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  1. I have also noticed a huge change in the accuracy and compass pointer jumping on my GSPmap 60CSx. I have calibrated the unit multiple times, changed the batteries, I use both rechargeable and alkaline and yet I still have a compass pointer switching 90 degrees the other direction, and casting me off 40 feet the other direction away from GZ then back. The unit used to be pretty spot on in most cases with a good accuracy, now my accuracy is diminished and often times I find my unit cannot get a clear reading to GZ
  2. Updated using web-updater, no known issues except for compass jumping around sometimes, but that is common I guess
  3. For me personally, I have to agree with what Kitfox said, and I find the most pleasure in the hike, the hunt and the find. Getting to a cache with some nice swag items is just icing on the cake, and I will trade items that I find interesting to me personally. But here is the problem that I have in my local area. I cache with my 4 year old son and his friends, and there is no greater pleasure than finding a reg or larger container with good swag items for them to trade. The problem is that many of these caches are often depleted of items, regardless of how recently they had been found. I was actually thinking about this Saturday when I came across a cache that had recently been logged and wondered why people that cache dont carry more trade items with them. I have enough short sig pencils to last, the penny is sort of lame as was the broken in half crayon I understand, to some its the numbers, to others its the hike, to others its the trade. But to carry a few trade items is that not hard to do. A small fanny pack will hold more than you think. I carry a pack with all sorts of goodies, glow sticks, hot wheels cars in box, mini kites, figurines, little bouncy glow in the dark balls, collapsible frisbees to name a few. Also in my pack are my wooden nickel sig items and various pins that I leave as well. At times I will have to move a bug or coin along or we have friends in town and I will take them to the caches that I know I have left good items in since they have kids too. Often times to my dismay, the items I have left are gone, understandable, but it seems they often times dont leave anything, just take something. Once I left 4 hot wheels in a cache, only to come back 3 days and find the cache MT except for the log, a broken pencil and a single penny, dated 2002. There are many good points in this entire thread, and its obvious what one person likes to trade is way different from what someone else likes to trade. But the kicker is that if you add the young ones into the mix, having some nice quality swag in a cache is a great reward for the little buggers who just hiked with you thru itch weed, poison ivy and skeeters. Getting to an ammo can, 2 miles (one way) into the timber, only to find a moldy yule tide hat, the letter "A" fridge magnet with no magnet, a penny and a bottle of used mascara is very disappointing to say the least
  4. If you dont want to mess with repellents, I suggest wearing light (white, off white ect colored clothing) long sleeved shirts, tucked in, with belt, button up the neck, wear a wide brim hat, tuck your pant legs into your boots and cinch up tight. your pants should be twill, khaki light colored as well. If you get ticks on you, they are easy to see wearing this type of clothing
  5. Beef & Vegetable Kabobs Ingredients 1/2 cup Wish-Bone Italian Dressing* 1/2 cup dry red wine* 1 lb. boneless sirloin steak, cut into 1-inch cubes 2 medium zucchini or yellow squash, cut into 2-inch slices 1 large red onion, cut into 8 wedges 8 cherry tomatoes 8 large mushrooms 1. For marinade, combine Wish-Bone® Italian Dressing with wine. In large, shallow baking dish or plastic bag, pour 2/3 cup marinade. Add beef and vegetables; turn to coat. Cover, or close bag, and marinate in refrigerator, turning occasionally, 3 hours or overnight. Refrigerate remaining 1/3 cup marinade. 2. Remove beef and vegetables from marinade, discarding marinade. On skewers, alternately thread beef and vegetables. Grill or broil, turning and basting frequently with refrigerated marinade, until beef is desired doneness.*Or, substitute 1 cup Wish-Bone Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing for Italian Dressing and wine.
  6. Good idea in public hunting areas. You wont be able to see these guys very well cause they are dressed like me here
  7. Interesting, I would like to know more as well
  8. Just another note, the application on the 3G states this "Please be advised: Geocaching can be dangerous! You assume all risks arising in connection with seeking a geocache and/or using the Geocaching Application: Think that about sums up GS stance
  9. Grats to Hiking dude and the other Busch for dominating a race!
  10. I like that, maybe Sunday April 12th race, it will give me time to come up with something,KD1EJ Well one way is to group the drivers into 5 groups by sorting 5 drivers each in the first 4 groups ranked by their Cup points standings, then the rest in group 5. So you get point standing grouped like this 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-63 So this week Group 1 would be like this Gordon Boyer Kenseth Biffle Reutimann You pick one driver from each group, 1-5, total points from the race how your drivers finish, highest points total wins. Its alot of work I know but is all I could come up with
  11. Maybe would could all pick 3 drivers, tossing out the 43rd, and then depending on how those 3 finish, total up their points earned from the race and who ever has the most points combined wins. LOL
  12. I agree with this. Why even suggest punishing many because you have a few bad apples in your neck of the woods? Can you not just ignore those that have "0" hides? or ignore the hides left by a particular person? Whats the magic number before you think we should be "ALLOWED" to make a hide? Who polices that rule? Its not going to happen and if it does, its hurts the game.
  13. Ive only had one incident with the local PD. I was at the entrance to a park, had the micro in my lap and was rolling up the log. He pulled up next to my van and asked me if there was a problem to which I explained what I was doing. What happened next is that the police officer actually wanted to see where and how the cache was hidden so I showed him the sign and we placed the cache back in its original spot together. Then he asked if there were any other caches close by that we could find so we ended up walking to another one and he used his flashlight to locate it since it was night time.
  14. Another satisfied customer of the Macro. I am finding it amazing what the little Nuvi 200 is capable of. So what else can it do, i imagine lots
  15. Ding Ding, I found that post after my question was asked, I just didnt see it the first time I read the thread
  16. Ok I have one quick question. One the first page post it shows a pic of a garmin screen with different POI's in various categories like easy grabs. I have 4 data bases that I uploaded to my Nuvi 200 and when I to to me POI page they are not catogorized by type there is just one option and all the caches are in there lumped together. How do I get my caches to show in different sections or links on my GPSr?
  17. I just got the Nuvi 200, combine this with my GPS 60CSX and Im loving life right now. THANKS. So is there anything else that would be of interest to me for using the NUVI? I remember another thread about some macro for it, but cant find it. Thanks again, Im very happy
  18. Took a little hiatus from caching due to a family move, but back at it again. I have a pic of my wooden nickels in the thread someplace, so give me a shout and I will send them out to ya YA!
  19. Absolutely one of the best caches I have ever seen and read about. The pictures are nice
  20. I have been gone for a short time and still willing to trade my nickels, I have a few PM's I have to respond to that I will get reply soon.
  21. An orange sherbert container that was not cleaned out properly. Seems that critters like Orange Sherbert as much as we do
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