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  1. Since conventional wisdom of political correctness states that history books are written by "dead white menn". Myself being a historian and always politically incorrect, the name was a natural. It also contains within it my real name.
  2. In my oppinion, nothing beats an OLD dog. One who will walk at your side, stop when you stop, sit when you sit and wants nothing more than to please me. Now if I can only get my wife to do that!
  3. I often take small groups of boys caching. (I am a Royal Ranger Outpost Commander) I use it as a ready made lesson for orienteering. However, in order to make it more educational I have them use topo maps and magnetic compasses. This requires them to calculate their asmuth direction from an obvious terrain feature. I will somtimes have some of the older boys use the GPS. My boys learn much from this and usually rank high in the state-wide orienteering contests. The ironic part is that they are almost always more accurate than the GPS. This is because the rugged, identifiable terrain features, and thick forrests that are common in our area are also the very things that cause problems with GPS.
  4. As one who regularly enjoys both Hunting and Geocaching, I can say there need be NO conflict here. The gentleman was refering to public hunting area. It is wise to keep in mind that there are many thousands of hunters who enter the woods for deer or turkey hunting who may or may not be skilled or experienced. An additional note, I have hunted for 35 years, I was a US Army Sniper 30 years ago, and i can say unequivicolly thay people do not always look like people, and I have my self drawn up with my finger on the trigger ready to shoot, only to find that it was some fool not wearing orange. If you value your life... ALWAYS wear orange in the forrest during deer gun season.
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