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  1. Have you been to Kaiserslautern lately? I was in that area a few times. Did you ever go to Hanau? My step-dad was active Army in the early to mid 70's. I know he was at Hanau from 73 to 76. He came over to visit me in 06 so we drove over to Hanau. He did recognize some of the area and base. The last time we visited the Kaiserslautern area was Fall 2006. My wife's family lives in Hochspeyer, a little town outside K-Town. No, I never did visit Hanau.
  2. I proudly served in the US Army from November 1970 to October 1972. My job was a Court Reporter in the JAG Shop of 32nd AADCOM in Kaiserslautern Germany. The best part of this experience was meeting Luise, my wife. We have been married for 37 years. We are a good caching team - she finds the cache while I'm still watching the arrow. There are three children (with several others adopted over the years) and 5 grandchildren in our family. My father served in the US Air Force for 26 years and my uncle served in the US Navy for 25 years. Thanks to all who have served and to those serving. God Bless to all of you, thank you!
  3. Very nice coin! I would like to trade for one of the silver/blue coins.
  4. Webscouter, I like your changes.
  5. Another nice coin from the Yime. Wish I was going to GCF!
  6. Hope we can work out a trade for your beautiful coin. The antique copper coin is my favorite but I would be happy to add any of them to my collection.
  7. Coins arrived today -- some keepers and some traders. Thanks!
  8. Looking forward to adding this nice coin to my collection.
  9. #2 The Yime icon needs to mimic the shape of the Yime coin. Stick with the shape we all know is uniquely yours. If you ever make a round Yime then you can use the round icon.
  10. Put my order in for a set of Yimes. Now I must figure out how to get some of the GCF finishes.
  11. Another nice coin from the YIME! Hope I can get my hands on one of these!
  12. My Earth Turtles and Cache Hoppers arrived today. My favorite is the Bora Bora - the copper metal and the colors go together so well. Thanks tsun for the great additions to my collection. I still have one of the Maui turtles left for trade if anyone is interested. UPDATE: Trade Made.
  13. UPDATE: The Maui Turtle is the only coin I have left.
  14. If anyone is interested, I will have an extra Bora Bora Turtle, an extra Maui Turtle, and an extra Blue Poison Dart Frog available.
  15. I got back in the store after the crash and my coins were still in my cart. I tried to order another coin and another crash.
  16. Keeping my fingers crossed for a Bora Bora Edition!
  17. Maybe try 2golfers? I do think their personals are golfing related. The Finding Irish 4 made contact and a trade was made. Thanks for the referral LadyBee4T.
  18. I place the following note with our gift coins --- "This coin is intended to be a gift for the person who finds it. The activation code is: ++++++. Enjoy! Steve and Luise" I keep records of where the coin is placed and its activation code. Never know when you might need the information.
  19. Email sent....Thanks for the offer!
  20. Email sent. UPDATE: Trade has been made. Thanks!
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