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  1. I do wg and enjoy tracking my bills. I don't notice any pop-ups as I have a pop-up killer on my browser. I never get pop-ups!
  2. In the winter, stuff that may save my life. In the summer, lunch, 100 oz. of water, a fleece pullover, bug repellant, first aid kit, PDA, flashlight, rain parka, extra batteries, TP and a few niceties. When you're a 3 hour hike from the nearest road, a quality pack is nice to have. You don't want straps breaking and seams pulling apart. It would stink to have to carry everything in your arms because your pack failed. As far as pack features, granted all you really need is one large compartment, but the various organizational features are nice, so you don't have to empty your whole pack each time you want to get at the batteries at the bottom. I just LOVE cargo pants with lots of pockets!
  3. I live in a small town in a rural area. there are only 3 in my county. But there are more than 20 within a 25 mile radius and 150 within 75 miles
  4. You should mark it as an audio CD. That way, no one would be afraid to put it into their cd player, whereas they might be afraid to put it into their computer.
  5. Criminal is a man of few words, but he has said it all
  6. You forgot the ones who are still looking for the 30 grand left by Q
  7. I have carried weapons most of the last 30 years, Some by choice and some because I was ordered to. I have drawn my weapon only once in defense ( in this hemisphere). There is a young lady in columbus who is grateful I was carrying ia weapon. In truth, the only time I have fired on a person was in asia and I will honestly say I was scared to death at the time. But it was not my shadow I was afraid of
  8. I am guilty of having posted this type of message in the log. In hindsight your way is much better. At the time my thinking was that if someone before me had posted it in the log, I would have brought extra trade items and "recharged" the cache a bit
  9. I work from home, i keep this forum open in the background alot. I check from time to time during the day and post when I feel like it.
  10. I don't know if it has been done, but I like it
  11. I carry a Taurus .357 in the national forrest, or state forrest. not in parks. But since Ohio just passed a concealled carry loaw, I will very soon be permited to carry anywhere. Being a country boy, I would feel more comfortable "packing" on urban caches.
  12. Actually, I am not at all grumpy, In fact most people consider me to be an overly jovial person. (i did say most). However, I am at a point in my life when someone applies the word"disgust" when talking about me, as was done here. I fire back. In the time and place in which I was reared, those were called "fightin' words" Anyway, I didn't mean to sound compassionless. I just felt your case is overstated.
  13. it would probably be appropriate to sue both, unless of cours kellogs prints a disclaimer on the box, with a warning to not eat while sitting in a recliner. Then I suppose a good argument could be made for illiterates.
  14. Precisely my point.. Accidents are prevented (even in your factory) by being careful. If it is not a pipe, it could be a rock, a log, a stick, a piece of barbed wire, a broken bottle, or maybe even an AMMO CAN!!! All sports have their hazzards. The problem is one of negligence of the cacher not the landowner. Our litigous society needcs to learn to GET OVER IT!!!!
  15. Accidents happen! It is part of everyday life. Get over it!!!! Nearly cut off my leg sounds a little different from this description. If you want to stay perfectly safe, stay in your lazyboy and watch television.
  16. If you carrry a red and whit stick while caching, you can take your dog ANYWHERE.
  17. log book entry... Took the bottle of water, Left 5 cent coupon off your next tire change. Good at all new Brunswick locations.
  18. Have never been injured, but I did suffer a horrible nose bleed once whil caching. It is a little frightening to be unable to stop a hemmorage when you are 2 miles from your vehicle and no cell phone service. It did stop after about 70 minutes.
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