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  1. It is also rumored to be the site of the next Democratic Presidential debate.
  2. A wise person once told me " people will try to cover THEIR blunder with belligerence" If they had a particularly hard time arriving at the cache, it must be your fault, of course. )
  3. Nathan Hale,And I Agree"I might not like what you say but I will defend to Death your right to say it". That was Voltaire not Hale
  4. But you're missing such a GREAT chance for a really ugly confrontation. Where's your sense of adventure.
  5. I will often try to leave extra time in my business trips just for that purpose. If I am traveling by auto, so much the better. I plan on caching a little along the way. I simply leave much earlier than I need to or plan to get back later. Sometimes I will add an extra day, chalk it up to travel arrangements.
  6. somewhat true, but you must consider that time zones are not accurate. For instance, I live in Ohio, eastern time is corrected to Boston, so at 1200 hrs the sun is due south of boston, It is not due south of my location until about 1228 or 1229 hrs.
  7. mm.mmm gives an accuracy to within approximately 2 metres wheras mm.mm is to within 20 metres. I believe that mm.mm is more than accurate enough for this particular purpose since caches are not usually within 20 meters of each other.
  8. I guess because you don't cook on a campfire, noone should!
  9. A small roofing nail or drywall nail will be virtually unnoticed through the massive sawmill blade. Environmantal eco terrorists use large spikes. Having worked as a lumberjack, I would rather see it be a little more than head high, not low to the ground , since we generally cut about 1 fot off the ground.
  10. Speaking as a forrester. NO. To some people I'm certain it will be considered wrong. It might, it would be wise to get permission first. Just a thought, hardly anyone could complain if it were nailed to a dead tree.
  11. had a friend who dropped his car keys in once.. guess what... keys don't float
  12. that sounds like a very good system. So far all the ones I have found were simply stashed under a log or tree root. I have lived 45 years in this valley and I am all to well aware of the destructive nature of this river. Even now it is fifty feet from my front door.
  13. The problem is ammo cans also float and will be 5 states away when the water recedes
  14. The Ohio river today is 3 feet above flood stage. Several of the caches I have found over the past few months will be either washed away or totally sogged out. If you place a cache in the floodplain, be prepared to have to replace it every spring.
  15. Here in the Ohio valley, if you don't like the weather... just wait a minute.
  16. look them up here. pick some town names and go for it http://www.zipinfo.com/search/zipcode.htm
  17. Here in ohio, the terrain diffivulty doesn't vary much with the snow, but it sure makes them harder to find.
  18. a few will see it, particularly those looking for a virtual
  19. Why not just post it here http://www.navicache.com
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