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  1. Yeah, sorry bout that. Bottom line is it is private property. I misunderstood some of the specifics. As for the "in," it didn't even come up during the meeting, although it may have helped get the meeting in the first place. I think, though, that everyone can come up with some sort of connection with whom they are trying to get permission from. Establishing some sort of common ground really softens the almost weird quality of geocaching (to a person that doesn't know anything about it).
  2. Hi guys, Many of you have asked for a copy of the email. While I definitely think you should write your own specific to your situation, I have no problem sharing what worked for us! Here it is! Dear Madam, First, my wife and I would like to thank you for your efforts and dedication to the no kill approach of animal control. I am an animal lover and my wife is a vet tech who has volunteered for your spay and neuter clinics in the past. I live and work in the area, and whole heartedly appreciate the effect you and your organization has on our community. I am writing you today in hopes of receiving your permission to help bring a potential new interest to your VHS society. We are avid "geocachers". In case you are unfamiliar with Geocaching, I invite you to check out www.geocaching.com. Basically, it is a high tech treasure hunt. That is, we use global position satellite (GPS) technology to guide us to a location. At the location, a container is placed and a log book is left inside the container. Visitors sign the book and replace the container where they found it. The excitement and enjoyment of this is not the container, but the journey finding it. My wife and I have visited areas of our own community that we never would have otherwise thanks to Geocaching and have loved each and every adventure. In your case, we would like to introduce the growing Geocaching community to what you do. We have already placed a "cache" in the vicinity of the TVAR shelter, and it has met with great success. We invite you to see it here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=109559 Specifically, here is what we have in mind. [removed as to not give the actual cache details away] We would certainly remind the visitors not to disturb your garden; geocachers in general are very respectful and mindful of their surroundings. Also, we would encourage them to visit your facility during your open hours, read the message board and to volunteer when and where they can. Nothing is needed from you except permission! We will provide the ornament as well as place it. Also, if you do grant permission and find this is not for you or your facility, we would of course remove it immediately. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you and of course, please contact me at any time if you have any questions or concerns. We will not place the ornament until we have explicit permission from you. Most Sincerely...
  3. So there I was, paddling along to a cache, when this muggle nabbed me for speeding.
  4. Cute indeed! One suggestion might be to get a TB and take a pic of it doing all the clickable activities listed. Might be good for a laugh or two
  5. From UrbanDictionary.com: Dahjaj QaQ Daghajjaj FSU.
  6. I was sure you were going to respond "Kapla!" Og.
  7. Yep got it! I wanna know why the decrypt doesn't work on it though
  8. Nice! Think then I could say to the boss... "sorry Sir, I gotta go. I just committed geocide."
  9. Ah hah! There inlays the relevant conundrum. Let me explain... ...just as the conversation was getting interesting.
  10. *cough* well if you'll let me finish Since it was a choice, as is geocide, we can safely say that only the son of god or Jeremey shall rise again once that choice has been made.
  11. Hmm lets fan the flames a bit (I'm stuck at work so why not). The entire Christian faith is based on one simple "fact". Jesus was crucified as punishment for all of humanity's sins; past, present and future. Everything beyond that is extrapolation and assumptions. He didn't "allow" anything. In fact, he (since he is god) orchestrated the entire event just so we humans would have a way of cleaning the slate. Since we proved that we couldn't live the sin free life (as per the old testament), this was the only way we might be accepted into heaven. Ahhh, 4 years of Christian theology all summed up in a paragraph.
  12. Uh oh. Isn't that what the whole faith is based on? If he was truly the son of god, no one could do anything to him he didn't want done. Therefore (as I understand it) he chose to be crucified. Now, since it's a choice to commit geocide it stands to reason that, if you who are committing the geocide are also the son of god, you're welcome to come back 3 days later. Edit: spelling
  13. Haven't seen a specific DVD cache, however I have seen a CD trading cache. Seems to be a pretty neat idea, however if I had to guess, you're going to end up with the DVD's no one really wants.
  14. True enough. This was an interesting one. The land is actually publically owned, as the building on the land is a government run. So one could have made the argument it was public land and permission wasn't required. One thing I forgot to mention: it was a riot listening to him call the location and explain what I was coming over to do. "Uh well, Jason will be coming over bringing uh, well he'll show you. Basically, well this is really kind of silly but neat, I don't want to confuse you." laughing on both ends of the phone... "Its sort of a program that will bring new visitors. I'll explain more when I see you but, well for now, just let him put it there and uh, well just tell everyone I said it was ok." Too funny watching a Director giggle like a kid. He's a great guy and really seemed to have fun with the whole idea.
  15. All the discussion of permission getting here left Mrs. CC and I feeling tentative regarding the whole subject. Recently though, we found an area that just screamed for some serious cache treatment. However, it was on private property. We almost said forget it. The time and effort and frustration commonly encountered by folks here had us convinced we ought to not even go there. Well despite all of that, we figured an email couldn't hurt. We presented the Director of the establishment with a well thought out and respectful email, which in turn led to a face to face meeting, and a week later we have permission. In fact, we might be taking him out for his first hunt sometime soon! So, this is for anyone out there on the fence. If its between no cache, and trying for permission, give it a try. If our experience is any gauge, you're in for a pleasant experience.
  16. Alright, now you're just showing off. We're all real impressed with your photoshop skills! PS: very nice rig you've got there.
  17. Oh please, Xtremjeepn, that is obviously a photoshop job. See... the angle on the jeep is the same in both pictures. Come on!
  18. What I want to know is when will they make one big enough to fit my 6'9" arse. I climbed into the Hummer H1 and H2 not too long ago. I nearly cried. My wife's Vibe has more driver room than the H1, and the H2 is a glorified Suburban with less interior room. That new Jeep/Hummer might be interesting. I wonder if it does better than 8 MPG though... I guess I'll stick with my GMC Sierra 1500 Ext Cab for now.
  19. Thank you guys! That was very helpful and educational. I'm starting to see the draw of benchmark hunting. It almost has a detective type feel to it. Thanks again, and happy hunting! Mr. CC
  20. Mrs. CC and I have recently discovered the joy of benchmarking. We found one by complete accident a few days ago, and tonight found another. In the first case, there were no distinguishing marks on the disk, except a year. In the second case, there was a designation number but no PID. In the first case, it was right next to a cache, so we were able to find it here by the "find nearest benchmark" feature. The second one however posed a bit of a problem. There doesn't seem to be a way to search for a benchmark via designation. We pretty much had to use an areal map figure out its location, (doing to lat/long calculations) to log it. So my questions are this: what is the association between PID and Designation? If you find a benchmark and don't have the coordinates (say by accident and you don't have your GPSr), how do you log the find here? Thanks !
  21. JMBella, I think your avatar should be marked as a terrian 3.
  22. Ahh gotcha! Yeah I saw that ViewSonic just today. Neat idea, although I wonder about the execution. We're getting close, but not there yet. Glad to hear you and I agree about the Axim. Don't know how Dell pulled it off, but for the money it's really hard to beat.
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