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  1. Firstly, I’m GPS newbie and never had one until about a year ago. I’m at the bottom of the learning curve. Consequently, I don’t know what features are available for your unit but hopefully some of this will at least make things clearer about what I’m doing. The Colorado has multiple user profiles (e.g. automotive, recreational, marine, fitness, etc.). I think it’s just a way of keeping certain features appropriate to the profile (e.g. automotive sticks to roads). Maybe your Legend simply has them all in one. I tried this with a couple of waypoints yesterday and it should save me considerable time from my current Excel method. Thanks – a lot. I include every waypoint in the route. For some of my courses I use over 50 waypoints. Any “mess on the screen” isn’t a problem with the way they’re viewed on the Colorado. That is, they are not viewed/used like this but rather like this In MapSource you can easily put the waypoints in the right order for the route/course. They come over in the gpx file like this Then I highlight them, edit/create route using selected waypoints and move them up or down in the proper order To make sure they are in the proper order and where I want them I view the route in Google Earth No. I see no need for the tee boxes. Hope this helps.
  2. I haven’t used don barger’s site yet and it may be easier than my method. But what works for me….. i) Use Google Earth to locate the course and then mark waypoints along holes for what yardages I may want to know when I play the course (e.g. creeks, over/to sand, front/back of green). ii) Copy these waypoints into an Excel file to get them into a format that MapSource likes. iii) Open MapSource and enter the waypoints. Make a route with these waypoints (holes 1-18) and download the route to the Colorado. iv) At the course, use recreational profile, call up the route and use the ‘active’ route screen. Then simply set the format to yardages and scroll thru the waypoints you’ve made as they come up. I’ve done this for about 20 courses in and around the St. Louis area; as well as some courses I visit on vacation. Takes about an hour per course with about 50 waypoints and I haven’t had much of an issue with Google’s inaccuracy – yet (at least to where it affects my game).
  3. I was one of many who complained in the 2.94 thread. So feel it's only appropriate to post that I have had no problems with the 2.95 version and it's worked smoothly for me; note I pretty much only do "basic/beginners-type" stuff with the Colorado.
  4. I loaded 2.94. Then tried loading a new route & waypoints via MapSource 'send to device', uncoupled the GPS, turned it back on, looked for the route and it wasn't listed (no memory card in unit). Went back to 2.90 re-tried loading route & waypoint and now it's listed. 'Course going back to 2.90 also changed some of my settings and "lost" my City Navigator 2009 update version because device only shows 2008 loaded. Arrrrgggggggh.
  5. Bumping this to see if anybody has located sources for downloading lake depth/structure data for individual states or lakes so that maps can be made for Colorado GPS. I'm especially interested in Missouri lakes or rivers.
  6. Deleting waypoints - I upgraded to 2.6 on Sunday morning. Then went in, deleted a route and its associated waypoints thru route planner. Turned unit off. Came back to do some other programing and noticed the waypoints were still there but the route was gone. I didn't have this problem with previous 2.51(?) software version and in fact didn't upgrade to 2.54 because others had described the unit crashing when deleting waypoints thru the waypoint manager. So, I was wondering if in Garmin's haste to fix the crashing problem with waypoint deleting in 2.54, if they inadvertently changed the waypoints from being deleted from a route thru route planner in 2.60.
  7. f.w.i.w. I'm trying to make an upgraded topo for the state of Missouri by following the tutorial at gpsfiledepot.com. Having never done any mapping I'm not sure how well this will work out. So far I've downloaded all the *.tif files (~ 17hrs) and am now in the process of making *.mp files using the dem2topo freeware (probably another ~ 30 hrs). I expect the whole Missouri project will take several weekends since that's the only time I have to work on it.
  8. f.w.i.w. Apparently the Colorado will let you do this, since I stumbled upon it after manually deleting about 40 waypoints one-by-one. For anyone else who may need to do it; go to Others/Route Planner and select the route, then Options and Remove All.
  9. Issue: Deleting Waypoints associated with a Route. Is there a simple way of deleting a Route and the Waypoints associated with that Route at the same time. I had assumed when I deleted the Route the Waypoints would have also been deleted. Unfortunately, I had to go in and manual delete each and every Waypoint along that Route (and the wheel wouldn't let me go backwards in the Waypoint list from the start - which would have simplified things at least a little). I can understand why they would not automatically delete them, but it'd been a lot nicer if when I deleted the Route it had given me the option of 'delete Waypoints along Route' (or it could have simply asked the question "Do you want the Waypoints deleted ?").
  10. I'm entirely new to Garmin and GPS. Got my 400T about a week ago and I've installed City Navigator NT. Throughout the week I have been reading this forum and playing with the shortcuts/options on the unit in hopes of trying to figure out how the unit works best for my needs (e.g. auto, hiking, fishing, golf). One thing I agree with everyone on is that the manual is horrible - especially for a new user like myself. A couple of simple questions.... i) How do I find out what software version I'm running (i.e. 2.4, 2.51, etc.) ? ii) What are the "auto", "default" or "normal" values ? I know what the terms mean but, for example, in the automobile profile, shortcuts "setup", "tracks", your "record method" can be "time", "distance" or "auto"; and then the "interval time" can be "normal". How am I supposed to know what the "auto" record with "normal" time is (e.g. every 30 sec or every 20 min) ? Their "auto" value may work fine for stop-and-go city driving but may be overkill for highway driving. I realize I can just pick a setting that's not "auto" but I was just curious if there's any place that shows what the Colorado's auto/default/normal settings are for each of the various options. iii) This is more specific....I have a route planned and I can read the turn-by-turn instructions. If I click on a particular turn-by-turn direction a map displays the road and turn, but without any detail (no road signs or waypoints). I don't even see any road signs when I zoom out to 20-50 miles. On the other hand, if when the same turn-by-turn is displayed, I go into the shortcuts and click the map icon, a map comes up with all the detail (e.g. road signs). I believe I've gone through all the setup options and picked highest detail for maps. So why aren't I seeing any detail on the map displayed when I click the turn-by-turn direction. Is this an 'issue' or have I simply not got some option somewhere set to what it should be. I apologize of for the length of my first post, but I had hoped to resolve these issues before now, but I'm desperate. Thanks for any help.
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