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  1. Update on the rescue effort! The GnOArmyChicks mounted a heroic rescue effort today and rescued poor Ralph from the cache! Many thanks to GnOArmyChicks for your help!
  2. I am looking for help to rescue a TB that has been standed in a cache ( Follow the River --GC18T6G ) since February 2008. The TB is " Ralph the Mouse" and is owned by my parents. Here is the issue with the cache, there are notes on the cache page stating that this cache is behind a private property sign. I have tried sending a couple of very politely worded messages over the last few months to the cache owner asking that they please check the cache and rescue the TB's. ( There are more than one in the cache! ) I have yet to get any reply from the cache owner The cache that this TB is in was placed by a new cacher, who according to the profile is a teeneage high school student. They profile shows only a couple of caches found, and 2 placed. Perhaps this was part of a school project, or, perhaps the cacher has moved on to other activities as teenagers do. Anyway, I am seeking help to try and rescue my parents TB. ( I am in Idaho and just too far away ) Could anyone help me? Thanks! Wyldfyr
  3. I went to the Garmin website and logged into MyGarmin last night and noticed that It did not have my GPS or City Navigator 2008 NT ( bought last spring) associated with my account. I "registered my GPS and the City Navigator 2008 NT software under the MyGarmin account and when I clicked on the map updates, it displayed a message telling me that I qualify for the free upgrade. I did download and install it on my computer, now I just have to go the the hassle of loading the updated maps on my 76CSX.
  4. For caches where 4X4 is necessary, my 1999 Dodge Diesel Quad Cab 4x4 For most other caches ... My 2008 Honda Element ( AWD) in a nice Tangerine orange. My caching username is on the license plates.
  5. I just ordered the GPS attachment for my son's 19th birthday. He looked at the options and since he uses his PSP for everything ( PDA, websurfing,e-mail etc., games, video, etc.) it seemed like the perfect addition. He is planning on using it in his car ( I offered him a NUVI and he respectfully declined stating he wanted to be able to do some caching with it too. ) and his plan was to carry fewer devices around with him!
  6. I'm looking to put a TB sticker on my new vehicle. Please PM me with where I can get a TB sticker!
  7. Me Too! I just drove accross southern Oregon this past weekend and I do travel ALOT! Rest areas would be a nice thing to see on City nav 8 as I am traveling! ( RV dump sites would be good too......)
  8. Autorouting? Heck yes! My Hubby bought me a 76CSX for Christmas and followed up with City Navigatior NT for Valentine's day! Just got back today from our first trip since I recieved the 76CSx and loved it! My hubby is a big GPS naysayer. He had no desire to learn how to use it until this weekend in Seattle when he actually trusted me to use it to navigate us to the hotel and some other places in the area. ( Paper maps are NOT my strong point! ) He kind of razzed me a bit about trusting the Garmin and he was sure it was going to get us lost... . When the first attempt at using the auto-routing went flawlessly, he was impressed. He decided that it was a great thing to have in unfamiliar areas! We actually used it alot more than we planned on and my hubby spent part of the afternoon today, while I was driving, READING THE GARMIN MANUAL so he could learn how to use it! All weekend I kept telling him The Garmin is good, the Garmin is wise, TRUST the Garmin! Yes, it is good for autorouting!
  9. I checked his profile.He has been to PLENTY of caches where this bug could have been left since he picked it up. He has traded other bugs in that time. I am willing to believe that he simply forgot that he had the TB. That can and does happen. According to his profile, he has 12 Tb's in his posession, at least 2 have been in his hands since August of 2005! He did respond to me at one point and promised to drop the bug off at a cache. I just hope to jog his memory and maybe see the bug on the road again for my niece's sake!
  10. Hmmm.... maybe it's time for a Boise State cache! Go Broncos!
  11. My "non-caching- wants nothing to do with GPS" hubby decided that the perfect gift for me would be a GPSMAP 76CSX with accessories and software. He was correct ( this time) LOL!
  12. Thank you! I really enjoyed seeing my niece excited about Geocaching and she really was looking forward to tracking that TB's travels. Hopefully a nudge from other cachers will get the TB back on the road!
  13. Does anyone know a cacher in NW Iowa with the name "Olgezzer" ? I can't seem to get him to move my niece's TB on. I was in Iowa on vacation in August, introduced my niece to caching and even gave her a TB. She placed her first cache and released the TB. " Olgezzer" logged the find and says he still has the TB, but doesn't seem to want to move it on. I've even offered to send him a postage paid mailer to send it to me so I can get it back out in a cache! My niece is frustrated since she was really looking forward to tracking that TB. It's kind of boring when one cacher has it for 5 months and won't get it back out there despite 3-4 e-mail requests to do so. I looked at his profile on Geocaching.com and he has at least 11 TB's in his posession, some he has had since August of 2005 ! If anyone knows him, could you please see if he will give up " Hoof'n it" so it can get moving again? Willowmh
  14. I bought a Garmin E-Trex Camo for hunting 4-5 years ago and took up a little "light" caching. This past fall while hunting, my hubby ( not a GPS fan! ), thought he got us lost and I was laughing at him as I tracked us back to familiar ground with my E-trex. I kept telling hm it was an "old / cheap " model so it might not be very accurate....maybe I need a new one for Christmas.... Last week Cabelas called our house to say that the Gpsmap 76csx he wanted was in and he could come pick it up......and sure enough, a mysterious charge came across for Cableas for about the right amount and the right size box appeared under the Christmas tree...... I bet that after Christmas Day I'll have a Gpsmap 76csx !
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