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  1. We are planing a  trip to the Azures islands for next year and in preparation I've started to do some of the puzzles. Luckily the ones I've found are easy to do :)
    I did notice however that there are a bunch of caches which have not gotten any maintenance (some that I've found haven't had any since 2017 even with people complaining about the caches in the logs). Caches missing for years and not being replaced (just 'I got in touch with the owner and he said I could log it'  messages in the description). That seems like such a shame for such a beautiful island (we're looking to go to Sao Miguel). So far I've completed the puzzles for the big S.Miguel roundway around the coast caches and the Atlantis caches. But would like to know if anyone knows of any good well kept series on the island? 

  2. You can't get height (elevation) at geocaching.com.


    But "Top Elevation Caches" is available for example at project-gc.com, there you can filter for countries like Sweden or Norway. There should be more than 50 caches to choose from.


    Yes! exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much!

  3. Hi everyone,


    We are pretty new to the geocaching community and I have to say it's really great!

    We're going on holiday this summer and we'd like to go to scandinavia. We haven't set anything in stone yet. What we'd like to do is achieve a mile high cache but I can't seem to find any way of searching height in the pocket queries. Very strange as the height is measured in the statistics from project-gc website.

    I tried doing a PQ with the significant hike icon but that didn't really work.

    Does anyone know how to search for them? I did find a list of highest caches in the world but that's a bit too much for us. We'd like to be able to walk up the mountain and not have to climb or camp for it.

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