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  1. When taking my education in Resources all students had to purchase a Silva Ranger. I have used many other styles since then and with practice and know how all are about the same. Another consideration is where you plan on using the compass. Declination can be compensated for mathematically but if you plan to use the compass away from where you purchase it (ie south america or africa) make sure you get a globally balanced one. See here for infocompass balance

  2. I have logged a DNF on three occaisions. If something looks a little "hinky" about the site and I can't find the cache. I post a dnf to let the owner and cachers know about what might have happened. It may encourage others to try to find the cache to prove me wrong which is OK if they find it or they may just confirm that the cache is actually not there. One other time is to warn cachers conditions not mentioned in the posting. I got my minivan stuck in early spring mud on a pasture trail. This was on a cache with a 1.5 terrain rating.

  3. I wear synthetic pants, pretty close to cordura type fabric. The only place I pick up burrs is on the zipper pulls. Avoid cotton jeans, or any loose light weight synthetic. Plus the polyester drys faster than cotton. I am from Canada so I like buying from MEC. The Sportif Explorer Convertible is one I like.

    I think Columbia has some good clothes too.

  4. I couple of thing pop into my head. The guy the OP saw may have been confused. In low impact camping techniques ammo cans lined with garbage bags serve as field toilets (called groovers for the lines they leave). Second, Urine is a sterile product(barring any infection) and is no more dangerous than the rain.

    Two little bit of info to make you think.....or gag.

  5. Apples to oranges.

    In 2004, 622 total reported homicides in Canada, 16,137 in the US.

    It should be noted that in the Canadian stats, deaths caused by criminal negligence, suicide, and accidental or justifiable homicide are not included.

    Are you trying to justify gun violence by saying more people are killed in Canada by guns than are in the stats?

    16,137!!! people killed in the US in 1 year! How is that sane? Worried about terrorist with bombs? I'd say worry about your neighbor with guns.

  6. Anybody have the stats on how many handguns are used AGAINST those carrying them? More guns=more gun violence. It is your constitutional right though. Ladies, if you must cache alone defend yourself through avoiding bad situations, observation and a good dog. It can't be used against you.

    In 1998,151 gun homicides in Canada, 11,789 in the US.

    Some Stats

  7. With some research and signing up on the geomatics canada website I can find benchmark descriptions for those around my town. I was wondering if anyone knows if Canada has the same reporting or tracking system as I see for US benchmarks listed on the GC website? Can I log or report their condition anywhere?

  8. I moved a bug that had no name and in the inventory there was a spot but no entry. I had to click the blank spot to drop it off. I found TBs one of the most confusing aspects of using the GC site. I guess with time comes experience.

  9. I read a couple of years ago when they came out with the new aps type of film that there were cameras that would encode the GPS location right on the film. I havent heard anything since though.

  10. It is proper in any reference to use to most up to date name. (ie. a womans married name then her maiden name after in brackets if necessary). Especially if the cache is still active. If it is the same coordinates then it is the same cache irregardless of what has changed (name, owner, contents or container). Caches(or stashes) come in all types and sizes) it is the location that defines it. (Language of Location).

  11. it *might* work some of the time, while doing city micros or what not if you were in wifi spot or had PDA wireless service. But when doing a real cache out in the woods, away from the city you would get no wireless from anything.

    I am not talking about getting points while already out there. Using your PDA as a GPSr and downloading are two separate activities. Of course you won't get WiFi out in the woods. Instead of planning your caching from your computer at home how about picking up the points wirelessly at your destination city THEN using your PDA as the storehouse and the navigator. No home computer or separate GPSr needed.

  12. I was curious if anyone use their PDA as a GPS and to what results? I have a iPAQ PocketPC for work and it has a compact flash GPSr with it. Installed is Pocket Streets and Trips and ArcPad (if anyone knows it). Is there any programs that mimic GPSrs on a PocketPC?

    Has any one gone truely wireless using PDA to get waypoints off the internet while in the field?

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