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  1. That is part of the answer. If you play the 9th hole what happens?


    You have to set your watch forward an hour.




    Your getting closer. You don't actually have to set you watch forward being that most of the course is in Saskatchewan.

  2. 9th hole is on the other side of the border?

    That is part of the answer. If you play the 9th hole what happens?

    Does it involve border security, chopsticks, body cavity searches, marshmallows, and/or bowling balls?


    If it's the answer I think you're aiming for, you should clarify what time of the year we're playing at!




    No, no, maybe these days, yes and good golly no.

    During the operating season.

  3. You're way too low.


    In normal skydiving altitudes, they can reach a maximum of 320 km/h with their head down. This is because of the of the air friction against their body.


    Now, at 31 km of altitude, there ain't much air. Hint, hint!



    I will double your number as a guess. 640km/hr

  4. I have the U4D tags for my province on my watchlist. Three out of seven have never been logged and remain in "unknown location". Is there anyway to contact those that initially received them and find out what's up?

    I hope other areas are not seeing the same percentage missing!

  5. Re-checked atlas, should have used better glasses, made spelling error, should be Weyakwin Lake. Will move lake a little further south N 54° 35 W 106°


    That answer is within 10km. Geezer55 is next.

    However the best non-googled answer would be N54° 30' as that would be half way between 49° and 60°

    The Longitude would be near 106° (105°55') but not exact as the Manitoba border is not quite on 102°

  6. I will make this somewhat easy as I am not focussed on finding a better question. It is Grey Cup Weekend!

    No Googling!

    What is the geographic centre of Saskatchwan?

    First answer within 10km wins!

  7. I can convert a csv to garmin gdb file no problem but it leaves off waypoints with the same name but different coordinates.

    In other words I cant convert two waypoints labeled "tree" even if they are at different locations. Any solutions?

    Also using the GUI, is there a setting or option to bring more that Lat, Long and Waypoint name in the csv file to a garmin usable format? I would like to have Lat, Long, name and comments.

    I am nowhere computer literate enough to understand the scripting process.

    Thanks for any help

  8. There is a 60CS at the following coordinates N 47 28.075 E 008 12.007


    I lost it there in October and even the State Police article dog couldn't find it.


    Free to whoever finds it. I replaced it with a 60CSx.

    Are those coordinates right? In Europe?

  9. Sudbury, ON - Nickel

    Leamington, ON - Tomato

    ????, BC - Fly Rod

    Burwash, Yukon - Gold Pan

    ???, AB - Mushrooms


    I'm only positive about the two in Ontario, the Gold Pan might be in Burwash, BC...Yukon made more sense to me.


    The gold pan town is wrong too.


    Echo Bay, ON - Worlds Largest Loonie (next to me... no cash value.. but ironically my cottage is right next to this thing, and the artist who made the loonie.. my exploits no doubt inspired him to name it!)

    Sudbury - Worlds largest Canadian Nickle (no cash value)

    Campbelford, On - Worlds largest Canadian Toonie (no cash value)

    Dryden, ON - Worlds Largest Moose Statue

    St. Thomas, Ontario - Worlds Largest Elephant Statue (Jumbo!)


    The moose in Dryden doesnt even come close! But the one in Canada will lose out too if they build the one planned in Sweden!


    Guidelines are -Any Canadain town/city with worlds largest thing that is normally small. I.E. CN tower doesnt count. Go for it Knitter

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