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  1. I'd have to second the previous post. The auto routing of the V is outstanding, however once in a while it does make mistakes. It doesn't look like there will be a new version of MapSource City Select to accompany the 60 Series release, so I wonder if it will be susceptible to the same deficiencies. That assumes that the routing algorithm on the unit doesn't change. Anyone have further insight?
  2. Be careful with an o-ring and crazy glue. They really don't react well together. If you don't like the metal idea, try a urethane or polypropylene bushing or something similar. Really try and avoid rubber if you can.
  3. If I remember my geology correctly, its not the core they are looking at, but sediment records. We've all seen them; color bands or lines in rock that have been eroded. Picture the Grand Canyon. Each line or band defines a sediment layer, or time period in earths history. Within those lines, iron molecules will tend to align themselves with magnetic north. If you look at a sample that covers many hundreds of thousands of years, you'll see the iron actually flip back and forth, and (in geological terms) fairly regular intervals. Its those intervals that geologists use to predict this sort of thing. Again, in geological terms, we are due for a flip again. Hope that helps.
  4. Yeah I understand what you're saying. I guess what I'm asking it how do I butt two caches up together, so that there isnt a page break between them. If I could do that, that would then print all the caches in sequence, and not start a new page for each cahce (this is regardless of font size or pages per sheet) and thus save even more paper.
  5. This has probably been suggested before, but what about going to your local hardware store, finding a fender washer or something similar of the right size, cutting out a section for clearance around the page looking button, and crazy gluing it in place. To cut the washer you could probably use dikes or maybe a dremel. I've never done this with a Geko, but I have done it on other gadgets of mine and it works wonderfully. Food for thought
  6. Ahh great tip! I love stuff like that. Now, regarding font size. I've actually taken to printing 4 sheets per page. This works great for cache sheets exactly 4 pages long. However, if they are 3 or 5, I end up with a bunch of white space between. Question: How do I print 4 pages per sheet continous for multiple caches? I've tried pausing the printer until I've submitted all my print requests, but this doens't help. Any thoughts?
  7. Considering it was a right turn, its amazingly fortunate that no one was waiting at that stop sign, or no pedestrian was on the side walk or crossing the road... So if the cache was behind that wall, would that mean it was in violation of the cache placement rules? No buried caches...
  8. Wow thanks for the responses! A few things: -I am a premium member -I didn't realize there is a link on the printer friendly page to add the 5 logs -The printing option, the GPX and the EasyMPS option combine to streamline the GPS/Paper version of a solution. Thanks! -What about the paperless way to go? Is a PocketPC with TeleType software and CF GPS module a good way to go? Maybe something else along those lines? Again, I really would like not to use paper, and I would like to have a single do-it-all device. I've searched here and read quite a bit and it seems something like the Dell Axim and TeleType CF + Software might be a good way to go. Any thoughts positive or negative? Thanks for all the help guys and gals!
  9. Alrighty, this conversation about the GPSMAP 60 got me thinking: why isn't there already a device that does everything? There's gotta be. Maybe you can point it out to me. Specifically, here is what I currently do. 1) Locate a cache on gc.com. Copy the description page to word. I do this because we still often times need the logs in order to find it (we're not all that good at this yet 2) I then delete all the irrelevant stuff from the stuff I just pasted into word. Things like "locate another cache" or "View a map..." ect. 3) Next, I'll copy and paste the name of the cache into a new waypoint in MapSource. 4) Next, I'll copy and paste the coords into MapSource. I then need to delete those annoying little degree marks for MapSource to accept the coords. 5) Repeat 1-4 until I've found enough caches for our next outing. 6) I then print all the pages created in the word doc. 7) Finally I download the waypoints to my GPS V Like tonight, this whole process took around 1.5 hours for 10 caches. Its fun and all, but I get the feeling I'm making this way to difficult. My questions are this: 1) How do I condense the above procedure into something more manageable? 2) What device out there might bypass the need for printing the cache sheets all together? I'm a minimalist, so I'd want this miracle device to have the GPS built in, have auto routing features and allow for a bunch of maps (16MB in the GPS V is just too little). Is the GPSMAP 60 this device? My instinct says no. Maybe you all no better? Thanks in advance for your time =)
  10. Ahh could be. Although I never considered the SporTrack Color to be a real auto routing option, considering the severe deficiencies that have been reported with Magellan's mapping software. By the way, did we ever find out for sure the 60 will support gpx files?
  11. Anyone know if Magellan will be/is offering a competitive product? I can't imagine one of the giants in the industry will be allowed to offer a product like the 60C/CS without an answer.
  12. Catherman: With the understanding that freedom isn't free...I just want to send you a heartfelt THANK YOU. I think it is awesome that geocaching is happening in Iraq. Limited as it might be, it is still there and that alone is cool.
  13. uhh...Bobby? Are you sure this cache site was approved?
  14. Roger that! The new skin looks SOOOO much better at the 1920x1200 screen res I like to use. Thanks Jeremy!
  15. *looks around...acknowledges newbie status*
  16. Like others have said, it is a sense of accomplishment. To seek and find is satisfying. I also enjoy seeing what caches are easy for my husband to find that have me stumped and visa versa. It gives a little insight on our strengths and weaknesses. Overall the feeling that is gained is addictive. Gotta love it.
  17. Thanks Bluehook. I am going to have nightmares now.
  18. That rocks! CONGRATS. Looking forward to our triple digits too. We only started a few months ago, but we're working on it. I know I will post on here too when we get there.
  19. Hi, I know you mentioned that you don't need advise anymore so I will try not to preach. Being the feminine half of this husband and wife team I have to say that your post and your latest follow-up response has not sat well with me. I saw when you orginally posted and first wanted to just whack you up side the head...and her. That is why I didn't post right away. I have thought about this one for a little bit. As stated already you have said that you are non-confrontational and that she is controlling and most everyone has given you some great advice a lot of which I hope you take to heart. But what I am most concerned about is your kid. I hope that he will be free to play, have fun and get dirty. One of the pleasures of being a kid is learning how to explore and nurturing this desire. If that is not nurtured that could be detramental. Think of the example that is being laid out before him: dad has to go behind mom's back to buy something for himself that is a part of a fun outdoor activity and mom has dad on a leash. Now, I know...no relationship is perfect and I should not judge. You two can live your lives as you see fit, but your son has no choice. His parents are the two of you. All I can suggest is COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER. Teach your kid (as he grows up) to talk about his needs and activites, otherwise he will learn at an early age hide things from you both. (and I am not talking caches ). Good Luck. I hope all can find a good compromise.
  20. As our name implies (and our avatar depicts) we like to create a "Cache Creature." Typically, this means selecting an item from the area in which the cache is located, paint it, stick goofy eyes on it and draw a face. For example, most often the item is a rock. Once, for an urban cache, we found a bottle cap and used that. It allows us to enjoy the area a bit more, and keeps us there for a bit longer (while creating the CC). Lately, we've taken to signing them with " CC'03 ". Its fun for us and usually ends up with a good laugh at the often dorky, sometimes ugly and generally cute creation!
  21. I'm coming in late to this discussion, so I apologize if I mention something already mentioned. It seems to me that most everything we do, as geocachers, and as consumers (I hesitate to use term citizens) has a "free" option and a "members only" option. "Free" email from Yahoo gives the user certain benefits, while "pay" email from Yahoo gives other, some might say more complete benefits. Even going on line to use the free services of this site has free (NetZero) and pay (Comcast, DSL...) options. Doesn't it all boil down to what works best for you? Since this seems to me to be a personal decision and not a right, I'm confused why there is an argument. Neither "side" can really assert why someone from the other side should convert. Its analogous to someone opting to buy a mini-van rather than a Z-4. Each has their place, their market, and their purpose. My decision to join was based on a philosophy: I'll go make the money doing what I do best, to pay you to do what you do best. Its an expensive philosophy, to be sure, and does requires some balancing between cost and benefit. However, generally speaking, I have found its benefits to far outweigh its costs. In the case of gc.com, the convenience and opportunity some of the MO features offer outweighed the $30 a year. Does that mean everyone should join? No way! The people at gc.com know and expect that not everyone will buy their product. So, they pay for its costs in other ways (the before mentioned advertising), and attempt to keep the overhead down. Its simply business. Our (democratic/commercial) societies are built on it.
  22. I can't find anything about the non-color version on the Garmin website. Seems to me that might be a great price competitive option. Maybe even longer battery life? Anyone have further details on the non-color versions?
  23. Wow! Yet another thing I need to go buy. Q1 '04? But I want it NOW! No mention of support for notes. What I'm thinking is some way of displaying .html files. If they could do that, we'd never need paper again, and we'd only need one device rather than 2 (a palm or ppc or something similar). Anyone know if something like this is/will be supported?
  24. Point taken, however, I'd argue that if your statement were true, there would be no reason to rush to get the new board up and running. What was it, less than a week? If they were simply after membership payments, I could see prolonging this whole process over a month or more.
  25. Alright guys and gals. I think its time to step back a minute and offer sincere thanks to TPTB at Geocaching.com. It is because of their hard work and dedication to this sport that you are able to read this. My wife and I have been Geocaching now for around 3 months. Our enjoyment and success in the sport is due in large part to this website, and specifically this message board. If we had a question or problem or comment, this forum’s search feature allowed for a way of seeing if others had experienced the particular issue. If searching turned up nothing, we could post a new topic and usually within minutes we’d have a meaningful response. It seems to me, however, that lately the board has taken the form of a complaints department. Don’t get me wrong; some of the complaints were in my opinion justly made. Others were not so justly made. However, the spirit of what this forum was supposed to be about seems to have been, in large part, suppressed. So here it is, back and in action and probably better than ever. Does anyone else find it slightly ironic that those same PTB that were so heavily criticized worked so hard to bring back the one major method we all have to complain about them? Doesn’t that all by itself speak volumes of those same PTB? Isn’t it possible they do, after all, have the best interest of this sport in mind? Isn’t our very use of this board a vote of approval? Say what you will. I just wanted to take this chance to say what I think a lot of us lesser knowns (or newbies) have been thinking. This site and TPTB are the reason we call ourselves geocachers. They are themselves cachers and share the same love we have just recently come to know. Is there room for improvement? Of course! There always will be… but maybe instead of complaints on a message board, suggestions can be made to our “leaders” in the form of emails or letters. I, for one, trust that if I show enough passion about my issue in the form of a personal, well thought out and composed email, TPTB will give it some attention and my even take it under advisement. Thanks, guys, for all the hard work. Its wonderful to have a site like this, and you’ve shown yourselves to be worthy of my membership dues once again with all the effort into getting this forum back up.
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