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  1. thank you all for the responses. I saw today after an update to the adventure lab app that it is possible to tap on an app and then the locations are shown on the map. Could enable this by going to my profile in the app and enabling 'test lab' there. For me, at the moment, this is a great solution. Will definitely reread and try out your ideas.
  2. Okay. But then SpiritGuide's response doesn't have as much added value.
  3. Have been looking at GSAK. I need to delve further into that first, how it works.
  4. thank you Hans for your detailed response/explanation. I am going to give this a try soon.
  5. I want to make a trail of caches soon. For that purpose I created a list so I can easily see what the next point is. There are also a number of adventure labs on the trail. Is there any way to add the locations of the questions from the adventure labs to the list of caches to visit? At these adventure labs, the locations are far apart. It would be nice to see at a glance what the next point is. The alternative is that of the adventure labs that qualify, I work everything out on paper. and then have to constantly keep an eye out for passing a point on an adventure lab along the way. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  6. you asked me to make a choice. A choice between extremes. In the ideal world, I would not have to make a choice. The person who makes an AL chooses with a very clear and understandable reason (also clear to others) to have a fixed order. What I experience myself is that this reason is very often not there. Or at least it is completely unclear to me why the order should be fixed. I am not the only one, when I read the posts here and read logs at AL's (that go beyond 'thank you'). I was asked to choose. If so, I choose the extreme variant: no more allowances. If a fixed order is required, it can always be mentioned in the text of the AL. But I prefer not to make that choice so extremely; use common sense when making an AL and choose very consciously whether you want a fixed order. There are good reasons to choose for a fixed order.
  7. Indeed, I can imagine that there are situations where a fixed order is logical or necessary. At the same time, I find that in many of the AL I have done, there is no reason in my mind for a fixed order. If the only way to avoid this is to ban it altogether, then unfortunately that's the way to go.
  8. Same problem with me. Motorola smartphone. What I have done the last few times is not to click on the green button 'navigate', but via waypoints and start the navigation that way. That works (until now).
  9. I am not good at math. In fact, I don't understand this. I tried to make a image. If I find myself at #3 and I want to do this AL with a sequential, I have to go to #1 first. Only then/there I can start. And then when I'm done, at #5, I have to go back to #3. In my opinion, I then drive the round trip almost twice. Whereas if I can start at #3, I only have to go around once.
  10. There are always reasons why it does make sense to make an AL in a fixed order. In that case, I don't have a problem with it either. But there is not always that reason. Made an 80 km bike ride for a 40 km AL. I lived halfway along the route, but because it had a fixed order, I had to go to the beginning first. There appeared to be no connection between the locations. And the route could be started anywhere in principle. Sure, you could also choose not to go. I just think it's a shame that an in itself beautiful route is so "limited" by 1 starting point.
  11. I have regularly run an AL where there was no bonus. However, there was a set sequence. I don't understand that. Also regularly walked an AL where I got it back and forth. And I really wonder what's behind that. Especially if there is no bonus ...
  12. Thank you for your answer. I read the information in the help center. Collectible Any geocacher can move a collectible trackable to their Collection. Trackables in your collection do not show in your Inventory. You can only Discover a trackable when it is in another geocacher’s collection. So I can add an Collectible trackable to my collection and drop it somewhere. Other people can grab the item, but the only way to log it is 'discover it'.
  13. Ik heb geprobeerd om te begrijpen wat er wordt geschreven over (not) collectable TB's. Ik red me aardig met het Engels, maar mij wordt het na het lezen van diverse topics nog steeds niet duidelijk. Uit wat ik uit de diverse topics begrijp, is het aan de eigenaar om een TB op (not) collectable te zetten. vergeten eigenaren om dit te doen (/ begrijpen niet waarom ze dat doen) Mij wordt alleen niet duidelijk wat je met zo'n collectable TB kan/mag/moet doen. Ik heb onlangs drie TB's gevonden en toegevoegd aan mijn collectie. En de TB's wel verder laten reizen door ze in een andere cache achter te laten. Ik had begrepen van een andere geocacher dat dit kan/mag. Anderen kunnen dan alleen loggen met 'ontdekt'. Vorige week kreeg ik bericht van iemand die 1 van deze TB's had gevonden en wilde loggen. Dat niet kon, omdat die in mijn collectie zit. En volgens die geocacher is het niet de bedoeling om een TB in je collectie verder te laten reizen. Ik begrijp het niet meer. Hoe werkt het met collectable TB's?
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