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  1. Last year, I biked most of the season on the road with my 60CSx on my handlebars. I really liked it! It was great to have the big screen, MUCH more accurate than the little bike computer I was using, and I could save the tracks. THis year I got the Colorado to add cadence and HR monitor. I have yet to get those items, but can't wait to give them a shot! I considered the edge series GPS computers, but the main draw back was that they use internal batteries. one BIG thing for me was the ability to change batteries when necessary. The Edge 705 is about the same price as the Colorado, and has some great features, but take it in the woods for the weekend and you wll be out of luck when the batteries run dead. When I go on loooong rides, it's nice to throw in an extra set of AA batteries and know I won't have it go dead on me. Overall, I have really enjoyed using the handheld GPS on my bike.. I thought size might be an issue, but it hasn't bothered me in the least. The size of the 705 is nice.. but I like the extra features the Colorado brings.. the display is amazing! If I was really hardcore about training I might consider getting the Edge also because you can do some really interesting things with workouts.. but right now the Colorado is about as good as I can find for a unit that does MOST things well. I think you'd be very happy biking with the Colorado.
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