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  1. how do i activate the 30 trial for premium membership?
  2. is there a way to load all my local caches into my gps with out using the PQ or doing it one at a time any simple to use programs you guys recomend?
  3. i just bought a garmin oregon 450 last night im trying to load caches on to it but im so confused i dont have a priemum membership quite yet can some one help me out i see that on the gps when i plug it in it has a gpx folder but in that folder are 2 more that say current and navigation can some one please help me out i want to get up and running espacialy with the paperless caching and i have no idea what this chirp thing that come up when i click the geocache icon on my gps can some one help me out please
  4. im brand new to Geocaching and im looking into getting a gps to find caches and hopefully do paperless logging as well i saw the Magellan Explorist GC Dedicated some people say they love it any recomendations id love to be able to do the paperless logging but not a must im fairly good with tech does any one have some suggestions on a gps unit that would work well id like to get maybe a color screen and large display and the ability to maybe have cache descriptions and the hints and such as well
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