of the card. I hope this helps!
  15. If you have a Colorado, then downloading caches is simple. Here are the steps I followed: 1) Create an account on geocaching.com 2) Become a premium member 3) Click the "hide & seek a cache" button on left side of screen 4) Enter the zipcode in the zipcode field of the area you want to search 5) Change the default radius if you want more/less than the default 100 miles 6) Hit the "Go" button to the right of the zipcode field you just filled in 7) The list of cache result will be sorted in descending order by the distance the cache is from the zipcode center 8) Browse the cache's to figure out which ones you want to find. 9) Once you find a cache you are interested in finding -- if you are in the listing of caches page, click the "send to gps" button to the far right of the listing line OR if you are in the cache, click the "Send to GPS" button. 10) If this is the first time you have used this feature, the website will prompt you to download/install a small program called "Garmin Communicator". 11) Make sure your Garmin is connected to the computer using the usb cable and then download/install the program. 12) After the install, click on either "send to GPS" button already discussed in #9 above. It may already know that you clicked the "Write" button already to install the s/w (I don't remember that part). If you are technical, this part should be easy. 13) The program will search for attached devices to your computer. Choose your Colorado from the drop down box and then click the "write" button. That's it! The gpx file is automatically transferred to your GPS. Repeat steps 12 and 13 for each cache you want to send to GPS. If you want to bulk load caches to your GPS, you must use the pocket query function. There is great documentation on the geocaching website for pocket queries when you are ready to explore that option. I hope this helps!
  16. No, my version 6 is called City Navigator North America. With regards to the two unlocks, my source for the info about 2 unlocks is from Garmin support. Perhaps I misunderstood what he said. But he did tell me definitely that if I upgraded to the most current version of the City Nav s/w, then I would only have one unlock.
  17. Does anyone know where I can find what the initial values are for each of the profiles pre-loaded /pre-defined on the Colorado unit?
  18. I'm using an unlocked version of City Navigator version 6 from my Streetpilot and it seems to work ok. Version 6 is the last version that Garmin is allowing you to unlock and share the maps across multiple GPS's that you own. Once you upgrade to a version > version 6, then you must purchase a separate set of maps for each GPS you own. I would be curious to know what I'm missing out on by using City Nav 6 instead of 2008 or 2009.
  19. I am having problems with my unit (i.e., missing topo maps) BUT I still really love the unit! I used it extensively last weekend for "power" cacheing, for pocket queries, paperless cacheing, logging my cache success, finding restaurants and directions to get to them, etc. Also, being a techno geek for many years, I can attest that all new hardware and software has issues. But, I still love being an "early adopter" and I take a "glass half full" attitude and roll with the issues that pop up. At the end of the day, each of us needs to weigh the options for any purchase and then buy based on our individual tolerance levels for issues vs. features vs. support vs. price, etc. Also, I'm thankful for forums like these where I can learn more about my unit and hopefully soon become a valuable contributer.
  20. Excuse my ignorance, but are we not supposed to upload the city navigator maps to the GPS unit? With about 1G of available memory, I thought this was OK? I was able to put my old City Select 4.01 maps on my Colorado 400t just fine. -Keith I'm curious how you know there is 1G available for maps? While on phone today with Garmin support, the support person told me there is only 129 MB available.
  21. Thanks for the tip! I did try that this past weekend and I tried it again with Garmin and there are no topo maps showing up on my GPS. When I have the SD card in place (which is where my city nav maps are stored), then I only see the city nav maps in the "choose map" option list. When I remove the SD card, then I see no maps listed in the "choose map" option list. Garmin has escalated my issue to the engineering department. Fingers crossed it gets resolved soon...with every passing day without my GPS, I am missing out on geocaching fun!
  22. If that is the case, why do I hear "don't load your maps directly onto the colorado" or "Sounds like you might have accidentally loaded your City Navigator maps onto the GPS" and other related comments? I am confused. I believe I am missing a piece to this puzzle. I've been on and off the phone today with Garmin who is doing a great job of trying to debug my issue. I have an answer to your question. Garmin indicated to me that the internal memory size is 129 MB for mapping. I was loading about 250 MB of maps so I asked them if I overlaid the topo maps. He said no, that the uploading of maps is done in a random order and that the maps will simply stop loading once you exceed the 129 MB limit. That explains why I was unable to calculate a route from the east coast of MA to the west border of New Hampshire this past weekend -- there were missing map sets! I think the other poster was just advising to not load the maps directly to the GPS unit because of the space issue. And the "accidental part" was just a heads up to me that if I was loading more maps than the GPS could handle, perhaps I should choose the SD card. With regards to the comment: "As long as you have enough space City Nav (or any map for that matter) works the same loaded into internal memory or the SD card." ...that is correct and I have just confirmed that today. I removed all the city nav maps from my GPS and loaded about 250 MB of maps to the SD card. I was able to create that route from MA to NH that I couldn't create earlier due to missing maps. I hope this helps!
  23. Yes, I do have that gmapprom.img file on my unit and it is about 2.7GB. So, I guess the $50K question is -- how do I get my topo maps to show up as a map choice? More info...I retraced my steps with how I uploaded the city nav maps to my unit and I did, in fact, choose the GPS to load the maps to. My oops. In my mind, I thought that the files were loading to the SD card but now I know I must have the SD card mounted as a drive from my computer and then choose the SD card from the pick list. I am now reloading the maps a second time but this time directly to the SD card. I appreciate all the help and pointers...I am really feeling like a newbie to all this. edit to add an update...I tried to copy the Colorado onto a backup drive and the gmapprom.img seems to be corrupted which may be causing my problem. First I noticed that std file info is not showing up for the file (ie, date). Then I get an error when copying the file...the error says -- Can not copy gmapprom.img: the parameter is incorrect. 2nd edit to add another update...I finished loading city nav maps onto the SD card. The city nav maps is showing up as an option to choose from in the maps list but I'm not seeing any maps now on my gps...all I see is a white screen with a triangle in the middle of it which must be my location in never-never land. If I were a betting woman, I would venture to say I have somehow corrupted my GPS. That begs a bigger question though...even tho I did originally load my city nav maps to the gps (instead of to the SD card), why was it working fine yesterday (ie, showing me both topo and city maps)?
  24. Thanks for the suggestion! I tried pulling the card but couldn't see the maps. Then I did a master reset for good measure and still no topo maps or city nav maps showing up. Funny thing (I think) is that when turning GPS on, I see a message that says it is loading the topo maps...but no topo maps are found on the unit. One other mysterious thing is that when I view the contents of the SD card on my computer, it doesn't show any files! When I look at the properties of the SD card, it is showing up as 0 bytes being used in the 2GB card! One other thing I should mention is that earlier yesterday, I had the option of checking off to use the topo and/or the city nav maps so both maps were successfully loaded and accessible. The topo maps disappeared in between cache hunts during a power off stage yesterday. I have an email into Garmin support on this too but if anyone has any other ideas in the meantime, I'm all ears! Thanks!
  25. Yes, the "map it" option is available to both premium and non-premium members. The added advantage to being a premium member is that you can filter the results. If you are a non-premium member, you will notice the filter checkboxes are grayed out. I use the filters extensively so that I can narrow my geocache searching to just the types of caches I like to search for. Another bonus to being a premium member, is that you can download the .gpx files directly to your GPS or to your hard drive where you can send them to another device like a Palm Pilot. I use a Colorado 400t GPS and the .gpx file loads onto my GPS all the same information that you see on the geocaching website (i.e., description, coordinates, hints, logs, etc.). If you aren't a premium member, then all you can download to your GPS is the coordinates as a waypoint. I hope this info helps.
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