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  1. Come on now... You make it sound like they are hiding in the shadows victimizing hapless good citizens like yourself, then wonder why they are silent after you've called them out (on an assumption). "Cries of 'conspiracy'" referred to your actions. That you didn't actually USE the word doesn't change the WAY you put it out there.
  2. He's not a n00b, he's my sister. Do I want to the know the explaintion of how 'he's' your 'sister'? I'm not sure *I* wanna know the explanation...
  3. I'm sorry... Won't let it happen again.
  4. Yes, same here. Geocachers have sent me emails via the geocaching.com email system that contain mention of the N word and also contain link to caches at that N site, and the posts have arrived in fine shape. I suspect that the OP may be creating a story and a drama where there is none, simply due to the occurrence of some coincidental accidental events. I beg to differ. It happened and I shared this information with a handful of persons who tried it and confirmed that it was happening to them too. We know that there was a navicache filter and that it was turned off shortly after I started this topic. If you tried it after that, you were late to the party. What would be my motivation for creating this drama? Talk about a conspiracy theory! Being as there was confirmed proof (as stated by multiple posters) of a Navicache filter in these forums (which was later removed), I don't understand all the carp the OP is getting over this, including pictures of tin-foil hats, and a scanned newspaper article, which I have to admit, is funnier every time I look at it. I stand by the filter being removed from the forums, and being "forgot about" for the emails. And it seems to be fixed right about now, doesn't it? Because the OP came in with cries of "Conspiracy", rather than just asking what was up. Yes, there was a forum filter. Perhaps there was an email filter at the same time. One got pulled when TPTB decided to allow competitors a mention on THEIR site. IF there was an email filter, it probably just got lost in all the things they had to do. Perhaps this (supposed) email filter was implemented by a different person than the one who did the forums. If teh forum 'fixer' didn't know about teh email filter, and the email programmer didn't get the message, then obviously one filter was left by accident. Miscommunication happens all the time at teh best of businesses. Is it a conspiracy? No, it is just part of life. I take a bit of offense when people come in and start throwing accusations around rather than just stating the facts they have observed. What would have been a better approach? The original post, or: No previous baggage there. No jimmy-kicking. Deals with this incident, and this incident only. IMO, Jeremy or some other PTB slapped their forehead and said 'DOH!' and fixed an oversight. Had the OP treated them with respect at teh get go, then I would imagine a response would have been more forthcoming. It may still, but why be a jerk about it at the outset, without even giving the Frogs a chance?
  5. The original poster must be some kind of idiot for not knowing this. What a maroon! GO back to school you ub3r-LU53R! \This post was for demonstration purposes only. Had this post been a real troll emergency... I'd be taking a few days off from the forums at least - by Admin Brick Action.
  6. (the 'bold' is mine) Yeah, good point. Come on, 'fes up, who are ya? (yeah, like that will work!) Well, if I owned the "treasure map brokers" site, I'd come to the GC.com forums and start a thread that read something like ...oh, I don't know... maybe "The ad on my Groundspeak homepage caught my eye... etc., etc." Mebbe so, but would you put it down in the same thread?
  7. It suddenly started working for me too. Isn't that a strange coincidence? It's probably a good thing that I shared this with a few other cachers before I started this thread because I might otherwise think that I was mistaken or crazy. I strongly suspect that it was easier to turn off the autocensor than it was to explain it.
  8. Emphasis added by me. While reviewer discretion is applicable in either case, the guidelines recommend the minimum distance for multi stages as well as individual caches. I see no problem with the OP's idea (as far as the concept goes), but if you aren't going to allow folks to log two 'smilies' on the listed cache, you should probably spell that out so they aren't upset after the fact. It would also be great if the second location were a worthwhile spot to visit, not just a place big enough to hide a film canister. I have a cache where they are closer, and today I logged a cache where they are MUCH closer. In my case, the waypoints are meant to guide people so they do not stray onto private property that is close by. In the one I logged today, it was to stop at certain signs to collect information to complete the cache, and to make you examine the posted flora information. Both are legitimate reasons for having closer waypoints, so long as you let the reviewer know *why* - they are guidelines, not rules after all. OP, I agree - try turning it into a multicache. Those are a lot of fun, and if each stage has some interesting aspect, all the better! Good luck!
  9. I just tried to send "NAVICACHE! NAVICACHE! NAVICACHE!" to myself, and I got this completely and totally UNACCEPTABLE response: This is unconscionable! I demand this censorship cease and desist immediately! Some people are reporting getting them, some are not. My guess is that it is not geocaching that is the culprit. NAVICACHE! NAVICACHE! NAVICACHE! Hmmm. Still THERE at least...
  10. When you say you post the coordinates at the cache, do you do that on puzzle or multicaches? I'd delete it as well and ask you to relog without spoilers. Do you do that on EVERY cache? I'd think you were being ...retentive..., but would not delete it if it were not a spoiler. With the variances in GPS reception at a given point, even the same unit could read different coordinates. If what you posted was within 30', I'd DEFINITELY think you were just being a jerk by posting "my coords are better than your coords" in a log when it is clearly unnecessary, but (sans spoilage) I would not delete it. That said, it sounds like a little gurkage is bouncing back and forth here. Either work it out with the hider, or don't pursue their caches at all. It isn't worth it to get worked up over stupid things.
  11. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Ummmm..... no. $1,000 to find a piece of borken tupperware. Nah.
  12. Um... that was... different. It looks like Letterboxing without the stamp. No thanks.
  13. So far, the only lame caches I have been to have been ones are made of 'Gladware' type containers, on which no maintenance has been done, despite the fact that the insides are completely soaked. However, even I have found some in that condition in incredibly beautiful places, so I couldn't even call it a hard and fast rule. There have been caches I have been UNCOMFORTABLE doing, but that doesn't mean they stink...
  14. As a premium member, you can generate a .gpx Pocket Query which will give you TONS of information that the .loc files do not give you, with no extra work other than to set up the initial query, which is easy as pie... To the OP: I would also recommend Cachemate for an incredibly cheap (though not free) tool for use while caching. My Palm III died for good a while back, and when I replace it, I will be installing Cachemate onto the new machine. I just need to figure out WHICH Palm I want...
  15. Let me get this straight - people place a cache on an island, which they cannot maintain, and then have the gall to ask you to take care of it for them? I would say 'NO' just on the principle of it. It might be one thing if the two of you worked something out face-to-face beforehand, but for someone to just dump a cache and the responsibility onto someone else? I think, were I a volunteer reviewer, I would archive all of their LOCAL caches and ban them from the geocaching website. Talk about giving geocachers a black eye. Geotrash indeed. Don't feel even slightly guilty about saying 'no'.
  16. I'm in now... perhaps clear your firefox/IE cache?
  17. Agreed. I like it by distance. An occasional 'by date' might be fun, but for practical purposes... let the users set a default in their profile or something.
  18. Off-topic, but Han shot first. And welcome to geocaching.
  19. Whoah - that'd be a great way to go for a first GPS. I love my old Legend, but were I looking to replace for cheap, that'd be mine. Of course, I want one of those 60CSx thingies I've been hearing so much about.
  20. Since you've asked what *I* would want in such a unit, I've edited your list as needed: Remember - you asked what -I- would want.
  21. You can let a geocaching.com Premium Membership expire, and still be a Premium Member in the forums, as they don't seem to synch these two servers up in that regard. I know this from personal experience. Just because the Forum thinks you are premium doesn't mean that the meaty, juicy, Turkey-like geocaching.com forum thinks you are. So... my bet is the PayPal thing hasn't been FULLY processed yet.
  22. Apparently I am in the Top 50. I carry a lot of weight. I need to lose a lot of weight. So for the next hundred pounds or so, could everyone please ignore me? Thanks for helping! []
  23. Perhaps that change (permanence) came after they signed up? For a while, TPTB DID allow name changes, but it was messy, and probably more trouble than it was worth.
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