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  1. I've noticed this on my HTC Android mind you Google maps have been playing up for ages. When you try to zoom in its locks up and takes to long. Perhaps its got something to do with Google locking up there applications to stop other applications from using them. Have you seen the new Google lap top where everything is held in the clouds which means nothing is stored on a hard drive. Not impressed by this.....

  2. playing around with my galaxy tablet today out in the garden it has gps built it and ive got the c:geo app on it at the momment,anyways so i go to start it up and click on live map (think it opens up from google) it searches for ages and only brings up certain parts of the map in about 10 mins and wont show me the nearest caches in the area im on o2 mobile internet so at the momment im logging on at home and storing the geocaches on the galaxy whilst im connected to the router and then going out to look,am i doing some thing wrong with the live maps? ive tried turning the lives maps off but it doesnt help things any suggestions please?


    mmm thats weird i cant find my original post on the main forum wall??

  3. Interesting topic especially when one of you own caches has been mentioned as being a rubbish cache. :huh:

    Now I don’t partially like nano’s because they need a lot of maintenance i.e. log books so you have to use them wisely. :ph34r:

    So nano’s have there place, only experience and time will tell whether they last or not. B)

    My cache has been established since the 10th of Sept 2008. I’m rather proud to own this little fella which draws people to view the structure rather than the kids that vandalise it.

    So Paulia has unfairly mentioned 2 caches which I feel don’t warrant the label of a rubbish cache. <_<:angry: (Pride back in place :D )


    I could name far worse caches than these, but it all comes to perspective of the cacher and how experienced they are.

    I wouldn’t want to put new cachers off from placing caches as that would defeat the whole purpose of caching.

    But we could all encourage cachers when logging DNF’s and Finds our views in a positive manner since that’s what it’s there for. :huh:


    Now I have circular walks and urban caches. My urbans tend to be quirky and harder to find which means you’ll remember it better. B)

    Circular walks are about the experience over the whole walk were the individual caches themselves are not necessarily memorable the walk is.

    The trick is to get a combination of the two in an interesting place based on a theme and you’ve hit the jackpot. Watch the favourites pour in!!!


  4. Hi Cachers in the UK,


    Can someone help or point me in the right direction?


    On the official Geocache website it has 'FIND A BENCHMARK'.

    OK then click on it!! Then search for one in the UK... :)

    It seems to be only geared for US Benchmarks which are disks.

    So can this function be used in the UK?:D


    On further investigation we have in the UK thousands of Flush brackets, Fundamental Benchmarks and Trig points. All there ready to be discovered, there are websites devoted to it. Check these web sites out: :D





    I've done some Flush brackets as caches of my own. :D But there are far too many to stick caches at. :D So is it possible to link up with these Ordnance Survey references and be able to use this feature on the GEOCACHE website in the UK? :P


    It will open up more excitement for Cachers in the UK. :D


    Please discuss if it is possible.....

  5. Thanks PP I was scared to death when I read this whole thread!!!


    I'm Feeling a little bit down and my initial enthusiasm has been dampened.


    I will certainly take more care when placing caches in sensitive areas to gain permission and highlight the respect and sensitively for the surroundings to cachers.


    Following the thread and being relatively new, I think caching is great.


    The first caches I found were ‘cache n dashes’ drive right up and bag a quick cache.

    I Like the idea of bug hotels which are the only ammo boxes I've found.

    Also, when I find caches with what can only be described as plastic junk, mainly from happy meals, a bit boring!! My son loves caching, of course he loves plastic junk and the pet dog has great enthusiasm for my new hobby.


    By the sound of this thread it looks as caching has changed. I love the idea of urban nano caches. Being devious placing caches under people’s noses and basically finding as many caches as possible is the kind of cacher I am at the moment. (It’s like having an eBay account!! It’s all about what rating score you are and what colour star you are)


    Perhaps I will create a new topic about UK benchmarks I think this is worth pursuing.

  6. It seems I've caused quite a stir on a few counts!!! :laughing:


    I've sent a mail to the cacher concerned about the proximity to his sister grave and I will seek permission from the church involved. I was a bit out on my cords and have rectified this. I’m a fairly new cacher who is learning the rules fast. :laughing:


    I like to point out that the flush bracket is accessible with a path a no trampling over graves is involved. I would think caches are respectful and don't generally go around trampling on graves especially when there is a perfectly good path. Also the flush bracket is on other sites and you will get people affectively seeking the bracket anyway.


    Secondly, yes unfortunately I think it is a numbers game. But I like to think I put a little bit more imagination into my caches and don't go around sticking caches on park benches and every tree I find.

    Anyway, I find the best caches are church yards. I’ve done plenty of them and find them lovely places to go. I certainly wouldn’t have gone there if it wasn’t for the cache and isn’t that what caching is all about? Going places out ‘n’ about, places you wouldn’t visit if it wasn’t for the cache!!! :D


    The reason I placed this cache was to promote benchmarks. If you look at the geocahing site it says log your benchmark. But you can't log these ones in the UK. So if you've ever wondered if there are bench marks in the UK you now know they are everywhere!!! :blink::o


    I would have preferred the cacher involved to have mailed me personally rather than have a rant without myself being able to justify myself!!!? :rolleyes:

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