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  1. Uhh, who is asking for permission to do a virt on public land? Your question seems to imply that a park official will, in reponse to the request to place a traditional, respond with "No, but you're welcome to set up a virtual..." If I got that kind of answer, I'm going to talk to someone else because it's obvious this person doesn't get it. I don't think giving up virts will do anything to change the answer above. Saying yes to (or suggesting) a virt is a nice way of saying no to a traditional.
  2. Gotta see if Mrs. CC will go for this one as our new avatar:
  3. Looks like we've got a new PQ page. Checkboxes for the day(s) a PQ runs, store up to 20 separate queries, and a generally nicer feel to the PQ edit page. I don't remember the ability to only run a PQ once then delete either. If that's new, it certainly is a nice addition. Nice work guys!
  4. How rude! I've got my virus scanner set as a travel bug. Criminal, everyone knows you overcharge. You can get them from me at cost for $15. No markup I swear.
  5. Ohh I like it. How long (time) did it take to complete? If we are not real sure footed hikers, do you think we will still be ok?
  6. While entirely accurate, don't let that intimate you too much. With some cut and paste java code (probably from the pagetutor site listed above) you'll be golden.
  7. \ Better stated Bert. Basically, thats what I was driving at. I guess all I would add is that, even given the current geocaching problems, a world leader in GPSr technology has thrown its weight behind it. It seems to me they are banking on geocaching's growth as justification for their newest model.
  8. Ack! Had I known I most certainly would have paid credit elsewhere. One thing though; while these ideas are similar, they are not quite identical. I think the key concept I'm trying to get across is the logger has the power, and no special effort is required by the owner, if is all is well. The other idea is a kind of heartbeat. The renew concept might be a whole lot more overhead for the admins, the owners, and this site. I'm not trying to sell anyone anything here, but conceptually it makes sense to me to have the logger (the person out there most recently with the cache) report on its status. If its in great shape great! If not, wouldn't it be nice to know there is a system in place to ensure no one else ends up frustrated like you, one way or another?
  9. What if there was a state between active and archived that was applied on a cache by cache basis. It could serve as a buffer period that would allow the owner time to respond and repair, or once the time expired it would be archived until adopted. We could call it "Scheduled for Archiving". So instead of the logger selecting "Needs Archiving" the logger would select "Found, but needs attention" for example. This could alert TPTB of potential neglect. Some parameters could be a certain number of DNF's, a certain time period of inactivity, a log similar to the one above, or some combo. The admin could, on a case by case basis, place the cache in a "Scheduled for Archiving" state, and 90 days (for example) later, the cache would be archived or adopted out. During that 90 days the owner can respond or not, adoption requests can be made or not... I think you get the idea. Its a sort of probationary period for the cache. Its not inactive, but rather under observation (and no this wouldn't add to the Admin's work significantly. A software back end could be written to handle most all of this automatically thereby removing the subjectivity that so frustrates folks). Would this solve the problem?
  10. Can't forget this classic......."GOONIES" Data had the ultimate cache backpack.
  11. Bah. That's not cheating, that's a guaranteed waterproof up to 30 feet PDA GPS that floats! You're just jealous Cheating would be using a ziplock bag. Hey wait...
  12. Could be! Although I tend to think it's an investment in the future. Commercial GPS tech has always been a niche market anyway, so why not be at the forefront of the next big reason to own a GPSr? Just a slightly educated guess on my part.
  13. I wanna play! Wife's away, and aint nuthin on TV, so why not? Thing just won't hold a fix under water though...
  14. You do realize you're supporting a placer that has, in every way, disrespected what this is all about, don't you? Normally, I'd be offended at someone calling me a sucker, but in your case its just comical. mtn-man, this caching couple thinks it was your right, and responsibility to act as you did. CacheCreatures edit(s): spelling
  15. Anyone know if she's still available? I'd love to get her phone number. The wayback machine can be found here by the way: Wayback Machine
  16. Verrrry nice GPSaxophone. But, I'm thinking we need something a bit further north. compass_bearing_north, we live close enough! What do you have in mind?
  17. If you actually had the experience of implementing such a system, you would never make such a comment. You simply cannot compare like that. There are no parallels and to make such a statement unfortunately promotes a misinformed opinion. They will work this out. They will grow. They will continue to improve and expand. They will have problems, and they will fix them. I'd suggest you get used to it, and enjoy, because what's coming will be amazing. Users never change. They want it yesterday, they want it perfect and they want it for free. If they only knew...
  18. Hey all! Mrs. CC and I are nearing the century find mark, and really want to do something special for find 100. We live in the Greater Bay Area, Northern CA. Suggest one for us! Give us a link to a cache that has meant something to you, or one you found special in some way. This will not only help us pick our 100th, but also help to share some special cache stories!
  19. Being a software guy, I can understand where TPTB are coming from. Maybe it's blind optimism, but I tend to think they didn't archive it for malicious reasons, and in fact the reason they gave it valid. With that in mind, its also most likely true this "problem" has now been brought to their attention and they will "fix" it. In the mean time, we have to deal with the growing pains. This site is very software intensive. Things are by no means as easy as they appear. I think we as community (aka end users) ought to cut them some slack and hang in there, even if it takes months or years. $3 a month by 30% of the community only goes so far, after all.
  20. Hmm I wonder if we don't have enough info. I think (and we're talking very rusty math skills here) you've taken it to a point where we need some correlation between the points and or vector lengths. Is there any more info provided? What cache is it by the way.
  21. A recent thread asked cachers about their favorite virtual. Many folks chimed in with some really neat caches! Of those that like (or love) virtuals, have you found the same enjoyment in searching for a benchmark? We've only completed 2 benchmarks to date, but what a good time both were! We are currently planning a benchmarking weekend. It seems to me virtuals and benchmarks are more alike than not. Do those that search virtuals also search benchmarks (or vice versa)? Just curious cause there seems to be a large divide between those that cache and those that benchmark, with very few folks who do both (if you don't believe me, pop over to the benchmark board! Talk about a different culture!). Might the virtual be a happy median?
  22. We really enjoyed An Old Adobe. You walk up and can just feel the history. We too enjoy virtuals. There is a different feel to them. When we set out for a virt, we prepare for a history lesson or for an introduction to an interesting location. Its a different mindset. One that can be refreshing and a whole lotta fun!
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