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  1. The real problem is that too many people think geocaching is about finding two dozen 1/1 caches in a single day and posting a generic one-line log to each one when they get home. <Did I just say that?>
  2. And, I guess I'll add this in for good measure, everyone helps pay for the site by viewing the advertisement on the site.
  3. This is an argument that is given quite often. Well, if you figure that the average GPS unit could last a cacher five (or many more) years, the cost of the GPS unit is actually less than the cost of a premium membership.
  4. Actually, I look at it as $36,000.00 per millenium. I can't afford that!!!
  5. Good point, but what annoys me about it is how infinitesimally small that "bit" of humor really is. No, but you really do have a good point.
  6. One type of annoying post that I see way too often is someone making a pun/joke because they saw their username used in a sentence. For example, someone might post the sentence, “I hate finding micros in the middle of the woods.” Six posts down you see a post by a cacher named “MiddleoftheWoods87” that is something like, “Hey, why do you hate finding micros in me?” Clever.
  7. Are you aware that I can still access the Off Topic forum even though my premium membership has long-since lapsed? Make it go away!!! I don't need any "I'm laster than you" in my forum world! Also, there is still a little red cross before my name in the list of online members. ...just thought you might wannna know.
  8. The word "Geocaching" HAS been registered as a trademark by Groundspeak. I'd link to a forum post where Jeremy mentions it, but the search feature is unavaiable at the moment.
  9. Here's an example. This one was even voted "WGA Cache of the Month," so apparently the concept can/does work well.
  10. Mine's an electron microscope image of a deer tick by artist/scientist David Scharf.
  11. With such a close contest, I find it odd that you called it early... but hey, it's your contest. Congrats, Dr123d, and everyone else who posted great pictures... and thanks to El Diablo!
  12. You can either upload it to a free hosting site like ImageShack, or you can upload it to your geocaching.com account by going to: “My Account” --> “Edit Profile” Then, under either “Your Avatar” or “Your Photo,” click on the “change/edit” link --> “Upload a new image” Then, select the image on your hard drive to upload. After that, go back to the “Choose my Avatar” or “Choose my profile photo” page and click on the thumbnail of the image you just uploaded. Copy the URL for the page that shows your large image and paste it into a forum post using the “IMG” tool. Hope that all makes sense! Let me know if you’re still having problems.
  13. First, the image needs to be already on the web somewhere. Then, when writing your post, just click the button (among the many buttons available above the text box) and paste the URL for the location of the photo into the little box that pops up.
  14. On the profile page, it's called the "Forum Title," so RAIDER 1 was correct to call it that. It is kind of a confusing term, though.
  15. Since you already have a Garmin, why not buy a Magellan? I’ve always thought it would be cool to have one of each along at all times. Often, I’m sure, one will work much better than the other, but it won’t always be the same one.
  16. Yep, you need to be a premium member to change your forum title.
  17. This is my favorite. The picture is from this cache. Sorry, I know I've posted this picture before in other threads, but thanks for the contest, El Diablo!!
  18. It became quite apparent, after checking some earlier threads dealing with this same topic, that statements not substantially different from the one quoted have appeared regularly over (at least) the past three years. Well, I've gotten the impression that, over the past three years, the issues mentioned in my post have become more and more prevalent. I think it seems logical that as more people become geocachers, more people who are irresponsible become geocachers. There's a certain percentage of irresponsible people in this world, and unfortunately, geocaching as a hobby doesn't ONLY attract the responsible ones.
  19. I really believe that virtual caching and “underground” caching (where a friend gives you the coordinates of his new cache) are the wave of the future. It won’t be long before every cell phone, watch, etc. has a GPS unit in it. When nearly everyone has access to GPS technology, and a site like GC.com still displays the coordinates for all to see, HORDES of people will casually go out and find caches. And, as sad as it is, no one can deny that the general populous (in America, at least) won’t likely care about things such as rehiding the cache well, trading fairly, or even not taking the cache container with them when they leave. It is only those who are somehow invested and truly interested in the sport that will care about the sport, the others (meaning those who have a GPS unit and are bored and decide for the first and only time that they want to go find that cache that is in the park down the block) will ruin it. Another consequence of the anyone-at-anytime-can-geocache phenomenon will likely be more rules and regulations by land managers, and undoubtedly more banning of geocaching. Virtual caches, which in almost all cases cannot be removed or destroyed or banned, will prevail, and geocaching will remain as simply a way for people to lead others to really neat locations. I think that’s essentially why most people are attracted to geocaching anyway. Physical caching will be pushed underground and coordinates to physical caches will be handed to you on a slip of paper or emailed to you by a friend. …Actually, that sounds like a lot of fun. Let’s see the rules-makers try and ban that!
  20. I swallowed a bullet once when I was kid. Maybe I should use "Bullet Butt" as my geocaching username.
  21. Darn, that would have been pretty cool.
  22. You've obviously never visited the off-topic section. I wont even tell you how many pages of internet space are dedicated to posts like "I'm laster than you are."
  23. You'll become a "Geocacher" instead of a "Tadpole" when you make one more post.
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