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  1. Perfect, thanks! As always, you're one step ahead of the curve. Closing the thread since the question has been answered.
  2. Whoa you're not kidding. We took 4.41 out today for the first time and while there are 2 things I really love about it (the huge navigation text and the new landmark search feature), there are far more I hate (that awful voice prompt, screen freezing...) Thanks for the heads up Fabian on the workaround and the utility Rosco. That will solve it, for now. Now, to find version 4.3...
  3. Rather than bite on this obvious attempt at flame, let me direct you here: GPS Theory and Practice. B. Hofmann-Wellenhof, H. Lichtenegger, and J. Collins. Springer-Verlag Wien. New York. If you want evidence, read it. Or, trust my summary: GPS technology is so impervious to normal weather effects, it is now being used to fly our missiles, our fighter planes, guide our ground troops, and drive remote hummers equipped for mine detection and removal. Iraq is all the evidence you should need.
  4. Ok all you Mapopolis pros... I've created a whole bunch of maplets (.mlp) from GPX files using the tool provided by Mapopolis. I've downloaded them to my SD card and all seems well. It seems that these maplets, once loaded, cannot be unloaded. That is, I can't get them to stop showing up on the map! For example, I've got 3 benchmark mlps and 1 cache mlp. I'd like to be able to turn off the benchmark mlp so that only the caches show up. I try to use the "Choose Map" feature to deselect the files I don't want to show up. However, they still appear on the map. When i bring up the Choose Map again, the maplets are highlighted again. I don't have this issue with individual maps, and I've made sure the "Load in Memory" feature is not checked. Any thoughts? PS: I'm using the latest version, v4.41 on PPC2003
  5. Good study! It does make perfect sense, when you consider that GPSrs detect radio waves emitted from the orbiting satellites. The question is analogous to asking if a voice signal on your cell phone is changed due to clouds, or if my keyless entry will work during a rain storm. Check out the chart below for some technical info about devices we use everyday. Devices and their operating frequency within the radio wave spectrum: Garage door openers, alarm systems, etc. - Around 40 megahertz Standard cordless phones: Bands from 40 to 50 megahertz Baby monitors: 49 megahertz Radio controlled airplanes: Around 72 megahertz, which is different from... Radio controlled cars: Around 75 megahertz Wildlife tracking collars: 215 to 220 megahertz MIR space station: 145 megahertz and 437 megahertz Cell phones: 824 to 849 megahertz New 900-MHz cordless phones: Obviously around 900 megahertz! Air traffic control radar: 960 to 1,215 megahertz Global Positioning System: 1,227 and 1,575 megahertz Deep space radio communications: 2290 megahertz to 2300 megahertz
  6. Some sort of info from the cache owner would be appreciated. Sounds like a simple request for some obviously affected caches like the ones you've dealt with. This way you can decide whether to still go for it, or maybe give it a go another time. I guess the best you can do for now is post a clear note on the log as a DNF and let that be a warning for some future cachers.
  7. Geezus! Where do you live? I just paid $2.40 and was happy to do it. Other Bay Area stations have topped $2.50. Just curious, but why not use the PocketPC as a GPS too? Perhaps via a Bluetooth or CF GPS unit? It's what we use and, barring the few odd software glitches we've had lately, its been basically the perfect setup. The only problem is protecting the thing. No one makes a case for an Axim with a CF GPS (other than the Otter Box which is just to big to hike with). For the most part, I can agree with you. However, there are definitely those cache locations that the autorouting just won't know how to handle. Like those that are just 400 feet off a freeway and the autorouter tells you to arrive at destination as your speeding 70mph down the road? For us, the fun of a cache is actually getting out and walking to our destination. The faster we can figure out how/where to park, the sooner we can get out with our pup and start the trek. Oh, and can't ya turn off the autorouting? We've done that just to spice things up once in a while. Follow the swinging arrow...
  8. Hi there Rosco. Are you saying there is a newer ver of GPXSonar? I visited Fabian's website, and it would seem v1.1 is the latest. Perhaps it is a release version and no longer a beta? Also, is there a release notes area or readme somewhere? I'd be fun to read about its evolution.
  9. I should add that I'm running on a Dell Axim x5, PPC2003 with GPXSonar v1.1 Beta
  10. Today, my darlin and I headed out of town for a day of caching. We get to the first one (via Mapopolis) and open up GPXSonar to read the page, only to find a blank GPXSonar screen. Anyone else seen this? I tried everything to get it to work without much success. The only thing that saved us today was the import my cache feature. Using that feature, we were able to see a list and "Preview" the cache page. I tried a soft reset, followed by an open of GPXSonar. It asks to choose a file, and I select one off my SD card. It takes a bit to process it, the scroll bar reacts as though the list is fully populated, however the screen is completely blank! Tapping and holding brings up the expected window, but selecting cache details does nothing. Thoughts?
  11. Sign us up. We live in the East Bay (Pleasanton). Geocaching has brought us to parks we probably never would have visited. It would be a crime to have it banned because of ignorance or misconception. Just a note: we have a cache approved by the Executive Director of a local, county run animal shelter. I met with him face-to-face and had a wonderful conversation regarding the benefits geocaching might bring to his establishment. He was a pleasure to talk to and work with. Might this help add weight to our case? He might even be willing to write a letter of recommendation, if asked.
  12. It seems to me that those flaming are expressing repressed aggression. Since they can't yell at their in-laws when at a family function for discussing the same topics over and over and over again, they yell here. Just a guess on my part, but those of you laughing right now know what I'm talking about
  13. If I understand correctly, you're asking how to find a text word or phrase on a currently displayed webpage? If so, the google toolbar is by far the best tool I've found for this. Download it here (requires Internet Explorer): Google Toolbar. Once you've installed it, you'll get a toolbar in IE that will let you add a word inside a text box (among many other features). When you've added the word, you'll notice the word becomes a button on the bar. Click the button and you'll jump right to the next occurrence of that word on the currently displayed page. Tip: add quotes to make a single button for a string ie "like this". So for you, pull up the cache page, show all logs on one page, wait the five minutes for 400 logs to be displayed , add the word or phrase you're looking for in the google bar, and click the button. You'll jump right to it if its there. That do what you're asking? PS: the built in find feature of ie will work too, but it doesn't have near the feature set of the google bar. I pretty much use it religiously now.
  14. Beyond the obvious advantages, the best feature of paperless caching has been the ability to find a cache at any time from anywhere. With your PDA and a 500 cache PQ, you've enabled spontaneous caching. Come on Mr. Aybara... fork over those 3 gold pieces and never look back.
  15. Uhh maybe it makes sense to try later if the server is busy? Its hard to justify a complete server upgrade when they (it) basically sits dormant 98% of the time. Just my 2c but it seems to me the time and money (and the increase in requirements for server side bandwidth) it would take to upgrade the server is far better spent elsewhere.
  16. I love it! Great work. Way to keep you head about you, and attack the problem from within the system it was created by. IMHO you have probably saved caching in your area by demonstrating the best qualities our community has to offer. Major congrats to you dEB!!
  17. Uhh... remind me not to tick you off... The best prize we've seen is probably one we've placed. We left a new heart rate monitor watch in a cache dedicated to New Year's resolutions that died a quick death. It wasn't picked up, oddly enough, until about the 6th or 7th find (by my sis of all people! )
  18. Read this. I was going to write something profound and to the point, but this does a far better job than I could. I encourage everyone reading this post, to read this editorial and consider just what we are destroying, and for who.
  19. Mrs CC here: Have to say that I do love my Vibe. Awesome cache vehicle, it is very versatile. All it needed was a geocaching window cling and it was all set. ; )
  20. Cant agree with ya. We owned one for a couple of years and the service was a highlight. They even replaced a set of tires after two years of use, for free. We brought it in for an oil change, and drove out with new shoes. Not bad. We almost went with a Vue. Mrs. CC wanted something just a bit smaller though and fell in love with the Pontiac Vibe (Toyota Matrix sister car with better looks IMHO). Cute car. Great gas milage. For her needs, its really the best compromise between economoy and interior space.
  21. If true, he/she/it made a very poor choice.
  22. Without directly addressing any one post (or point of view for that matter) I offer this for your consideration: Report Warns Australian Reef Threatened When conservation is ignored, the hard cold fact is we all suffer. My fear is that we won't, as a world community, understand this until it is far too late. In other words, regardless of your opinion, this is an issue that will, one day, have a resolution.
  23. Anyone else wanna know? Common! What did they say? ? (Hopefully not derailing the thread, as this car question might be seen as more general )
  24. Just to reinforce that with some facts: Where does all that crude come from? Who refines it? Lots of folks like to believe otherwise, but the numbers don't lie.
  25. I second that. I actually fit in the bugger! (6'9" with freakishly long legs). Right now I'm in this: I do love it, but not the 12 Hwy MPG she gets. That, and I'd like more room for my caching partner: ... oh and my wife too. Really though, what more could a guy want? A brunette and a blond! I'm one lucky dude.
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