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  1. Same issue here for the last week or so. Message center push notifications have been hit and miss for me in general with it just stopping altogether for extended periods. I was considering deleting the official app and reinstalling.
  2. Just as quickly as I started to get an audible notification, it stopped. Frustrating!!! I'm not aware of any changes to the up of my phones settings. Do others get an audible notification when receiving a a message on the Geocaching app? I have an iPhone 6s, 128 MB, running 13.2.3
  3. Thanks. This worked for me. I was trying to send some Earthcache and Virtual answers and it was most annoying trying to use the "Message this owner" from the cache page. As you suggested, I used the "Message this owner" from the cache page. I typed out my info, then copied the text. I went back to the cache page, clicked on the owners name that took me to the owners profile page. From there I clicked on SEND MESSAGE, pasted my message and then SEND. It went right away. This is a good work around for now. Thanks.
  4. Browse Map seems to be working for me now (using Chrome on Windows 7). Previously I could only click on certain caches and zoom level made a difference on what caches I could highlight and click on. It seems to be working on all caches at all zoom levels.
  5. Interesting. All of a sudden today I'm getting an audible notification when I receive a new message. Did GCHQ see my post and add this feature??
  6. Thanks Max and 99 Hopefully GCHQ makes these links more visible on the cache page "Go to Mystery at the Museum" link and some other prominent places.
  7. I'm finding it difficult to find info on the new promotion. I've seen the FAQ page previously, but am having a hard time finding a link to it now. For example, if I'm on a cache page with a clue, there is a box on the right with info about the clue and a link to "Go to Mystery at the Museum". The page that the link takes you to has very little info and no links to the FAQ page or the main website. I went to the Geocaching main page and can't find anything there. I went to the blog page, nothing found (I scrolled to the bottom). I know I'll find it with a Google search, or checking old e-mails, but other more casual cachers may not as persistent. Just a suggestion to GC that they make it easier to find the FAQ page for a major promotion. (PS: Credit to GCHQ for starting a promotion before a weekend. Previously they started a promotion on a Monday and we use lose the 2 weekend days just before. I expect previously this was related to the Leader board and the fact it resets on Monday)
  8. I did a search, but couldn't find anything. I have an iPhone 6S and don't get a sound when a new private message is received on the official app. I was looking for something like the sound when you receive a text message. Under Settings, Notifications, Geocaching, I do have everything turned on (banners, sounds, Badges). Does anyone know of any settings that will turn on an audio alert upon an incoming message? Thanks,
  9. Thanks for the confirmation. At least it's consistently inconsistent.
  10. I typically use Cachly, but was using the official app today for a bit and noticed the logs (activity) on the app are all mixed up. It's a new cache that was published today (GC7QY3X). On the website and Cachly, it shows (from bottom to top) the cache published log, then my DNF log, then the CO disabling, then enabling, then a cacher note, then my found log etc. On the official app, the order is all messed up. At the bottom is my DNF log, then a cacher note, then my found log, and the very top is the cache published log. I haven't noticed this before. Maybe it will sort it'self out, but makes it hard to figure out the current state of a cache.
  11. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but it is the only one I found that asks the question I'm looking for the answer for. Can the final of a night cache be closer than the standard 1/10 mile distance? The link in the reply above no longer works. I found the guidelines for night caches, but it didn't specifically answer this: https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=127&pgid=69
  12. FYI; This was the response received from Groundspeak when I posed the question to them of the inconsistency between their guidelines as outlined in their response.
  13. Make sure the model you choose is compatible with Pocket queries. Most are, but not all. It seems that Garmin has better integration with Geocaching.
  14. I think the issue of logging a virtual event that I have a hard time with is that it gives you credit for a new geographical area, whether it be a country or county. If one could log the event without geographical credit, I think I would be better with it. Until that changes, my personal requirement to log an event will be to physically attend it (but each to their own).
  15. Thanks for all the responses. I think this is pretty clear to me. Virtually attending an event may be a fun thing to do, but it doesn't meet the criteria for logging the event.
  16. I heard this topic being discussed at an event the other day and was interested in peoples thoughts/input. If I attend an event via Skype, Facetime, Video Messenger etc, is it valid to log it. What if the event is in another country and one attends via one of these remote video methods. Should one be able to log it and therefore get credit for the country? Thanks for any input/views.
  17. Thanks for the suggestions. I haven't used bookmark lists before, but will look into it. Also tried the Project-GC Forgotten FTFs? tool. It looks like a great start. Thanks again
  18. I was wondering how people track their FTF's. I happened to get 2 FTF's today and was wondering how many FTF's I've had over the years. How do you track your FTF's? Is there any way to export all my logs so I can search for FTF? Thanks,
  19. I see the revised coordinates now and they are accurate to both my GPSr and Google maps/Google earth from when I was there last week. All is good. Thanks for the info here and helping me understand a bit more on the cache guidelines. It will be useful in the future.
  20. I noticed that. The original coordinates were 48 27.328 123 24.302. The new coordinated that the CO entered after it was disabled by the reviewer are now posted as 48 27.328 123 24.302. Exactly the same. Sounds like the CO is playing games. Interesting to see how the reviewer takes the games.
  21. Thanks for all your input. This would be a totally different game if CO's posted bogus coordinates to make it more difficult. I have restored my log showing the correct coordinate, and sent a note to the cache owner with a link to the listing requirements. I couldn't see how to post a Needs Maintence log, only a Note log. A-team was correct, about 15-meters away. Question: How do I message the reviewer? It looks like the person that published to listing is no longer active.
  22. I found a traditional cache yesterday and found the coordinates were wrong. Many previous logs also referenced the posted coordinates took then to the wrong location. In my log I posted the correct coordinates, but the CO contacted me requesting me to remove the correct coordinates as it makes it too easy to find. This is the note I was sent: What are your thought on this> https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC349CC_gingers-walk-1
  23. It would be great to see a souvenir for any geocache found within the path of solar eclipse totality on August 21st. I'm planning on a trip down to Oregon on August 21 to see it and will be grabbing some caches along the way. Just thought it would be a great idea for a souvenir. I don't know if there is a way to suggest it the Groundspeak, other than posting here. Here's some info on the eclipse: https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/ https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/nasa_eclipse_map.jpg
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