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  1. Look HERE for a manual and any USB to Mini USB lead will do the job.
  2. If your Blackberry phone has Bluetooth it should be able to work ok with ONE OF THESE any phone that has the ability to use any of the prgrams/apps for geocaching and has Bluetooth should be able to use one of these for Geocaching.
  3. My simple suggestion is to invenst in a Bluetooth GPS unit similar to THIS ONE I have one and it gives a GPS fix of +/- 8 to 12 ft 90% of the time. you also need to get an App from the Android store called BluetoothGPS as this uses Mock GPS to make your apps see the Bluetooth GPS. Worth the investmant as it also stops the inbuilt GPS from draining the battery.
  4. Started with a Etrex Legend HC with a PDA for the paperless bit. Moved onto a GPS Map60Cx with the PDA and then onto a Oregon 300 as a stand alone paperless caching system. Just moved up to a GPS Map62s.
  5. <quoted from Geocaching.com> treasure hunting game <quote> So if you have to a little thinking and searching then it's in the spirit of the game. Normaly if you read the description there will be some idea in there or in previous logs.
  6. Not sure of anything that will work with the iPod Touch. I have PQ's for 4 different areas that I keep up to date so hence the 8000 + caches
  7. I would hazard a guesse and say that its the fact that both sexes have antlers.
  8. I want to set a challenge but everytime I put the co-ords in and search it changes the West bit to an East bit and ends up in the wrong area. Anybody got any ideas?
  9. Try using the drop down menus, worked for me last night when I couldnt access my profile
  10. The moor we hunt, *mouse*, HazelS the list is endless. Might even be a man and the name is just to throw us all out, could even be Pharisee or some other 'young man'
  11. I have no problem with that either. Are you sure that it doesn't work? It's ok today, maybe just a glitch last night. Still the odd hang while loading logs but all in all ok now. Until the next time!!
  12. I can view everything on my profile from the drop down menu, except for the quick view page & account details. Come on Groundspeak get this rubbish sorted and stop messing things about. Definatly not a good job.
  13. Having problems with the cache page loaded but waiting for the list of logs to load, 45 secs and still counting. Whoops Groundspeak!! 4 minutes and still waiting, Oh well didn't want to read them anyway.
  14. One log loaded in 15seconds, so no problems for me.
  15. I can access Hotmail and other websites on the browser window of my Kindle but the navigation around the webpages is somewhat 'clunky'
  16. Don't know about avoiding torn trousers but that is a great idea as it would avoid torn bits of skin.
  17. When we return from the Summer Camp weekend I will be putting my 60Cx up for sale, not got the manual but comes with the belt clip and lead and a 2Gb micro sd card. Probably going to be looking at around £120 for it. PM me if interested
  18. If you look at the stats for a couple of members of the Worthing Committee you'll see one had a best day with 202 caches and the other managed a magnificent 708. The 202 was on a trip to do the Skeg to Ness caches and I know that when they cache as 'The Committee' they only ever log as those who are present. These guys do cover a lot of mileage when out.
  19. Millbank Prison. After 25 years in those places I have a bit of a fascination for them.
  20. It might also be worth considering a Bluetooth GPS unit as the Sirf II & III chips are far better than the GPS chips that are used in mobile phones. Have a look at a review I wrote on a Bluetooth GPS I have and use if I use my phone for caching, the same thread also explains how to make it work with the various apps on an Android phone.
  21. Had a similar problem with an Acer PDA I have, it wouldnt react to the on/off switch at all and I used the auto off function. Decided t try and sort it out so gave the onn/off switch a spray with some electrical switch cleaner and all sorted, it now switches on and off without any problems.
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