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  1. I'm in, too! Booo! 1. Participating 9/9/09 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Mission Arrived!
  2. Hey, this is fun... 6.) While tidying up i heard songs of a famous US-punk-rock-band. Which band was it? I'd say Bad Religion thanks for the cointest!
  3. I'm so glad to hear, that the Mission arrived safely!
  4. Hi, Chur - what does this mean? Over the summer, I retrieved and placed a TB that was named "Rien ne va..." but had no idea what that meant! Hi Penny & Kona, this is what the "croupier" says at roulette when the ball is rolling and you can not place bets anymore for that round. Literally translated it says "nothing goes anymore"
  5. Mission 2 is on it's way to the next coiner Rien ne va plus... No, that was a different game...
  6. Yes, I do like the pure-coins :-) And your personal version looks really good! Thanks a lot!
  7. When I found a note in my postbox telling me, that there's a parcel waiting for me, I wondered what that could be... I didn't order something recently... now I know: Yeah! The PickUp-Mission2 arrived! I'm already looking through the list who the next recipient will be... This is a cool mission :-)
  8. Thanks Normally I'm not able to get good pictures, but this time I had real sunlight :-) You may use it for your auctions if you like! Good Luck for the next auctions!
  9. Today's booty: My absolutely stunning AE tribal flower, the really cool S&B Naymlap and a cute little columbine. Columbines are my favourite flowers. In the garden of my grandma there were lots and lots of them, every plant had flowers ofa different colour and shape
  10. This week my tribal flowers arrived, and today this one also: The AE version is my favourite version! It looks even better in real life, I am really happy I was able to get it Great work!
  11. I fear i will still have to wait one or two weeks for my tribal flowers, customs likes to open my parcels to enjoy my coins for a while (the last three packages I received had been opened by customs, but luckily they didn't charge me something ... ) So I have something to look forward to Jay, I hope everything will be ok with your artery, Gute Besserung (means "get well soon" in German).
  12. Oh wow, this is a fantastic coin! Please keep us informred when they will go up on sale! I would like to trade, too, if you'd prefer tading... And of course I wish you all the best for your recovery!
  13. Yipppie, Lucky me, I got some this morning :-))))
  14. Hmmmm, 8 p.m. EST seems to be 2 a.m. here... Looks like I will have to try to get one of them by trade...
  15. Wow, I really like your personal! They relly turned out great! As usual, Ilike copper best :-)
  16. I think that was clear enough, thats why people are posting the information which versions they like most... But they are all beautiful!
  17. Oh Wow! I love them! Especially thecopper version and the one on the upper left, with gold/red and black. Unfortunately I will not be ablesto be at the geocoinfest, but if someone would getme such a nice little piper, I'll be glad to trade!
  18. I've been lazy at posting here recently... but lots of currants from our garden are now nicely stocked as chutney, ice cream, liqeur and syrup and the renovation of our house proceeds as well... But I keep on reading I was glad to see that my package to chickahominy arrived safely Some time ago I got a nice surprise from canada, with beautiful coins and some extra canada goodies: This is so nice, and it really brightened my day! And I got a beautiful Dragon Ladon from a trade, two columbines (too late for the flower mission, but the columbine is my favourite flower :-)) and the Night&Day from Skavoc.
  19. Wow, oh Wow, I just ordered my bunch of flowers! They really turned out nice! The only open question for me is: what do I have to do to get my fingers on the gold/copper AE version?
  20. Hi Chickahominy, yes, these are the Bremen town musicians... Bremen is just 50km away from where I live And I still have one here for trade, so if you like, I'll send you one if you put me on the reservation list for your personal coin
  21. I'm happy that you liked your mission
  22. Please add me to the second list, too! (And if later someone else wants to join who is not on one of the lists yet, I'll make room again!)
  23. I love them! I think gold or copper will look nice with the green I hope I'll find something nice for trade for you, when they are ready!
  24. Dear Turlutortue, I'm so sorry to hear about your brother! My thoughts are with you.
  25. I got my pick me up coins, too. They are absolutely adorable! Sooooo cute!
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