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  1. Go to paypal.com and log into your account. After bypassing the extremely annoying and evil credit card ad, click on the “history” tab on the “my account” page and find the Groundspeak transaction by using whatever date parameters are needed (probably “within the past year” will work). The “subscription creation to Groundspeak” entry should have “active” in the status column. If so, until you cancel this subscription, it will automatically renew.

  2. I assume one purpose for signing the physical cache log is so the owner can verify you've actually been there when they find your virtual log on Groundspeak. If you signed the physical cache log under your earlier name and your new name shows up in the Groundspeak log (for the reasons explained in The Leprechauns post above) the cache owner will not see your new name on the physical log and might delete your virtual log thinking it's a fake.

    A good solution might be to go back and edit each online log. Just paste a line at the bottom of each log saying that you logged the cache using your old username. Of course, if you’ve found a lot of caches, you’re in for a long, lonely Saturday night of editing.


    It would be crazy to physically go back to each cache and change your name in the logbook... unless you’re into “nostalgia caching.”

  3. All of my past finds and DNFs are on my watch list, as well. I’m sure a lot of cachers do this. I also read all of the past logs for caches I’ve done. It’s just nice to learn about the experiences other people have had while walking the same trails you have just walked and searching for the same container you have just searched for.

  4. I hate it when you don't find a cache for one reason or another then the cache owner immediately emails you and asked you if you looked in this spot when you still want to go try and find it again...

    I agree, an unwanted hint can definitely spoil the hunt but...

    ... or they go out to the cache and post a note that its still there after 1 dnf

    ...why does this bother you? If all cache owners did this it would be a perfect geocaching world.


    I hate it when maintenance issues are neglected.

  5. I must say I do like the encryption method you suggest a lot better than the rot13 method. The great thing about your suggestion is, because the code can be decrypted through mere sight-reading and, therefore, no decrypting link is required, your method of encryption can be used on a cache page without anyone else’s approval.


    Go ahead and include it on your cache pages if you want! I probably will, too. Just be sure to also provide instructions for decryption for the uninitiated.


    Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Have you tried logging out and then logging back in after making the desired changes?? I was under the impression that you don’t need to be a premium member in order to change your forum title even though the site mentions that you do need to be (I guess it’s a little glitch that TPTB don’t care much about). They may have recently fixed this, though.



  7. Hmmm… maybe they’ve recently fixed the little glitch I just mentioned. It seems this non-subscriber hasn’t been able to change their forum title. Sorry.



  8. Psst… bonecacher…


    I risk facing serious consequences for revealing this, but regarding your original topic… I think you can change your forum title even if you’re not a paid member. It’s been mentioned in the forums before. Check out this topic, for example.


    Try it and see what happens… keep in mind, I think you need to log out and then log back in after making a change like this.


    …gotta go. I think they’re on to me…


    Matt :D

  9. Thanks for the links, guys. Apparently I need to work on my searching skills (or my lurking skills... considering the last time this topic was discussed was only a few weeks ago :D).


    Here’s what Jeremy posted on March 25, 2004 regarding the suggestion:

    The log notification is immediate, so any photos uploaded would happen *after* the log was made. The only way to have this feature available would be to send additional emails when photos are added. If that's cool, I'll add that feature.

    Sounds promising… I guess I’ll wait patiently. Care to give us an update on this, Jeremy? :D



  10. I just spent some time uploading pictures for caches I’ve hunted over the past few weeks and I’m wondering… does the owner of a cache receive an email notification when a picture is uploaded to their cache page?? If not, perhaps it would be a good idea. A spoiler picture could be posted for a log that was written some time ago, without the cache owner even noticing.



  11. Click on the 34K+ post number from Geocaching Topics. It's wayyyyyy more than 30.

    I know that more than thirty people have posted to Abject Silliness, but it’s fair to say that only a handful of people among the vast population of users of these forums do post to AS on a regular basis. It may be true that a more structured/organized OT section will attract more posters, but in my opinion, such a forum hasn’t been proven necessary.




    (Rereading my first post, I realize it might come across as sounding a bit harsh… sorry, I didn’t intend that.)

  12. Do you really think there should be a separate forum created for the thirty(!) people who like off topic banter??? I think the figures in the post you quoted prove that the vast majority of forum users don’t have an interest in topics that are… um… off. It doesn’t seem like an argument for a separate OT forum, but rather an argument against having even a single topic devoted to OT posting.


    …just my opinion, of course.



  13. It seems the only users that have such a discrepancy in their totals are those that have logged “Locationless (Reverse) Caches.” You’ll notice that, for each user, the total on the second page (the “All Caches Found” page) is equal to the total on the first page (the tabbed page) minus the number of locationless caches that that particular user has logged.



  14. I think the idea of a biodegradable cache container is a pretty good one as long as the material used (wood might be best) was strong enough. I’m sure it happens quite regularly: a cache is dragged away by an animal, washed away by a flood, or even thrown deep into the woods by a muggle. If a biodegradable cache gets lost, it won’t still be litter a zillion years from now.


    Some type of waterproof, yet biodegradable, log paper could also be used. Would Rite In The Rain logbooks biodegrade??



  15. Okay, thanks everyone. That’s exactly what I needed to know.


    So, it’s basically just a question of whether or not the specific approver that is assigned to my cache will approve it? …or should I forget the idea entirely?


    And, of course, I have to ask… why must geocaches be found using mostly GPS? Is it to separate the sport from letterboxing?



  16. I’ve chosen an area to finally place a geocache of my own. It’s a beautiful location with a very challenging trail, but the tree cover there is pretty severe. It’s difficult to maintain a dependable GPS signal.


    One idea I had was to make the hunt less dependent on coordinates and more dependent on clues. It would be a multi-cache. I would give parking coordinates and maybe coordinates to the first marker, but from there, each stage would provide clues instead of coordinates that would send cachers to the general area of the next stage. An example of a clue might be “Continue along the trail until you find a place to rest. From this spot walk forty paces toward the ugly tree and search low.”


    Would this type of hunt be considered a letterbox hybrid? Would it be approved? Are there any other ideas that may help overcome the heavy canopy issue?



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