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  1. Is anyone else getting cachers, who didn’t attend an event or visit the earthcache, posting an attended log on events or logging a find on an earthcache on earthcache day (things that earn souvenirs)?  I get at least one each year on my CITO events or on earthcache day.  Unbelievably the cachers are from outside the US and their caching activity on that day is all overseas!  Unbelievable!  I understand they still earn the souvenir even if the log is deleted.  😬🤔

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  2. Never mind, all is well.  Unless someone just modified the code, it seems there is a few hours delay, after the FP is added, in the recalculation of the percentage.  It is curious though as when the FP was added earlier today, the 100% dropped immediately to 92%.  Now, five hours later, it just recalculated to 100%.  Perhaps the % is calculated twice: first when the FP is awarded using one set of code; second later on, using different code, to recalculate.  🤷‍♀️

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  3. I’m not sure the bug is fixed or perhaps there is another issue with the percent favorite calculation.   I saw a cache that has a total of 13 logs: 12 found it logs and 1 cache publish log.   The cache has 12 favorites all from from premium members.  I would have expected to see a favorite percentage of 100% but the percent is 92%.  That makes me draw the conclusion that the calculation includes the publish log because 12 favorites divided by 13 total logs = 92%.  

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  4. For hikes greater than 10 km, which attribute do people choose between the two attributes: Significant hike and Long hike (>10 km)?  At first glance, it seems to me that choosing the "Long hike" attribute would cover anything that could be considered a "Significant hike".  I've read some of the previous posts on "Significant hike" but none offer me clarification on my question.  Most agree that the use of "Significant hike" is subjective.  In that case, why even have a "Significant hike" attribute?

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  5. 4 hours ago, Keystone said:

    Editing Additional Waypoints, like for a Multi-cache or Mystery Cache, is a different matter.  Perhaps you're confusing the two functions...

    I could be confusing the functions.  Regardless, going back to the primary topic I started here, it is a bothersome glitch for me as I prefer to not make my caches premium unless I need to (i.e., to thwart robbers or newbies who don't understand how challenge caches work).  :shrug:

  6. Now that Groundspeak has changed the way cache owners have to change cache coordinates to a "log entry" system (instead of through editing the cache page), it is now impossible to hide a coordinate change from non-premium people who steal geocaches (if they are watching the cache page).


    For example, if I have a non-premium cache that has been muggled multiple times, my previous course of action was to edit the cache listing to make the cache premium and to change the location of the cache.  The new cache location wouldn't be seen by a non-premium member.  Unfortunately, that is no longer the case if the non-premium member is watching the cache.  The non-premium member will receive an email with the new coordinates if they were watching the cache before the cache was made premium.  This is because now I have to create a log entry to change the coordinates of my premium cache.  A copy of this log entry is sent to everyone who is watching the cache page.


    I know that if I made the cache premium from day 1, I wouldn't have this problem.  The reason I set-up my caches as non-premium is so there are more caches available to new geocachers. :)


    One way Groundspeak could fix this glitch is to add code to not send the normal "watched" email to non-premium members who are watching premium caches.  :)

    One way I can fix this glitch on my caches is to make all my geocaches premium from day 1.  :( 



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  7. Unfortunately, my GIFF video didn't make the final cut.  I heard through the grapevine that the bar was set high by the 60 or so GIFF submissions.  I can't wait to see those GIFFs that exceeded that bar!  Here is a link to my video to hold everyone over until the GIFF events begin in earnest.  


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  8. I received an API connection error when I tried to refresh some cache data via GSAK.  I refreshed my token and tried again but received same api connection error.


    So I navigated to status.geocaching.com to check the server status and received an alarming message that someone might be trying to steal my data (see attached screen print).  Any idea what is going on?

    status geocaching error message.jpg

  9. Name sent: November 15, 2016

    Name received: November 26, 2016

    I sent my gift: November 28, 2016

    My gift arrived at destination: ? (not sure how I would know this)

    I received a gift: December 27, 2016


    I received a lovely package yesterday afternoon from Rita in Germany. Inside was an Edward the Leopard Geocoin with a matching pin, a Christmas card, and chocolate and other candy treats from Germany. Thank-you for the wonderful surprise!

  10. Thank you "Bear and Ragged" and "ecanderson" for the synopsis of some of the features of GSAK but I don't see how GSAK can help in the situation I outlined. I have over 10,000 caches in my various GSAK state databases that I need to refresh with logs so don't see anyway around this other than rerunning PQs to refresh my databases with the most current data.

  11. I travel quite a bit and hence have built/saved (100+) many PQs which cover the states/areas where I travel. Each month, I find myself individually unchecking all the PQs I don't want to run automatically for the next month and then individually checking the ones that I want to run. It is a long process which involves repeating the following steps for each PQ I want to change when/if it runs automatically on a day:


    1) check/uncheck one PQ

    2) wait for the server request to complete

    3) when the server request completes, the PQ page refreshes and brings the user to the top of the PQ page

    4) scroll down the page to find the next PQ to check/uncheck

    5) repeat steps 1-4 until done


    I'm wondering if a change to the PQ "Active Pocket Queries" selection process to turn the page into a form which is submitted once would benefit the server (by reducing server requests) and save user's time. If the change to a form isn't feasible, it would be nice if, after the server request, the page stays in the same location as the last check/uncheck. This would remove the extra step of having to scroll down the page after each server refresh.


    I'm not sure if others encounter this situation as well but I would imagine there are others that could benefit from this change now that Groundspeak has increased the number of PQs allowed to be saved and submitted.

  12. We've seen some isolated instances of this. I've forwarded the bug on to one of our developers who will investigate.

    I am also experiencing this issue. When I click on any of my pocket query's in the download section, I get an error message that indicates the pocket is no longer available even though I just ran the query today and it says it is available for 5 days. Then, the query disappears from the list. This has happened to me for the last few days.


    I just tested the "download" feature again but this time with a pocket query that returned 500 results and a pocket query that returned 1,000 results. In both cases, I received the error message that the query is no longer available AND the pocket query disappeared. I have never been able to download a query from the website. Until this defect is fixed, I am changing all my queries back to returning just 500 results so I can get the zip file emailed to me.

  13. We've seen some isolated instances of this. I've forwarded the bug on to one of our developers who will investigate.

    I am also experiencing this issue. When I click on any of my pocket query's in the download section, I get an error message that indicates the pocket is no longer available even though I just ran the query today and it says it is available for 5 days. Then, the query disappears from the list. This has happened to me for the last few days.

  14. ...

    I just reread your post-I would have been emailed a notification if they had logged a find on my cache whether they went back and deleted it or not.....


    Right. What I was referring to was that a cacher can take the trackable number and create a log entry for a trackable which would then show that the trackable was in their possession. They can do all this thru the trackable's page without posting anything to your cache listing. That explains why you aren't getting an email.


    Over time, a small percentage of trackables go missing -- it is inevitable. The loss is due to many things -- pilferage, misplacement, forgetting where it was dropped so it isn't logged, etc. I wouldn't stress too much over it myself. You will drive yourself crazy, otherwise. :)

  15. With regards to your comment below (which I have hilighted in blue):


    "and the other time I found by going through their trackables list and seeing that they "retrieved" a coin out of my cache. but again, never logged the find online."


    ...if you can SEE that a trackable was retrieved from a cache -- in other words, if you see that the trackable is in their trackable list -- then, technically that cacher has in fact logged the find online. You may not see an official log online because some people delete their log entries. So the cacher is not breaking any rules. You can easily see if the cacher is "releasing" them by putting a watch on the trackable. By doing that, you will receive an email notification when/if that cacher places the trackable into another cache.


    Also, if you haven't done so already, you may want to give that cacher a chance to "drop" the trackable. Sometimes it can take upwards of a month for someone to get around to moving along a trackable.


    I hope this helps.

  16. ...

    I want to offer one other opinion though and I know that I'm going to open a "can of worms" but I almost wonder if some of these hounds have "inside information". As suggested, it almost seems humanly impossible for some of these caches to be found as quickly as they are. I just wonder! I'm not accusing anyone but curiosity is sometimes overwhelming!



    I'm surprised to hear that there is such a "fuss" over this topic! <_<

    My opinion is simple..."to each his own."


    But, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that some people have "inside information"...I say so what if they do. But I would further venture to say, it is more likely technology and being in the right place at the right time that is enabling quick finds. With today's technology (i.e, the Blackberry) and a data plan, you can find a cache within minutes of it being posted if you are in the right place at the right time.


    Case in point -- I posted a cache recently and told no one about it. A cacher was on site searching for the cache within five minutes of the publication time because she had a blackberry and, being a PM, she received the instant notification. Then she followed the link in the email and, using her data plan, she brought up the webpage to see where the cache was located. She just happened to be running errands and was within 2 miles of the cache location so she was onsite within five minutes.

  17. Hello All,

    As I had read multiple topics, and read thread after thread I was getting no answers, I decided to directly contact Groundspeak.


    I received an e-mail from them earlier today asking if the problem has been resolved...

    I have checked and all my coins that were not tracking and both the mileage and maps are current.


    Thank you Groundspeak Team.




    Thanks for following up on this. I just checked my coins that weren't tracking miles and they are now tracking miles. Woohoo! Thanks!

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