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  1. I just saw on the telly today that the Great Lakes has the same area as all of the UK! But slightly drier.
  2. I found a cache that was place by boy scouts. It was near 20ft up a tree. I was able to untie the knot using a stick but unable to replace back as high. I tied it above my head. Its listed as a 1.5/2. There is no mention of replacing the cache where it was. Which would have been impossible with out being a nimble teen ager or bringing a ladder. If the finder can't replace it where it was because of ability level then they should replace as best as possible and make note of the change. On the other hand I have had a cache moved from deep bush to open grass and I was grumpy too!
  3. My brother sent me this comic! LMAO!!
  4. One TB I have had the pleasure to move is Fawley Owl. He is over 25000mi and visiting kids along the way.
  5. Mine is off to Helong, China from Rocanville, Saskatchewan, Canada. 8500km over the North Pole. The neares cache is in Russia 300km(180miles) away. There is a virtual in China 400km away and a bunch in South Korea approaching 500km away. Good luck little bug.
  6. I haven't been to the forums in while but now I'll have to stick around. Crampons-spikes for feet Talus-rock broken off a mountain also called scree Belay-the act or equipment used to assist in descent or ascent of climbing Drumlin-a teardrop shaped hill left after the retreat of a glacier. The fat end of the teardrop points to where the glacier came from Cairn-pile of rocks used as a marker Cascade-waterfall or a mountain range Gaper-Some one who stands blocking the trail looking at things Tarn-Mountain Lake Howk-I know this now but I had to look it up.
  7. Don't be so sure! The Scout is $19 bucks, is ultra light, brighter than a lot of these posts give it credit for, uses standard watch batteries, has a few lighting options and is easily worn on its strap or clipped to the bill of a cap. I'd say yours wasn't much of a steal at all!!! Did I mention the battery is apart from the light and gets all twisted often but then you can put it in your jacket to keep it warm up here in cold Canada! (was that a run-on sentence?)
  8. I found a petzl arctic at a pawn shop for 15 bucks. Big and clunky, not that bright and uses funny batteries. But that fact that I got it a steal of a price makes it better that all of yours.
  9. I have an older Silva ranger. I like it a lot. It works. New compasses however have fully luminous dials. I think thats cool. Global compass. Very necessary if you travel anywhere outside your continent. My Ranger will not work in south america.
  10. I love that show for two reasons. First is Bill Maher, thats alot of cheese. And second is Canadian born Shannon Tweed, who rumour has it went to school with a friend of mine. Thats only three degrees of separation from Gene Simmons! Back on topic though, besides my wife and our girls, I pick Queen Elizabeth, but maybe when she was younger and more spry.
  11. There are lots of professions that use harnesses. If you're looking at ascending and descending then I might suggest arborist supply companies. Big thick, more comfortable harnesses for hanging out. Check out this stuff and look under saddles.
  12. Did just the other day. Unfortunately I was too late for the ftf.
  13. I taught a GPS course the other day and had my hands on several models from both Garmin and Magellan. I noticed that the Explorist 200 took longer to figure out its new locaction(I travelled 400km with all models) at start up. But so did a Geko! The one thing that I really dislike about some units from both G and M is those little track point dealies! I sure enjoy big butt...ons on my Map76. Good to use with gloves on. Both M and G have units that are hard to use and some that are easier. Buy for the features you want (memory, colour screen, big buttons) and dont worry about the minor technical differences. Both M and G are will work. Just to continue the flame war......Lowrance sucks!
  14. Can anyone find out if there has been a surge in new members since the CBS story on Caching aired? I alreay see a couple of posts crediting the story with their signup.
  15. I am not one but I believe you need to be a premium member for those benefits.
  16. I could use some. I am woefully short of morals. Oh....nevermind.
  17. I did a search for micro container forum topics and didn't see any right away. I saw this 4129 Match Container at a SportChek store and thought it looked like a container ready to go. It has a rubber O-ring and is solid aluminum. Has a biner and strap attatched. The price seemed a tad high but it is in Can$ at $9.50. The medicine one looks good too. Any one heard of others like this? Post them here.
  18. Geocache rightly forgotten? Ground really frozen? Gratuitous real find?
  19. The 50 mill powerball ticket would be tough to trade even for.
  20. Just dont cache with that on your head. Bang bang and you're the trophy!
  21. Welcome and What the HECK is your picture!!! Its freaking me out man!
  22. Relax, you're doing just fine. Depending where you are there is always going to be some error in your GPSr caused by buildings, trees, clouds, satellite positions other complex reasons. This is normal! The swinging of the navigation arrow is the result of these errors. Once you are close you have to do some old fashion searching...with your eyes, information from the web page and even a 6th sense refered to as the "force". If you're new and even if you have been at it for awhile, it is a learning experience. Keep at it, it really is fun...most of the time. But that is another thread.
  23. I have Topo Canada and am heading to the Cilkoot Trail this summer. I got the Can. maps covered but would like to have the ones for the american end. I do not see any reason to pay for the whole software package as I will not use the rest, most likely ever. Is there anyway to buy just the maps I need for my Map76?
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