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  1. I know you can use two auto routing GPS' with CN8 but what about non auto routing? I currently use CS7 but have the CN8 update. Both my 60CS and Legend Cx have been unlocked with CS7. I have an additional Legend that I use for mountain biking and sometimes at work and I would like to put maps on. Can I put the CS7 (or CN8) maps on the Legend also or will I have to get Metroguide? I only need the maps for San Antonio and do not really want to spend additional money for the entire Metroguide program. Thanks for any help provided.

  2. I have a garmin etrex legend, plain jane unit, practicaly discontinuied due to the serial port connection it requires. The store where I bought it wanted to sell me $100 program to download topo maps on to my unit, which only has 8mgs storage capacity.


    my questions are 1. is the software worthwhile?

    2. is there a less expensive alternative?

    3. how much area will 8 mgs give me?


    I have a Legend and I would not say it is discontinued because of the serial port, you just have to add some additional equipment to upload or download if you do not have a serial port. The Garmin Topo maps are not bad and I feel were worth the money I spent on the program. There is not another alternative although you may be able to find the program in the For Sale section or on E-Bay for less the $100.00. How much are will 8 megs give you will depend on where you are and what you want to upload. I was able to upload a fair chunk of cental and northern New Mexico into my Legend.

  3. I am offering for sale my Garmin Legend. It has traveled the world with me, including a tour in Iraq. It is in excellent condition as I always kept it in a protective case. I will included the case, a computer uplink cable (serial) and a vehicle charger. I am selling this unit because I upgraded to a Legend Cx and my old legend will not connect to my laptop (no serial port). Please contact me at saboj1221@msn.com if you are interested. I am asking $100.00 plus shipping (around 10.00) from Hawaii. Thanks for looking.

  4. I don't want to belabour the point, but what is a "micro SD card". I have SD cards in my Palm Pilot and in my Magellan Gold Meridian and in my MP3 player. Will these work? If not, then I have never seen a "micro SD card anywhere" and don't know what it is, and I was out looking today and there are SD cards in 128, 256, 512, 1 gig and I hear 2 gi but nobody knows what "micro SD cards" are.


    A "micro SD card" is about the size of a fingernail and they are not the same as the SD cards you already have in your Palm Pilot or MP3 player. I have not seen any for sale locally but they are avaliable online; the largest I have seen is 512 MB but I have heard that 1 GB are on the way.

  5. Anyone have an experience with the 3 Day Assault Pack?


    I used one for almost a year while hiking and I liked it. It was extremely durable and withstood alot of difficult bushwacking. The pack has plenty of room for anything a Geocacher might need and with three seperate pockets you can organize your gear any way you want. That said, I have switched it out for something lighter with external pockets. I may carry water bottles instead of a hydration bladder depending on the length of the hike, or I use the pockets for my camera or snacks. It is a good pack for rough conditions but I think there are better packs for caching.

  6. I tried to find info on this via the Search function but could not find anything specific; I installed Garmin Topo today and it dis not give me an option as to where to install the map files. The program requires that I have the correct disk in when I want to go to that particular area, i.e. New Mexico requires the West disk. I would like to put all the maps on my hard drive so that I do not have to fool with the disks. I figured I would ask here before going to Garmin for an answer. Thanks for the help.

  7. Just found out I will not be going straight home from Iraq but will have a six month "lay-over" in Hawaii first (there are worse places). I am looking for NG Topo - Hawaii to take with me. I have the National Parks series but it does not cover all the islands and my Garmin Topo is not as accurate as I would like. Best price I have found so far has been $75.00, anyone found it any cheaper? I have tried E-Bay but no bargains on Hawaii. Thanks for the help.

  8. I am trying to load my National Geographic Topo maps to an external hard drive so that I do not fill my notebook HD with maps. I was able to make this work with my Garmin Topo maps by editing the registry file to look in the external HD. I could not find any place to make this change though for my NG Topo maps. Has anyone had any success in doing this and if so can you tell me how? Thanks.

  9. Alan


    I don't have Pocket TOPO! so I cannot directly answer your question but I can tell you what the instructions say. According to what I read, when you transfer a map all your symbols, routes, text, notes and direction lines will be available

    for viewing and modifying in Pocket TOPO!. You may also add new TOPO! objects to a map by clicking on tool icons at the bottom of the screen, then interacting with the map while the tool is selected. I hope this helps.

  10. I was in REI today and saw a TOPO! Streets and 3-D expansion Pack. I had not heard of it before and had not seen it on NG website either. I decided to spend the $19.95 and see what it was. The program now allows you to view your NG TOPO! maps in 3-D, just as the title stated. More importantly it is a 4.0 upgrade for TOPO! that supports USB connections. I am now able to transfer waypoints and routes back and forth from my 60CS via the USB cable. I had not seen anyone else mention the product so I thought I would let ya'll know.

  11. I had the same issue trying to install NG Topo yesterday. My laptop would read every file on the CD except the setup file. It took several attempts but it finally loaded. I wish I could tell you what I did differently but I don't know. I did plug the laptop into the power source just before I finally got it to load. I had loaded Mapsource Topo before that with no trouble. Sorry I can't be of any help.

  12. I cannot tell you about in the classroom, but my 9 year old daughter has a yellow Etrex that she uses. She is in the 7th grade. She had no problems learning how to use it, although I still download the coordinates for her. The DVD/Video is pretty good at teaching them how to get started. There is an excellent Powerpoint demonstration also that I found on the internet. The only trouble you might have is trying to find any Etrex units, they are getting to be in short supply.

  13. Thanks for the link. I ordered mine, with the discount and shipping it was $167 and some change. Supposed to arrive the first week of December. Sold my "regular" Legend to a friend, along with the car charger and auto mount, for an even hundred. He is happy and that make the cost of the new "C" even better. Hopefully Target does not decide they made a big mistake and go back on the deal. Thanks again for the link.

  14. Am I missing something here. I was under the impresssion that if you had City Select V5 and wanted to upgrade you could contact Garmin and they would send you the upgrade disk for free. The disk would then have to be unlocked with the code and depending on when you unlocked V5 you would be required to pay the unlock fee. If Garmin sends the disk for free why are people buying them on E-Bay for $15.00 (plus s&h)? I am just wondering if I missed something somewhere?I ended up getting a new copy of V5 for $70.00 and I should be able to upgrade to V6 for free if I understand correctly the way it works.

  15. I considered that it may be routing from the base map, so I removed the Metroguide maps that I had installed for my area. When I went back and looked over my origianl track several of the streets, including the one with my final destination, were not present. I reinstalled the maps and the streets were back. When I originally set the destination up and entered "Go To" the unit set up a differnet route then what I intended to take. I took my intended route and my 60CS recalculated to that route and all the turns were right on the money. It has been suggested by a couple of people, with more experience then me, that I test it out more before making a judgement. I find this to be sound advise. I will set up several more routes and see what happens. I will continue to keep everyone informed of what the results are. Thanks

  16. Right, running Metroguide Ver. 3.0, which was what I originally said before you started having serious doubts about my post.


    In any case, my original post was to ask about Metroguide vs. City Select. At this point I think I will stick with Metroguide and see how it work out. It might be a little out of date in some of the newer subdivisions but I can live with that. I will let you know how it works out. Thanks again Peter for your assistance.

  17. I went back to the About Mapsource page. It says that I have Mapsource Ver. 6.3, and Metroguide Ver. 3.0. I will take the advise of Renegade Knight and spend a bit more time working the program to see if it continues to Autoroute. I appreciate all the useful information. Thank you Peter for clearing that up.

  18. vr12


    Wow, not used to being called a liar by a total stranger. I suppose that your "experience" is the sum of all knowledge. Have you tried Ver. 3 on a 60CS or are just assuming that to be the case. Before you start doubting my post in this open forum please explain to me your "experience" and where you get all your information.

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