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  1. quote:Feel free to flame away. Odds are I won't be reading this thread anymore as the lack of tolerance and common courtesy here is sickening. Since when does any of this equate to intolerance? Are you saying that it would be okay for a man to 'geo-stalk' a female cacher? Would it be ok for a man to walk up to a complete stranger and ask her for *G-rated edit*? Would it be OK if he didn't take no for an answer? Would it be OK for him to follow her around in his car? If the answer to these questions is 'no', then why is it ok for man to do it to another man? We aren't talking about two guys minding their own business here. We are talking about a potentially dangerous situation for a GC'r. [flame]And speaking of intolerance, how do you justify slamming on a guy with religious beliefs when he is talking about defending himself if it were necessary? I really want to follow your belief system now: you must love everyone!!! ... except them![/flame] (also - in northern MA some rest areas were shut down for this very reason - so called 'men' had this thing about hiding in the bushes. Since there were no lavatories, travellers would go off in the bushes and... well... you get the picture. They closed them down years ago, and are slowly replacing them with proper rest areas (well lit, appropriate structures.) --------------------- Don't hurt me. I'm new here.
  2. Well, since I'm now hooked... What do experienced GC'rs think of the idea of making special tokens to leave, instead of so-called McToys? I'm thinking of using 1 1/2" dowels, cut in 1/2" thick discs, drilled more or less like a tinker toy (just a pretty design or something) and imprinted with the date I left it in the cache? I'm thinking of making 5 of one design, (marking them 1 of 5, etc) so there could be collections. Nothing special, just... unique. It just seems a bit more personal to me. Thoughts? --------------------- Don't hurt me. I'm new here.
  3. Get the VIN number off of the dashboard and report it to the local police - it might have been stolen. I used to know someone who was paid by car owners to 'steal' their car so they could collect insurance on it. He'd 'steal' the car and then dump it in some random location. Yes, he was a loser, and he is paying for it now. Anyway, the police can run the VIN number (& plate if it is still on the car). Also report your beer/condom findings. Mebbe they will have some fun with a sting or something... --------------------- Don't hurt me. I'm new here.
  4. Hi all. I'm trying to connect my Legend to my PC to download the track logs in "Text Out" format. unfortunately, i seem to be doing something wrong as nothing is happening. What steps do I need to take after: connecting to serial port one (port already confirmed) matching the transer protocol How do I actually INITIATE the transfer? I'm so confused... <-! Thanks in advance for any help you can provide! *update* OK, i've now got a series of numbers scrolling off my Legend... The numbers are increasing by one each pass, so I kind of think these are not valid numbers from my track - ex #030912034316. Do these like like real numbers, and if so, how do I convert these? If not... HELP! --------------------- Don't hurt me. I'm new here. [This message was edited by New England n00b on September 11, 2003 at 08:44 PM.]
  5. I'm new here too... good to know I'm not the only n00b... --------------------- Don't hurt me. I'm new here.
  6. Thanks for the welcome. I'm not too worried about the 'biters'... I gots teeth too quote:And you can expect a lot of people to just scratch their heads and wonder what the heck you're talking about Hehehe, found that out already. There was a couple standing in the same spot looking around for the next clue the same place I stopped. So I asked if they were geocaching... Strange looks indeed! Snobs... --------------------- Don't hurt me. I'm new here.
  7. In addition to this, aren't there non-PC based devices that need to interact with the GPS units, hence the standard? In other applications (industrial controls, etc.) you tend to see archaic standards still in use, so new devices need to be able to talk to them... --------------------- Don't hurt me. I'm new here.
  8. Well, yesterday I did my first geocache (Pulpit Rock in NH) and what a blast... Great way to get into the woods, never mind the extra fun of using the GPS. As I said in that log, I'm hooked! See you later... Don't hurt me. I'm new here.
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