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  1. I understand the Announcements on planned Events.


    I don't understand why is it still impossible to made an announcement on an archived Event. I'd very like to inform my guests about a situation progress and when I archive my future Events I will lost this possibility.

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  2. 14 hours ago, Geocaching HQ said:

    The Admin Tools no longer link to separate pages to edit attributes, edit waypoints, and upload images, since you can make those changes on the Edit Cache Listing page. In addition, the links “Watch” and “Add to List” are available only after publication, because we found that they were not used by COs prior to publication . 

    It is funny. I'd like to use "Add to List" function prior publication during years but this functionality haven't never worked. "Watch" the same way (for occassions I made a betatest using temporarily adoption and tried to watch the cache from the point of publication.)

    So I've never used it. But I wanted.

  3. Useful, maybe. I have more than 100 directories where are mails from GS sorted in (for every cache, for events, for notifications etc..) I am not sure if I should try this hack. I'd appreciate a system solution - simple text with links.


    P.S. I really, really very well know that these mails are from Groundspeak and they relate the Geocaching game. No doubt.

  4. Absolutely agree with previous posts. I receive many logs from my caches on daily basis and I am used to read all of them on various devices. Now it is pure hell on a phone to scroll down again and again and less hell on big monitors where I have to enhance a browser window to full size to be able read one-line log without scrolling. And the size: 50-500 bytes log, 13000 - 19000 bytes formatted mail header and footer. :-(

  5. Hello,


    Please let us know:


    1. What do you like most about challenge caches?


    It is a Challenge, what else? New motivation, new experiences, new skills.


    2. What do you not like about challenge caches?


    Technically - they cannot be simply filtered or selected.

    Personally - nothing. If there is a Challenge I don't want to meet its conditions, I won't do it. It is simple.


    3. What would you like to see changed about challenge caches?


    Only a new attribute for easy filtering.


    4. If you could describe your favorite challenge cache type, what would it be?


    I like Challenges with conditions which can be filled during any period of time, for months even years.

    And when they show me a new aspect of caching it is extraordinary.


    5. What types of challenge caches do you avoid?


    I avoid Challenges their rules are based on speed hunting, in other words Chellenges limited by time.

    But I am not agree to ban any caches I avoid, there are many people they like such Challenges.

    To each hid due.

  6. Many respondents have already mentioned this, but we feel it cannot be emphasized enough: we are not interested in features that make geocaching more competitive; we are very much interested in features that make geocaching more collaborative.


    • Ability to follow a cache placer and be alerted of new caches they hide - This is an added capability that we would use.


    • Ability to detect and add friends from other social media accounts - not at all interested, do not want our Groundspeak account linked to any other accounts. While we do have our account linked to services like Project-GC, that is only because Groundspeak does not provide the functionality that that service provides. Our preference would be one stand-alone go-to source.


    • See nearby friends on the map - Definitely not, don't want Groundspeak tracking us or anyone else. If you implement this please provide an opt out function along with it.


    • Get alerts or newsfeed content when your friends find caches or Trackables - Unlikely to use, this seems invasive. We already have that capability by looking at their profile anyway.


    • See which of your friends have found a cache or Trackable - This would be good, adds to our ability to collaborate and plan expeditions together.


    • Friends leaderboards - This is an added capability that we would NOT use. It is our believe that this would have a negative overall impact on the hobby. Our experience with competition in geocaching thus far (over the last decade) has been uniformly negative. If you implement this please provide the option to opt-out.


    • Collaborate on lists with friends - This is an added capability that we would use.


    • Compete against friends for an achievement - Please see above comment regarding leaderboards.


    • Compare your stats with friends - This only has utility with regard to collaborative planning, perhaps for challenge caches, and we already have the ability to look at each others stats. Little value added here.


    We would also note that if you don't know the correct spelling of the cachers name, it is extremely hard to find them on the site; a more robust search feature, or a specific tool to search for cachers (as opposed to caches) would be of great utility.


    Absolutely agree. And one wish more - please add a possibility to send a message more of Friends without the very restrictive limit existing now.

  7. Caching for 7 years.


    First - the best thing to do first is to correct the "dead icons" bug on map.



    Basic Features:


    Map layer selection (streets, aerial, hybrid, sources, etc.) - it is important

    Search field - not so much useful

    Ability to share direct link to current map view

    Cache details pop-up with these features:

    Cache name with link

    GC Code - sure

    Owner name with link - sure

    Hidden date - sure

    Difficulty and Terrain ratings

    Cache size

    Favorite points


    These three features aren't so much important for me - it is better to do from opened listing

    Bookmark it

    Send to GPS

    Log Visit


    Premium Features:


    My Finds and My Hides filters - very important

    Cache type filters - very important

    Save results as Pocket Query - important

    View existing Pocket Queries on the map - interesting but I don't use it


    Existing Community Requests:


    Indication of corrected coordinates/solved puzzles - not necessary

    Ability to select/download caches from map by drawing a polygon on it - nice to have

    Display DNFs - nice to have when existing bugs will be corrected

  8. I am caching for 7 yeras.


    All the Basic Details are important to me except the Map (overview).


    From Additional Details I've never used Driving Directions

    and in my opinion there isn't necessary have the Disclaimer on every page.


    Lists are important to except Ignore, I've never used this List.


    The Owner Tools are all absolutely important.


    Existing Community Requests:


    In-house geochecker - if it will be something similar to unbreakable Evince, why not

    "Last Found" summary - not necessary

    Ability to filter logs by clicking on log type icons - nice to have but not necessary

    Add event start and end time fields - not necessary every one can read the listing


    But the most important is the fact that very very much Mystery caches depends on actual functionality and design of listing pages. Please take it into consideration.

  9. 1. What do you use the bio box for?

    A short introduction about me and a profile foto.


    2. Do you display banners from caches or events on your profile? How important is it to you that you are able to display these on your profile?

    Only for banners of the most important things: summary banner, waymarks banner and two banners for the most difficult mystery caches I've solved.


    3. What do you most enjoy looking at on others' profiles?

    How long is a member, gallery, hidden caches, statistics.


    4. Below you will find all the functionality that the page currently offers.


    Place the items in a stack ranked list of priority. Things that are most important to you should be at the top.

    Let us know if there is anything missing from the list.

    What information isn’t necessary on the page? What is taking up screen space that shouldn’t be? What do you not find useful?




    Send message to e-mail

    Find count

    Trackables logged count

    'Member since:'


    Last visit to website

    Avatar image

    Status of account (Premium, Lackey, etc…)

    Send a friend request (only shows when viewing someone else’s profile, not your own)

    ~ Link to give gift membership

    See forum posts




    Hides by cache type breakdown

    Finds by cache type breakdown

    Link to all geocache hides

    Link to all geocache finds


    Trackables: (No changes)


    List of Trackable types discovered or moved by kind

    ~ Icons link to search list filtered to those Trackables

    List of trackable types owned

    ~ Icons link to search list filtered to those Trackables


    Souvenirs: (Na changes)


    List of souvenirs earned

    ~ Icons link to specific souvenir page

    Date souvenir was acquired




    Image gallery starting with most recent

    If image is attached to geocache log, GC code is listed

    Clicking image opens bigger view that links to log page/edit

    Multiple pages




    List of all public bookmark lists

    List of all caches that user has awarded a favorite point - it'd be better to add it a system bookmark list, not as it is - the list and then bookmarklists



    Statistics: (No changes)


    Statistics that have been made public on geocaching.com/my/statistics.aspx

  10. The formatting of these notifications is driving my mailbox nuts. Any way to receive good old unformatted notifications, like "So and So found ThisCache"?

    I don't like html-mails as well... Please offer the option of receiving those notifications in plain-text!

    The new mails take 4 times the space compared to plain text with no benefit at all, they are rather more difficult to read.


    Absolutely agree. Please bring back all types of logs/notifications in plain text and shorten header.

  11. Any untested migration? On img.geocaching.com appears:



    [red]The folder containing old images (E:\Images) does not exist. Make sure you have the correct path in the 'OldRootFolder' web.config setting.


    The folder where new images will be placed (E:\FileAssetsGC) does not exist. Make sure you have the correct path in the 'FileAPIRootFolder' web.config setting.


    The folder where new images using the old convention will be placed (E:\FileAssetsGC\OldConvention) does not exist. Make sure you have the correct path in the 'OldImageConventionFolder' web.config setting.[/red]


    The handler will convert png files to jpg format.


    The number of levels deep the directory structure will go: 4


    The number of digits in each folder name: 1


    The handler will not delete old Waymarking images.


    The handler will not delete old geocaching images.


    The handler will not copy the original image to the new folder structure.


    The handler will not add records to the file asset database.




    The good thing is there are notices about no deleting original images, maybe...

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