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  1. Two of the versions will be sold on www.geoswag.com soon. The other two versions arrived today. We have now put them up on our pre-sale page.
  2. OAKCOINS and Geoswag.com will be coming out with a 'Holiday Coin'. It used to be that Christmas/Holiday items came out just after Thanksgiving. Next came *after* Halloween. Hopefully people will enjoy our Mystery Halloween Geocoin and wonder what we have next...
  3. So, is this an official clue and the price just went up ? It was a small bump.... Anyone ready for another clue .
  4. Hi! This is our 'Mystery' Halloween Geocoin. With this Mystery Geocoin, we will start to slowly reveal what the Geocoin looks like. As we release more information, the price goes up. Good Luck!
  5. Just to clarify, the Pond Frog is imitation hard enamel on both sides with two translucent colors on the front
  6. This coin is now ready at geoswag.com. Geocoin: Antique Silver and Antique Bronze Geopin: Antique Silver and Antique Bronze AT Final Geocoin
  7. The coins are now ready forsale: Evil Micro 2008
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