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  1. We recently lost a set of keys while out hunting in the northwest. learned a valueable lesson I would like to share. We were using the key's because of the little flashlight on them. Found a cache under a bridge and let husband use the camera to take marvins picture while I logged the find! Got up left and traveled another 3 miles looking for 3 more caches. Walked back to the truck in a very busy park, as he slaps one pocket then the the other. Yea you can picture it can't you! cussed a little, as we headed out to retrace our steps. I love caching and we are so new I tried to find every benifit I could to the walk. As he worried about the tool box keys, truck keys, gas cap keys! Called daughter who was about 25 miles away after about 2 hours of searching, she came to the rescue! She loves to do that she is 19! gee you adults need to be more responsible! yea yea yea here is your ten bucks for gas, thanks kiddo! While we were sitting in the parking lot I found two pennies heads up, through them in the bed of the truck and said lets hope they are at the guard shack. Sure enough they were. I came home bought a small flash light for the cache bag. Had a set of keys made for caching on a easy clip on ring for the bag and we now make sure we put wallets and cell phones in the backpack in a seperate compartment that we don't get in and out of while we are out! Rookies in the field that is for sure. Learn from our mistake!
  2. I have a touch screen phone! They really are not all they are cracked up to be. screen is always dirty! some times it won't respond after it has been a sleep for a while. I would be corius how this works next year! at 600+ it better last.
  3. I did the updated software on Sat. 7/19 when I unplugged the unit from the pc I had no maps on my unit any longer! I called Garmin spent 37 min on hold and they are sending me out a new GPS with a box to send my old one back into them. Mine is about 4 months old.
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