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  1. Mailed: 6 of 6 packages - 17/02/09 I read that coins arrived safely I sent to AtlantaGal, Geosmurfana and 2Golfers Tadpole379, ElRolfo and doc256 didn't confirm arrival yet Received: 4 of 7 coins: from KDV, E&Cplus3, Theotokos, Eleanor and Atlantagal and I still have two coins to look forward to (Fossillady and The Moops)
  2. Hello Steve, just write that person a friendly email, and explain how the trackable things work, and add a link to the page for trackables... If it was taken by a new cacher, he or she probably doesn't know how to do it and will hopefully apreciate some help
  3. I like it! Please let us know, when the presale has started!
  4. OOOOOOOOooooh! this is a must-have! I love the colours and the design! The waves around the dolphin and the algae (fucus?)... This is so beautiful!
  5. Happy birthday 007BigD! Well, I felt like it was my birthday today, because I found one of my most wanted in the mailbox! Thanks for the trade, Sivota!
  6. Good idea... less than 8000km...
  7. Mailed: 6 of 6 packages - 17/02/09 Received: 4 of 7 coins: from KDV, E&Cplus3, Theotokos and Eleanor It's sooo nice to find a package in the mail every day
  8. WOW I'm impressed! And envious! Congratulations!
  9. Wow! I must admit, I'm a bit envious now
  10. 1. Participating: email sent 6.2.2009 2. Received Name: Yes! my oh my, this is a challenge... 3. Mission Complete 4. Mission Arrived! Thanks for the Fun!
  11. well, the first few are absolutely clear: Number one: The Earth Turtle 2007. I got it in the nickel version. I just love it. It's cute, and it's beautiful, and I love the colors, and the message... I tied it in a leatherband, to wear it as a charm Number two: Lil Dorkfish in it's too small fish tank. It's sooooo cute. And sometimes I feel just like that little guy looks The next three, I can't say that I like one of them more than the others... Birka: so much detail! And such a heavy coin! Tengwar: another very detailed elaborate design. I hope I get a coloured one, one fine day ... Have you seen me: I also love fun coins, that make me smile. This one is really great! Well, and then it get's difficult. There's so many beautiful/ funny / meaningful coins around, I am not able to choose 5 of them for this ranking... If the threads title was "your top twenty" it might be possible: Mimbres, (I love the black and white version) Tracking time, Indian Paintbrush, The Hitchhiker, FSM, The Dragonfly Talisman, Boomerang, The G-Files, LillySues Key to the Cache, Pay it forward, Over the Edge, The Caching Bug, Moon Mushroom, Cacher Tag, Kansas Sunshine 2007, Scotland 2006, eclectic Penguin, Celtic Cache Trio... Arrrgh... I can't choose 5 of them, they are all gorgeous!
  12. Was it at least the owner of the coin you traded with? Maybe he/she would adopt it over to the one who bought it... What a mess... Fingers crossed that you'll be able to sort this out with the involved persons!
  13. Mailed: 6 of 6 packages - 17/02/09 Received: 3 of 7 coins: from KDV, E&Cplus3 and Theotokos Thank You!
  14. Mailed: 6 of 6 packages - 17/02/09 Received: 2 of 7 coins: from KDV and E&Cplus3 Thank You!
  15. I agree! I love how the jorneys look, and I like to hold them up against the light, but if I had the choice between a coin with suncatcher cutouts in a "light" version and a heavy version with "normal" enamel, I would rather take the heavy coin I like the design of your compassrose, and I like the idea of making it look like something really ancient (as long as the beautiful details still show )
  16. Mailed: 6 of 6 packages - 17/02/09 Received: none, but I'm ready to ambush the postman! Thanks for the quick help E&Cplus3, stupid me didn't check the googlemail (I only use that account to get into the googledocs...) Sorry for adding more work to your load But now all envelopes are out!
  17. Mailed: 5 of 6 packages - 17/02/09 Received: none, thats way too early! I'm lacking Geosmurfanas address, I emaild her but didn't get an answer yet.
  18. Great coin! Count me in for two of the antique silver I love the dragon! And now that we know the correct spelling for the welsh word for geocaching, could you give us a hint on how it is pronounced as well ?
  19. WOW! 7 of 8 traded . I'm a lucky girl What a huge list! Another thanks to E&Cplus3 for all that work! Now I'll try to get the references right, so I'll send the right coins to the right persons!
  20. I don't mind waiting a little longer... I checked the names above, and someone is still missing who offeres one of my most wanted... And can't say it often enough: thanks for volunteering to do all this work with the lists for us, E&Cplus3!
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