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  1. NOTICE: The 2golfers personal geocoin will go on sale Sunday July 2nd at Coins & Pins. The beginning of the sale should start somewhere between 6 PM and 8 PM Eastern time. This coins are in stock at Coins & Pins so they will be able to ship them quickly after your order has been placed. The DresselDragons geocoin will also be on sale at this time with Coins & Pins. Thank you for your support. Steve
  2. Email Sent! Sorry for the delay. Steve
  3. Nice Coin. Looking forward to owning this one.
  4. It's time for Luise and I to announce the 2golfers' Geocoin. The coin is in production now and the sale will take place in the first part of July. Our coin is 1.75" in diameter with an antique silver finish, 6 soft enamel colors and a 3-D image of a golfball on the front. It is a trackable coin with its own icon. YemonYime is the designer of our coin. Coins and Pins will be selling our coin on their website. The best way to get notified of the sale is to join their mailing list. You can do this by going to CoinsAndPins.com, click on the Stock Geocoin page and then click on the Mailing List link at the the top of the page. They will notify everyone on the mailing list of the sale dates. Steve
  5. My coins arrived in Central Illinois today.
  6. I'm looking for: Alabama Arizona Arkansas Colorado Dutch New York Ohio Oklahoma Available: DNF GAA German Bronze (2) Illinois (3) Maine Minnesota email through profile
  7. email sent We will have fun with this coin as gifts for some of the members in CIGA (Central Illinois Geocaching Association).
  8. Looking forward to adding this coin to my collection! I will also have to buy a couple as gifts for friends.
  9. Option #3 should satisfy everyone. Keep the humor going - it is great reading.
  10. 2golfers

    Dnf Geocoin

    Two regular DNF coins please!
  11. Received my coins today. Job well done!
  12. Received my coins today. YemonYime they are fantastic! Thank you!
  13. Made payment for one. Thanks!!!!
  14. 2golfers

    Coin Clubs

    If Yemon Yime is in I want to be in. It would be a hoot with the guy from PA.
  15. Nice looking coin. We will take two of the gold please.
  16. Everyone's addiction is rubbing off on me. I'm ready to purchase.
  17. 2golfers


    I'm new at collecting geocoins so I don't have an addiction yet. I will need this coin for the day I do become addicted. Put me down for 5 of these coins.
  18. Would you please increase my order to 5 regular coins. I originally ordered 2. Thank you.
  19. Two regular screw geocoins please.
  20. We would be interested in two (2) silver Wyoming geocoins. Thanks.
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