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  1. Re-branding implies the renaming of the entire range as such. Re-naming would have been a better wording if he meant only the one cache. I also applaud the OP for his action but still feel that a re-name is unnecessary and the original should cause not problem after a week or so.
  2. Very thoughtful. Time for a rebranding maybe? Jon Definately not, whilst I appreciate that what has happened is very sad but it should not follow that we should start renaming caches. What next, we rename the entire Church Micro series in case it upsets other religions that do not use the word church to describe their places of worship.
  3. Should've been renamed LipService!!! Little or no progress was made and limited Feedback was received against those they did start... Top 5 requests... Solve a Mystery, Under Review. Nano cache size, Planned. Support Wherigo, Planned. New cacher Guidelines, Under Review. 3rd Party API, still waiting. Ask for Virtuals, get Challenges. API works on NeonGeo just brilliantly on the Android, as does GSAK 8. Unless they Listen or at least give reasons for their actions it's pointless.
  4. Before I sold the Oregon I tested them together. In the open I could get the same standard of accuracy but once under tree cover the 62s won and that I put down to the helix aerial, the Oregon would start to drop out sooner than the 62s. I have OS mapping and also load Custom Maps at 1:25k for the area I am going to.
  5. Upgraded from a Map60Cx to an Oregon and then up to the Map62s. No problems with the move from the Oregon screen to the 62s screen, never any problem with viewing it.
  6. Fine in firefox but scrrwed up in chrome. Ok on mobile browser on phone.
  7. which type of phone, my Android version works ok on postcode
  8. The latest Etrex Vista/Legand & the GMPS Map60Cx/Csx can use either TOPO maps of the free Talky Toaster maps. The Oregon/Colorado/Dakota/GPSMap62 range/Montana can use the OS type maps at 1:50000 scale or even custom maps at OS 1:25000 scale. It depends on what quality or standard of map you want and of course your budget..
  9. Ok folks, thanks for the replies. Survey now done. Thread can be closed if a passing Mod spots it.
  10. Have recieved an email asking me to take part in a short survey. It cam from survey-noreply@smo.surveymonkey.com on behalf of survey@Groundspeak.com via surveymonkey.com Anybody else recieved one and is it genuine or a spam/scam? I've not clicked the link that is included as I want to check first.
  11. Have you renamed it to just gmapsupp ? Try installing it to the Garmin folder on the unit itself. I have tried these on my 62s and I have them, TOPO, & OS maps and all are available ok. Just had a look at the manual and it wasn't much help. I have seen some Oregons that would work if the maps were on the SD card and others would only work if the maps were on the unit. Remember that they must go in the /Garmin folder of the SDcard/Unit. The name doesnt seem to make any difference on the 62 as I have just named them as gmapsuppOS & gmapsuppTOPO and it works ok for me.
  12. Because guidleines are just that not rules,if people wish to disregard them then that is their right. Personally I would not hide a cache within a memorial garden but would bring people to it as part of a Multi. THIS IS A PERSONAL VIEW, not a GAGB Committee one.
  13. Have a look at a Dakota 20, not that cheap but paperless caching with a sensitive reciever and the ability to add maps.
  14. People have been doing my two down in Cornwall but they both take to interesting places with geocaches around.
  15. In praise of Garmin inits, I once left one of mine on the roof and drove off, wife said to me that she had seen something come off the roof and my reply was "Oh fluff" or something along those lines. Stopped car and back tracked and found the unit laying on the roadside, undamaged and working.
  16. have a look at the Dakota 20, does mapping and paperless.
  17. Flatcoat Walker has hidden around 575 caches and I would estimate that possible 500 of those are still active. I have never come across one of hers that has had a NM on it and has not been visited, by her, within 7 days.
  18. when you do decide what you want have a look on line first and save some money.
  19. Try not to forget my Mk1 Missus, comes in very handy for retrieving caches that are under spiky bushes, up in trees, half way down cliff faces, thigh deep water and of course she doubles up as a Sherpa.
  20. Was thinking of organising a 'camping event' with a couple of things to do on the main day, that would involve being there with a tent, and after reading all this lot have decided not to bother.
  21. I have to agree with this point, having visited many caches sites that resembled war zones I will often just walk on rather than add to the damage.
  22. Good news (in a way) for all you iPhone users out there who would like a better GPS, and of course longer phone battery life, there is a bluetooth GPS unit that will work with the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch units. LOOK HERE
  23. You must attend a weekly meeting of Cachers Anonymous and stand at the front as say "My names is Phillip and I am a cacher, I have not cached for ??days" and they will all aplaud you The problem will always be that you will not be able to handle anything that has GPS facilities
  24. On the occasions I use mine it is attached to the shoulder strap of my backpack. Reception is excellant.
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