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  1. Hi, yes this is what I want to do - record the direction that the unit is pointing as it moves along. Keeping it held level horizontally is no problem. Can someone suggest a unit that can do this?
  2. Get the pocket pc version of OziExplorer and then use gMapMaker to download the tiles of your area and combine them into an ozi .map file, convert to the pocket pc version and hey presto.
  3. Hi, As per the title, I have an application where I want to track the actual bearing that the GPS receiver is at during its travels. I know the HCX has an electronic compass but does it store the bearing to the track file? I know that it will log the gps heading. Thanks in advance, Fionn.
  4. Hi, If one sets the speed to use the magnetic compass below at say 100km/h and then travels for a few hours at say 30km/h, will the magnetic compass headings be saved to the track file?
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