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  1. This happened with my CO on Oct 31st. I've been sick since then and today is the first day I even tried to turn it on since... and I had the dreaded "system software missing" message. I tried the system reset and it didn't work. So, I tried the above #toc12 and it was able to do the software loading, but when I tried to restart up the GPSr it didn't work. I did it again and this time I deleted all the gsak files I had in there... archived and current. Then I downloaded the latest software and tried restarting it and it worked. I then went into GSAK and loaded my latest PQ and its working!! Woohoo! I've had this GPSr for about 15 months, so I'm sure its out of warranty. Thank you! Laura612
  2. I thought it was funny. The first time I ever heard of geocaching was through a L&O episode. Can't remember which series though. I loved the CO's user name. Can you use some GPS'ers in tunnels?
  3. Sorry that everyone is having so many problems with them. I ordered two TB tags in late Feb and rec'd my order within a week.
  4. I know how you feel. I just did an inventory of my GC/TB's and had to mark 1 of them MIA and have a possible 3 more missing. I emailed 2 people that have them in their possession (since Sept) and will see what happens. The other one isn't mentioned in the logs and I will probably go and check the cache this week end and see if its still there. I know that placing trackables out there has no guarantee of ever moving, but I do love watching them move from cache to cache and will probably continue to spend the money on them. I'm a sucker like that.
  5. I rec'd my 2 spoons today in SoCal and they are sooo cute! I think I will have to go back later and get the other two. I'm thinking about buying one for my FIL who I'm going to demuggle later this month. I showed them to my DH (whose from Clynderwen, Wales) and he loves them. I had no trouble getting them activated. Thanks so much!
  6. Tim, thanks for keeping us updated. I can't wait to get my coins. I might actually keep one of these for myself. Maybe I'll use it to track my Welsh miles when I go geocaching there next month.
  7. When I paid for this coin earlier this month I paid $1.97 for each £1. I tend to just double the price for an easy conversion. I noticed when I was paying for my hotel/train tix this past weekend that I was only paying $1.87 (through my bank)... so there's hope that maybe our $ is getting slightly stronger.
  8. Will these new applications be able to work with the older iPhones? (Obviously not the GPS part, but the rest)
  9. I will, I will! I'm hoping that I get lucky while caching in the UK next month and will find one to move along. Maybe if I'm really lucky they will still be distributing them. I haven't read the rules, but I doubt that I can participate in the contest part... but I can help it along.
  10. Love it! I just ordered two of these to add to a cache I'm placing today. Its perfect! I'm in search of Welsh themed geocoins to place in my cache every now in then. Thanks!
  11. Matt, do you have the new iPhone or the one from last year? Oh, and welcome to geocaching!
  12. Wow, a lot of information here. Thanks! I'll have to do some more researching this week end. This will be my 5th trip to Clynderwen... so I've seen a lot of the countryside, but I'm sure I'm being so much more this time. My FIL is retired and is being volunteered to take me geocaching. I'm hoping to convert him, I think he will love it. This will also be my 6th trip to London and I could probably stay there a year and never see everything I would like. I'll only have 2 complete days and the only touristy thing that I want to see for sure is the changing of the guard. I still can't believe I haven't seen that. My DH will be complaining the whole time I'm caching... but I'll just keep sending him into the nearest pub while I'm search and that should take care of him complaining. Oh, and I am used to urban caching. We have a lot of nanos and micros here. I wasn't going to bring my laptop because #1, I'm not sure if I'll even have access to wifi there and #2, I wasn't sure if I needed to do something special for my laptop to pick up the wifi. I was going to just try and rely on my iPhone for email and some internet. I'm going to work on printing the cache pages I want to go to for sure here. I'll take the advice given here and print up some google maps as well. The Flying Boots, we will be in Clynderwen from Sept 17th - Sept 27th or 28th. Too bad we weren't able to meet up. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and tips. I can't wait to going caching over there.
  13. Thanks. I only just started a few months ago and am still not sure how exactly different GPSr's work. I'm so glad that I won't have to fork out the money for a new GPSr before my vacation since its going to be expensive as it is... since our darn $$ is so weak and I noticed that everything is costing us more in GBP this time as well. Anyways, I'll have to look into the UK maps for my Nuvi... wasn't sure I would want to invest a ton into something I would only be using for 2 weeks. I currently do load up the cache descriptions into it and that would be great to do for my trip as well. I'm so looking forward to seeing parts of Wales and London that I've never seen before. GC'ing has introduced me to soo much of my own city that I never took the time to discover. I hope my in-laws enjoy it as much as I do. LOL
  14. Hi, everyone! I'm going to West Wales (Clynderwen) and London in September. My DH is Welsh, so this isn't my first time to either place, but now that I've discovered geocaching I'm even more excited. I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to need a new GPSr for there (I have a Blue Garmin). Its going to be weird for me not to use my Nuvi to get to the site... so any tips and tricks are welcome. How hard is it to geocache in London? I'm not sure where we are staying yet, since the hotel isn't booked yet... but I know here that it would be hard w/o a car. Laura
  15. Hi, I just discovered geocaching last week and am loving it. Anyways, I work for a family owned local restaurant chain and handle a lot of requests for various donations/sponsorships to non-profits. We have our charity of choice that we already give to quite a bit. For the small budget that we have left over, we won't even consider it unless we receive a letter explaning the event and what is being requested. We usually say no to anyone that wants us to supply the food 100%, sometimes we go ahead and give a discount, but usually I'm able to at least give a door prize gift certificate... as long as the event is local to one of our restaurant. Oh, one more thing, if you event isn't in the next couple of weeks then you have a better chance as well... it takes forever to get approval. Good luck on getting donations. I say hit up as many places as possible and you'll find people willing to donate prizes.
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