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  1. I checked it out. They look very simular, but with the other post's pic it is clear that it is a vertical control mark and a part of the National Geodetic Survey. The one we found doesn't have any of that type of info. That is what has us confused. We are curious what the heck this really is. The only info I have found is that "Brainard Kilman" is a company related to soil, water, and all types of geological /geotechnical testing. If anyone knows more we are interested.
  2. While hunting this mark, we ran into this: Any idea what this is? We haven't seen one of these before. edit: I guess I should explain a bit more. The first pic shows a rod in the center of the hole. The hole was around 8 inches deep, and the rod was about 4 inches tall. There didn't seem to be any distinguishing features of or on the rod. In fact, it reminded us of a piece of 3/4" rebar.
  3. So there we are, out there on the trail getting further and further from the car. Not to worry I say, I'll just ensure Mapopolis is creating a breadcrumb trail... its here somewhere... uhh hmmm... It doesn't seem that Mapopolis creates a trail! It routes us to the place to park, it gets us to the cache, but it wont keep track of the trail we made getting to it? Seems odd to me. So am I missing something? I've skimmed all the documentation and haven't found a thing. If Mapopolis wont do it, what do you PDA users out there do instead? Help us not get lost!
  4. Hey there, I've found a bug named "Bug AWOL 3". It would seem the owner has released three bugs, all of which have been renamed AWOL, with the goal being listed as "Bug waiting to be redeployed as a new bug". This implies that the bug is essentially up for grabs. Is this true? If so, can I claim it and re-release it with a new goal. Basically take ownership? I'd hate to have to trash it, but shuttling a pointless bug around can't be good for the TB concept. Thanks!
  5. Jamie Z: That is a picture of the moon peaking through the trees above us.
  6. These are Ohgr's coins: I like the look of these more than the minted coins. Something very treasure looking about them. Perfect for caching. Nicely done!
  7. Since one of our favorite caches "Wait Until Dark" requires that you do it at night, the view was of a city in lights. Then, we looked up and saw this: This view is of SF, the city by the bay, taken at "Island 2: Treasure Island" Thanks for the great thread!
  8. Just curious, what makes you think it is lame?
  9. Happy Happy Birthday! Besure to post some pics of Geody once she comes home to ya.
  10. Yes please! That's a great idea. Post them pics...
  11. Where were you 2 years ago when biking was my life?!? I went the custom route (since there was zero off the rack) and built up a 29"er with a Rohloff speedhub. The thing was my passion for about a year. Then the back problems started and I was basically forbade from riding offroad again (the compression on the low back would only continue to worsen my condition). Sadly, I just recently sold her. I'm going to use the funds to start a recumbent project as well as a membership to the local aquatic center for some serious swimming. Thanks for the lumbar/strap idea. I'll give that a look soon. And Mrs. CC... you talk WAY too much edit: Oh by the way, a bit of potentially good news. I was reading a different post where someone was commenting how they loved their Honda Element for caching. I went and sat in one yesterday, and there is a ton of head room! My knee is still very close to the steering wheel though. It would be a fairly tight fit for me, but the other benefits might outweigh the negatives. Thought you other tall cachers might like the "heads up"
  12. Just to add to Brian's post... Here is the Canada forum link, just in case. You can find it in the Geocaching Groups by Country section of the main forum index. Welcome! Get ready for a lifetime of adventure and enjoyment!!
  13. Well, it sounds like you're trying to do exactly what I just got done doing. Here we go: Dell Axim X5 off eBay for $150. I love the Axim for this application for a few reasons: 1) cheep. 2) dual slot; will support a CF and SD card at the same time. 3) Battery power is outstanding. I bought the extended battery and car charger off eBay for $30. The thing will hold out all day. 4) Fast processor at 400mhz. 5) The screen can be seen in almost any light. Fortuna Pocket Xtrack CF GPS Unit. One word: WOW. This thing is simply amazing. Click on the link above for a full review. For everyday caching the ST mode is more than enough. With the XT mode, I've been able to get signal under the heaviest tree cover, and in tunnels! Bought new from Semsons for $149. GPXSonar. What more does one need? Manage all PQ's with this kick butt, free app. (Required a premium membership to gc.com.) Mapopolis The app that gets you there and back. This is a fully featured map routing application with a very handy GPS arrow screen for finding the cache once you've got close. Use the small utility they've created to convert the same PQ used in GPXSonar into a "Maplet" that then shows all cache locations on the map. Bought a license for $100. So, for around $400, I've got one killer setup for paperless caching, as well as a vacation ready GPS auto navigation tool. If you'd like more details or have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! edit: Oh yeah, get yourself a lanyard too. Something like this. Keep it around your neck and avoid untimely breakage. This little $4 add on has saved my $400 setup more times than I can count
  14. True, however if the comments here and elsewhere can be trusted, I think the Palm version is far less developed than the PPC version. I swear by the PPC version, but have never used the Palm version. Try searching this board for more info. Just a heads up.
  15. GPXSonar has become our caching mainstay. We never leave home without it. With it, we've gone totally paperless. Now, if we could only get gc.com to support benchmark PQs...
  16. How do you like the Element? Think a big guy could fit in one (6'9" tall)? Ever take it off road? Sorry if this derails the topic. I've just had my eye on one of these for a while. Hard to get over the looks, but the light bar really helps!
  17. Mrs CC. and I spent a day in Sedona. It wasn't near enough time. As I'm sure you know, Sedona is know for its... well lets just say new wave way of thinking. While we were up there, we grabbed a tourist map and wouldn't you know it? We found quite a few "Votex"s around the area. (clearly a misspelling of "vortex", but no one seems to notice). So now, whenever we run into something slightly odd or unexplainable, we always attribute it to the votex's. We did a number of caches up there with our by far and away favorite being one we didn't even find. Check it out here: Sunset Panorama. We took the hike just before dark and watched the sunset. That's an image I will always hold with me. Have fun! PS: we didn't find it cause I was a dork and didn't put the coords in right. And, of course I left the cache page back in the car. The view by far made up for it though.
  18. Love your sig item! But would Zaphod Beeblebrox approve? We might just have to run this by the two-headed, three-armed ex-hippie who is totally out to lunch.
  19. MRS. CC: Alright...This is the tall guy's better half. I thought I'd chime in on this topic. Being 5'9", I am not short, but it is a whole other world living with someone 6'9". As you can tell by his opening topic there are things that you can take for granted being "average" in size that for him are a pain in the booty. While caching it is amusing. There are times where the info says something about being eye level.....he just laughs. Shopping is well....interesting and expensive. And as for prefering tall men, I (of course) am guilty of this accusation. He also has a huge........PENchant for Geocaching so even if he were short I'd have fallen for him.
  20. Wow great feedback! Thanks for all the online retailer recommendations. I love the concept of hip or lumbar packs. My back doc says they are far and away the best way to carry your gear. The problem I've found though is that I've got no hips or rear end... basically, the thing just slides right down to my legs. Anyone else have a similar problem and if so, how do you overcome it? And I love the Wrangler idea, but it’s not head room... it’s the steering wheel placement. My knees come up to the wheel and flank either side. There is no room for my hands! By the way, for the record, how many of you are sick to death of the "basketball" question? My standard answer has become... "Nope, I was a jockey". Most people just blankly stare, but a few just crack up laughing. As for cache placement, good point! While I hate bending over, I also realize others are not as vertically blessed as I am . Therefore, Mrs. CC and I have tried to place every cache within reach of everyone.
  21. Wow guys, you were right! Wait Until Dark was spectacular. We couldn't have picked a better night either. The moon was shining, the stars were out in force, the air was crisp, the trail was only soggy in places... what a good time. Thanks for all the comments! We will definitely check into those caches mentioned by Sparky, compass, CARDA186 and everyone else. Here's toasting to the next 100!
  22. Hi. We enjoy good multi-caches. The best one we have done so far has been one called "Dog Years" Besides a cute theme, the caches were orignal and clever. There were 4 legs to this multi. All micros up until the last one which was a large size dog biquit container. I don't want to give away too much about the micros, but like I said before it was all in theme and super clever. Check it out.
  23. Thank you guys (and gals)! We are going to tackle Wait Until Dark for find 100. Wish us luck!
  24. I love geocaching. It has become my passion. As such, I need everything I own geocache ready But here's the problem: I'm 6'9" tall! Every backpack I try on, every pair of bad weather ready pants, every jacket, even cache ready vehicles... they are all just too small! So: What do you drive? I'm in a 2002 GMC Sierra 1500 Extended Cab. Not exactly cache ready, as I'm positive the big dog would just sink into anything slightly softer than pavement. dadgum those 5'2" tall Jeep owners! What pack do you use? I'm using a military issue MULE. Way too small for me, but so is everything else. What rain/foul weather gear to do wear? I have various Columbia jackets, as the XXL size is just small, not too small. As for pants, still looking for something other than jeans... Boots? Actually I've found a winner here. Magnum makes up to size 16 military all black, fully waterproof fully insulated calf high boots for less than $100. These have been a godsend for me, and they have earned a customer for life. Anything else tall cacher related, post/vent here!
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