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  1. Geocaching University has all types of log sheets plus additional info. Take a look at- http://geocacher-u.com/
  2. http://www.ngs.noaa.gov Click on Survey Mark Datasheets
  3. I am referring to a Travel Bug or even a Geocoin log.
  4. Is there any way to remove a travel bug's tracking number from a log entry, without the deletion of the log? I have this situation and have asked the cacher to edit the log. If it is not resolve by this method, then how can the owner take care of this?
  5. Definitive answer given to me from geocaching.com, received today. I will post the thread, based on email to ammosuperman. I was inquiring concerning some of his caches and I wanted to follow up for a definitive answer. This is the thread and answer. To: Ammosuperman I am inquiring to the new photo requirements set by geocaching.com and earthcache.org, of which the photos you require on your earthcaches would be optional. I plan on traveling in Kentucky in a few weeks and see that several of your earthcaches is on my way. I consider posting a picture of myself a privacy issue. What photo will you accept now should I visit one of your earthcaches? From: Ammosuperman Photo requirements stand. All of ours were published before the new rules were established. If you do find one or all of ours feel free to post a picture of you with the GPS in front of your face, or just make it unique. We are just trying to eliminate to the trouble of one photograph being used by multiple persons, which has happened before. I suspect that answers and pictures are sometimes shared, and then ECs can be logged by unscrupulous cachers without ever visiting the site. Not saying that you would, but to keep it fair for everyone. There are many EarthCaches in Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan where ours are, so happy hunting. Hope to see you on the trails sometime. ASM To: geocaching.com Exactly what are the rules concerning logging of earthcaches? In the forums I have seen that all caches are included. Yet cache owners do not follow this logic. Obviously there still seems to be a major gap. Can you clarify with a point blank ruling? I thought with the new rules I might be able to start doing earthcaches, but it looks not? From: geocaching.com Thank you for writing to us. Please check out the Earth Cache guidelines, listed here on our site: Logging an EarthCache find requires compliance with the requirements stated by the owner and the EarthCache website, including answering the required questions by email to the owner, providing original photos if so requested, etc. I hope this helps! Happy caching! Bottomline, the photo requirements do not apply to older Earthcaches. Just thought you would like to know. I'm not trying to get anything going again, but just wanted a answer which I got. This does support the CO and I would not support any CO from archiving their EC or giving up on them, as have been indicated. I've only have 3 Earthcaches and it did take some work in providing the answers and it was educational. But will not consider any more Earthcaches. Thanks for all or your hard work in developing them.
  6. I agree with you about my face on the internet (privacy issue), I was just told by someone in Eastern Tennessee, that the COs state that geocaching.com indicates they can require them, even though the EC guidelines states the are ALRs. Those COs do not make it easy for one to enjoy earthcaching. Some COs recognize the change and have been correcting their logging requirements. In the past I have not been searching for them because of the photo issue. Maybe someday, I might try more actively. Good luck on getting this reinstated.
  7. I use a free program called CutePDF Writer, it acts like another printer attached to your system. Instead of routing it to a printer, it will create a pdf file.
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