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  1. *sigh* You don't like them, so they are all junk? Nice. OP, ignore ADKCache. I make my cards by color laser printing them, then laminating them. This works VERY well, and gives rather professional results, for not a whole lot of money. They are almost the quality of older drivers licenses. I choose to laser print on both sides of light cardstock, so they are pretty sturdy. I designed them using GIMP for graphics editing and DesignPro from Avery Dennison to fit them into the business card 'size'. Both software products are free downloads. Once I have my design complete, I just go to my local copy shop (not a big box chain like Kinkos), and use their color laser printer and their laminating machine - they have plastic sleeves that are the perfect size. I think I spend maybe $3 for every 10 cards. (50 cents for double sided color laser printing, 10 cents for the paper they have, and couple of dollars for the 10 cards per page I get) - I forget the actual prices. It takes a little time, but it makes for a great card that can double as a sig item. I used to make ones I stapled into the logboook, but I abandoned that practice as I felt that I should be writing in the book rather than just punching and running. So, make some cards, please laminate them and if I ever find one in a cache, I would love to trade out of the cache for it! Any signature item is worth a dozen broken McToys.
  2. Members Only caches have a special icon,and non-logged-in users and non-premium members cannot see the coordinates, and perhaps not teh page itself. And I think extra logging requirements as a whole are stupid.
  3. Five days? I would have waited a couple of weeks...
  4. Heh, no prob. What good is it being a fanboy if I can't show it once in a while. I did note that my previous post seemed a bit snarkier than I intended. Sorry to the OP and everyone else for that. I kinda meant it to be more tongue-in-cheek. Hope no offense was taken.
  5. You keep making this personal. Why? My comment about people being "allergic to learning" came from your assertion that the existing members could not learn new/different forum rules. Apparently this topic is a great deal more important to you than it is to me. - HauntHunters Well, DUH. He is a moderator, and would have to deal with the crap-flying fest such a forum would engender. And having been here awhile, I can attest to the 'transcript' mtn-man posted as being highly likely. No moderator is going to want to step into that can of worms. And I like girls. I like them a lot.
  6. Ack! Dude that sucks, both for the stings and the crushed GPS! You went and dried out my cache a while back (thanks, by the way I think I said that in teh log, but it bears repeating). Heck of a way for karma to pay ya back... Owwwww.
  7. CTD, dude, I can't believe you just said that! You're asking for a banning!
  8. As one of teh mentionees (Hi Apple-lady!), I'll chime in wit how I do mine: I use AveryDennisons DesignPro, which has been said - it's free. I also use GIMP 2 for graphics editing. It is free as well. So, once I know what I want on my card, I use a business card template found in teh software (and usually on teh box of card paper you buy). Add teh graphics and text, color laser print, cut and laminate. LAMINATE. Did I mention I LAMINATED them? My local copy shop has business card sized laminate plastic, makes for perfect round corners. My cards are all double sided, which means I have to use lightweight card paper, not the precut card sheets, which kinda stinks. If you do a double-sided laser print card, DO NOT USE THE PRECUT CARD SHEETS. The toner will not stick to one side well, and falls right off, making one heckuva mess. Because I print on regular lightwieght cardstock, I have to use a paper cutter to get them down to size. I get 10 to a sheet. If you are going single sided, just use the cool precut sheets. Also, I do not know how inkjets work when doing double sided cards, as I have never used that. I don't like teh way they come out. Since teh software allows me to put 10 on a sheet, I decided to make a series of 10 cards, so people could collect them if they were so inclined. It was fun though. If you have any questions I can help with, please feel free to PM me. Oh yeah - and don't forget to laminate.
  9. No no. It was New England n00b, not CyBret. Easy mistake to make. Now gimme my five dollars. FIVE DOLLARS!
  10. It IS an unnecessary burden to have to have the moderators constantly watching out for who is constantly opening closed threads. They already do enough. I don't like the way the PTB have had to deal with this, but what moderator is going to want to constantly babysit the forums beyond what they already do? As for the serious abusers, they have been individually punished, AFAIK. But they aren't teh only ones, just the straw on the camels back.
  11. What's worse is that the Groundspeak lackies have nothing to do with the forum software - it is purchased from a company called Innovision. If you want to be able to split these functions, THEY have to do it. Groundspeak can do nothing. And it wouldn't even be an issue if people wouldn't be jerks and go unlocking threads that were locked for good reason. It only takes a few people to ruin it for everyone else. I don't like the fact that Jeremy needed to do this, but it isn't his fault - it's the fault of certain people that use this forum.
  12. As a link that'd be fine, but as an automatic start-up - as BrianSnat says, expect push-back. If you link it, you will need your own website space.
  13. I don't, personally. I'm really not into teh competition. Feel like I would be pushing other people out of teh way so I can get a check-mark. I go out for a cache because I wanna see what is there and to be in the fresh air, not really for the cache itself (though that is nice too). I'm happy to let someone else bag the FTF. I'd rather not be rushed ad just enjoy myself.
  14. ACK! It *DID* change teh image size! Do I need to be worried? If this is a problem, can I re-enter somehow?
  15. Jeremy or the appropriate PTB There seems to be a minor oversight on the Green Jeep contest submission page: However, the official rules say: I know it is a minor point, from using a template or some such web-ological thingy, but I'd hate to see somebody goofing up unintentionally. Well, I suppose I wouldn't mind if it gave me a better chance at winning... Nah, just kidding. I can't play that way. On the other hand, if we are allowed to RESIZE images, then I'd like to know. If a good image I could use that is over 4 MB and resizing is allowed, then that would be really cool. Also, if the system resizes images, does that make our entry bust? Thanks!
  16. I don't use the Ignore feature - I jut skim by stupid posts, or read them when I need amusement.
  17. Agreed. The topo maps are really helpful. You need to decide if you want the Parks package which is finely detailed at 1:20k, or teh general Mapsource Topo package, which is 1:100k. I got teh general package, as it covers the entire United States, not just certain parks. It really is helpful, though 1:20k maps for each state would be sweet if they made them available. Anyway, do you NEED them? Nope. Are they really useful? Oh my yes.
  18. I'm confused - I thought the game was geocaching, and that this was just a discussion forum. Are the forums actually the game? 'Cause I could play this one without ever seeing a mosquito. You are missing some important information - her remark has nothing to do with the forums.
  19. Do you have anything to contribute other than insulting people you've never met?
  20. I'm more inclined to think that banjo music is involved.
  21. Here's what I want: .092 cal, 400 fps. Yeah, baby! Too bad I can't import it - it's made by the Swiss and doesn't pass the U.S. import restriction (barrel is 'too short' and other such stuff).
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