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  1. Hey all, I run a small business where I make things out of paracord (survival bracelets, dog collars, etc.) I was looking online and saw that someone had attached a travel bug to a survival bracelet and was selling it in their online store. This gave me an idea, but I didn't know if it was "against the rules" or not. I was thinking about putting one of my survival bracelets in a cache with a business card attached to it. Is this too taboo?
  2. There are several different tracking devices out there. I would recommend the Tiny Tracker www.bionics.com Or, you could go other routes of getting one of the new kenwood radios that have the TNC and the APRS firmware already loaded onto it. Hope this helps! Check out my APRS tracker at http://map.findu.com/ab8ve Dan AB8VE
  3. AB8VE Dan in Dublin, OH New to Geocaching, found my first one the other day and I'm going out again after work!
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