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  1. Some here will be familiar with my Canadian Topo Maps. Well, on March 31st, the US Census Department released all kinds of fancy new data on to their website, including features like rivers, lakes, streams, roads (with names and address information), power lines, some trail information, etc.


    Unlike the Canadian data source, there is no topo information on these maps. (While topo data is available for the US, I haven't found one that splits the data by county, which to do manually would be rather difficult).


    Anyways, I've taken a 'first pass' at getting these maps on to a Garmin Unit. They seem to look fairly good to my eyes, but I have no idea how accurate the data is (Canadian Census data for the roads is ridiculously bad), but on the surface it looks like its not too bad (in many cases there appears to be more detail than what is no my City Navigator v7 maps, my dataset for Alabama that I've processed is ~50MB)


    Before I go too far, I wanted to make sure that there is some interest.


    There are a couple of deficiencies in my maps, some of which will be harder to address than others.



    There is no 'auto-routing' capability on these maps. Its also not likely that this will be there any time soon.

    Addresses aren't included - these may eventually be included.

    Data is split by county - this means lots of individual map tiles. This isn't likely to change.

    Maptiles are named with an obscure numbering system (specifically according the FIPS # of the county if that means anything to you). Again, not likely to change

    Given that the data is split by county, and counties have irregular boundaries, the map tiles overlap... this is fixable...don't know how big of a deal this is, but its something people would notice.

    No street level addressing

    No Topo Data - Not likely to change unless I can find a datasource that splits the data by county...or possibly create a seperate mapset to overlay on these maps.



    The amount of data seems to be pretty high. (50MB for Alabama)

    The quality of the data at least seems good on the surface.

    Probably relatively up to date data (brand new release)



    Given the above, how useful would this data be to people? If there is no demand, I likely won't go too far with it. I've got Alabama done, and I've downloaded a few more states (a state takes me a couple of hours to fully process start to finish).


    If there is interest, I can post my Alabama map tonight. If you're really interested in your home state, let me know, and I'll try to get the data for it downloaded, processed compiled and uploaded.




    **edit to add link to the mapset

    http://www.ibycus.com/ibycususa/IbycusUSA.exe (future versions will likely be linked to under http://www.ibycus.com/ibycususa, but there is nothing else there right now)


    I would love to see you create a map for my state of New Mexico ( NM ). Thanks...

  2. I highly recommend the Garmin Colorado 300. I have one and love it. It is very easy to use, acquires a signal very fast and holds it very well. It is really a pleasure to use. Works very well. I have used the 60csx and vista hcx and much prefer the Colorado 300 to either of those units.

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