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  1. I have the same problem and for cache descriptions without HTML all line breaks are ignored which results in unusable text example I'm on the same page as DanPan regarding hidden Waypoints. Thanks, FamWa
  2. Don't know whether this bug has been mentioned already: On Cache pages of caches with no current TB the TB history cannot bee seen any more ("View past Trackables" is not a link any more) With caches that do have trackables, this link is fine.... FamWa
  3. I do not see the benefit of this change as just the numbering was reversed. The fact that, on the trackable map page, the list of logs starts with the first and the numbering on the map with the last log is confusing . Cheers, FamWa
  4. If I look at a single log with a picture, pictures are not displayed. Cheers FamWa (who is missing his Greasmonkey scripts )
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