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  1. They shouldn't accept it until he learns to spell "hermaphrodite"
  2. Did you mean to say "wonder" or "wander"
  3. For me it has only been the last 4 days, but it is almost assured to get the error.
  4. I'm not sure, but I think wet cats are immune.
  5. Winter can be one of the worst times as the urushiol is concentrated in the berries. If you aren't familiar with these, they are small clusters of whiteish berries on the vines. The berries are slightly smaller or about the size of a bb, the clusters are 1' to 2" long.
  6. Gotta hand it to ya BS. I'll bet if someone needed to know the national bird of Eritrea, you would already have researched it!
  7. I bagan geocaching first when my son heard about it at college. I have for years been an orienteer so I bagan geocaching without a GPSr. I later bought a used etrex for a very small amount of money ($35.00) This is what I use... if I use a GPSr at all. I still like tradcaching (caching without a gps.) I bought it in hopes of using it to hide a cache, but as yet have not done so, although I have several good ideas in mind.
  8. I don't understand this type of hostility. This was a simple thread about the cost of items carried (or worn) while caching.
  9. Well, as others have stated, I like a good, challenging hike best of all ... I think many of us use geocaching as an escape from the overload of mental activity and/or pressures we endure daily. But I like both math puzzles and challenging hiding spots, and I've done my share of both. I learned, however, that all too often people who put a great deal of effort into creating a challenging math puzzle put far too little thought and effort into the actual 'cache adventure.' All too often, one would spend a significant amount of time solving a puzzle for a cache that would be found 'hidden in plain view' at the end of a .18 mile walk over flat terrain through a totally uninteresting, non-descript location. (Like behind the local 7-11.) But that is probably no more frustrating than looking for 'the needle in the haystack'-type of cache after a challenging hike when the cache is tiny, there is a limitless number of hiding places, and the coordinates prove to be unusually 'soft.' I agree here, except that I enjoy the math MUCH more than the search. I love the hike most. But I find the math to be a fun way to conceal the caches true location. I like to have an easy find as confirmation that I have done the puzzle correctly. The most undesirable thing to me is to have a puzzle cache with a difficult find at the end.
  10. I actuality, the magnet is the signature item. The batteries are a very useful enticement to take the item. The magnet will be kept, the batteries will be used.
  11. Boots wal-mart - $25 Socks - $1 Jeans - $6 t-shirt - $2 flannel shirt - $5 compass - $5 2 litre refilled with water - $0 Smith and Wesson .357 $490 All a matter of priorities.
  12. I looked at your picture, you don't look HUGE
  13. I also do this. In my area, there are some very high hills and narrow valleys. Often times GPS accuracy can be hundreds of feet off. If your accuracy says "187 feet" and the hider also had poor accuracy, You may be as much as 375 ft away in any direction. This is also part of the reason I take topo maps and do tradcaching. If I know the cache is in a particularly rugged area, I don't bother with GPSr.
  14. I am self employed, so I only work half the time. The hard part is deciding which 12 hours a day to work and which 12 not to.
  15. I'm 45 next week. Daughter Jessica is 19, bossgobbler is 18, riverrat is 15 and a half. (he insists I put that half in there because it is the legal driving age in the state of Ohio
  16. Lunch? You mean some people actually get a lunch? My lunch is at the desk, between calls and logged on here. But no complaints, I'm employed and when I need off, I can get it! Desk? You mean some people actually get a desk?
  17. While this sounds belligerent. It might be the best way. Although you could be charged with littering, it is a misdemeanor possibly costing you $500.
  18. If it were me, I would request a personal meeting. Take examples of other "similar parks" in your area, or in your state which have allowed caches. Perhaps even the name and number of the directors of other parks. That way they can see how other parks address this issue.
  19. Hey! Just got back. I took her to one of her favorite places in the world. We stayed in th lodge, took in a valentines day dinner theater. Some other romantic things happened which I will not talk about here, aaannnnnd... we logged 4 caches. All in all a great weekend. the weather was fantastic also. Almost like springtime.
  20. My personal oppinion is to not log them if you don't take them. Caching is about the finding. Travel bugs are different, tracking their movement is what is important. Just my oppinion, for what it's worth.
  21. I am taking my wife away this weekend in celebration of our 20th anniversary. Am I terribly un-romantic to subject her to 2 or 3 caches while out of town??
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