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  1. I am planning on attend this year's World Science Fiction Convention in Yokohama. Are there any interesting caches that I should try to find? Are any other cachers planning on attending Worldcon?
  2. First, I am not an educator (nor do I play one on TV ) However, I do want to learn how to observe with my own eyeballs some GPS satellites in orbit. Can anyone educate this humble rodent in how this might be done. I have looked at the Heavens-Above site but not found anything too illuminating on GPS satellites as objects to observe. In particular, I hope that some smart cacher can tell me the following: - How bright are the satellites (in terms of magnitude)? Since the GPS satellites are suppose to be 20200 kilimeters up, I would not expect them to be too visible, but what sort of telescope might be needed? - How can one get the orbital information? The satellites broadcast the orbital information along with some other information, but how can a casual user pull out this information from the GPS receiver to find out where the satellites are? Since I wrote my own program to do the Celestial Navigation cache, I can deal with some mathematics (as long as no bistros are involved). I am trying to organize a combination astronomy/geocache event (site selection is proving difficult) and it has been suggested that looking at a few satellites might be amusing (with suggestions for standards like the Iridium flashes and the ISS), so I began to wonder if the GPS satellites were a possibility...
  3. hmmm, my queries just started arriving as well. It must have been stuck somewhere as well better late than never
  4. I think that this is an example of one of the problem queries: http://www.geocaching.com/pocket/gcquery.a...dd-699a332590fe (URL for the problem query)
  5. Every so often, I goof in trying to create a pocket query, but usually I spot my error and eventally succeed in running the query. Today, however, I tried running several queries and I got nothing back, even though my query list shows that the queries had run successfully ; I am wondering if others have experienced similar problems and figured out what the causes of such problems were.
  6. I thank everyone for their offers, but I decided to drop Shelagh's Frog TB in a travel bug hotel in New Jersey. I will be closing this tread (though I plan to watch the progress (I hope) of this little frog).
  7. In the past I have seen travel bugs wander around the New England area for quite a while. Since I live in southeastern Massachusetts (I picked up the travel bug on a day visit to the Berkshires) I would likely dropped off this TB in a cache significantly further away from its goal. Given the information sheet included with the TB itself, I (somewhat whimsically) wish to try to help the frog to reach its goal (as opposed to contiinuing its tour of New England).
  8. I made several geo-goofs this past weekend and I am trying to undo some of them. In one case, I unthinkingly picked up a travel bug destined for the Great Lakes. The item in question is Shelagh's Frog TB (TBG632). Since I am not planning a trip to any Great Lake in the near future, I am willing to send the travel bug (USPS or other mutually agreeable delivery service) to someone who is willing to find a suitable Great Lake cache for the Frog. If interested, please send a message through my account on geocaching.com.
  9. I have seen a number of references to a geocaching "Tube" map of London area caches, but this link is having problems. I should be in London for about two days in roughly a week. I would appreciate pointers to caches that might be of interest to the geocaching tourist. In particular, I want to know caches suitable for dropping off travel bugs. Thanks.
  10. I am driving to the Pacific (from Massachusetts). I have some TBs headed for the sandy beach. Do people have recommendations for Calif. shore-side caches suitable for travel bugs?
  11. Despite some recent claims to the contrary, I do not consider myself a newbie cacher. However, I am about to drive from Massachusetts to the Pacific and back; I am finding the selection of potential caches quite daunting (I certainly feel like a newbie in this task). I would like caches in interesting places, but not too difficult to reach (well, every cache is interesting to its owner ). I am a somewhat aleatoric in traveling, so I am not sure of my precise (or even general ) route (otherwise, this task would be simpler ) so I desire option for the various main east-west routes. Has anyone tried to compile such a list?
  12. I, too, wish to make request for someone to take a picture as part of the locationless cache"Where's In A Name" GC3153 If I interpret the rules correctly, "capybaron" (227922766) should become 23 19.227 (using the Gavia correction) The geocaching maps do show Finnish caches near E 23 19.2xx (note 5 letter minimum rule). Is someone willing to take a picture at the above coordinate (showing the coordinate), post it and log on the "Where's In A Name" GC3153 page?
  13. I am not sure if this thread is the correct one, but I did claim a find for the virtual cache Boston Light even though I am uncomfortable with the way I did so. I did take a park service tour of the island and I did email three of the five items to Ethan (Upper?). As mentioned in the log, I did not wait for a reply and, as far as I can tell, I did not have to wait for a reply (does someone read this webpage differently?). The problem is that all of my emails to Ethan have bounced; I got variations of the following error: In spite of the problems, I do think that this virtual cache is a worthy one. As fas as I can tell from Ethan's page, he is still active, but how does one contact him? Any advice on how to treat virtual caches in situations like this one?
  14. I went to my local post office and sent the Gwaihir travel bug to Magooza. I hope that Gwaihir has an interesting kiwi sojourn.
  15. I received two replies relatively quickly. I shall contact the two geocachers to see what would be best to do.
  16. I have found, again, a travel bug destined for New Zealand. The TB is Gwaihir the Windlord (TBBC2B). I am very new to this forum stuff, but I am trying this post to see if someone might be willing to receive the travel bug and place Gwaihir in a kiwi cache; I will cover shipping, though if you know a geocacher traveling from Massachusetts to New Zealand, I will hand the travel bug off to them. Gwaihir has been bumping around the New England area for a while. Thanks. the Capybaron
  17. I am just testing to see if this account works in the forums
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