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  1. These stupid deer we have here in Ohio can't even read anyway!
  2. I knew that one would be coming... c'mon, let's not pick on people who are trying to speak French. touché
  3. I wasn't hypnotized... I was just waiting for the second verse!
  4. Why would ANYONE THINK that she was speakinf FRENCH
  5. I think that first and foremost, there should be a reason for the multi. I personally don't like running around looking for fire hydrants and drinking fountains just to add their ID # to a coordinate.
  6. It's voila. I knew that one would be coming... c'mon, let's not pick on people who are trying to be helpful.
  7. In addition to this hint, you might keep 2 browsers open at once, this allows you to move quickly to more sited.
  8. They can't. The other characters are not polityically correct. Hamburgler bight be offensive to to those who are "leagally challenged or impaired"
  9. yes! if you eat at McDonalds, you're both an ox and a moron
  10. Interesting Instep guy. You and I are almost in the exact same geographic location. but I only have 69 while you have 71. Oh well.
  11. I heard that hes has logged every cache in vegas.
  12. Ummm.... I think they mean bushels yield per acre
  13. at the cub scout level, I couldn't even find anything to do with compasses... if you find something or a way to work geocaching into a badge's requirements, please let me know... I should actually be incorporated into orienteering.
  14. I saw a farmer step on a rake once. It must have been a small farm since he only had a couple acres. Every farmer knows the real question is "how many bushels per acre?"
  15. 528 ft. would just be the radius of the circle. The diameter would be twice that, or 1056 ft. With a circumference of 3317.522, this would use an area of 875,825.766 feet. This is 20 acres more or less.
  16. I usually write "Track this bill www.wheresgeorge.com" then highlight it with red or orange highlighter.
  17. I have hunted both with and without. If you use the "convert at jeep.com" feature, then from there click thr topo map. it will give you a topozone map with a VERY accurate location. If you are any good with a topographical map and a magnetic compass, it is easy. but not for multi's.
  18. The ONLY way I get anchovies is because they are in Worcestershire sauce. But i can't really tell they are there.
  19. I have found numerous small pocket knives and multi-tools in caches. some I have taken with the intention of leaving them in other caches as trade items. However that was before I read the guidelines for appropriate items. Now I am reluctant to leave them even though I consider them to be quite safe, appropriate, and highly desireable to most boys I have ever known ( I raised 2 sons and have been a royal ranger commander for 22 years)
  20. I am aprofessional photographer and a photoshop expert. and these are OBVIOUS fakes. not even close.
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